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Bob Haa sick again?

Well Bob Haa is apparently either sick or on vacation again… not sure why the station management down at WWJB allows the morning talk show, Haa Wire, to be down. This show has to be the life blood of the station and is the most listened to program on WWJB.

Nobody gives a shit about the “Clark Howard Show” or “Niel Boortz”, people listen to WWJB during the week for that 3 hours of golden radio known as the Haa Wire.

If Bob is out sick, on vacation, or has been kidnapped by the Secret Service the station should hire Mark Larson to fill in until he gets back.

Oh well time to flip on the Tampa Sports Radio to catch up on some Tampa Bay Lightning nooze.


Inverness is run by Yankees… what?!

Just heard an interview on WWJB’s early morning show with that Mike Reeves guy from Tampa. The interview was with a guy named Frank Digiovanni who apparently is the City Manager of Inverness, which is the County Seat and largest city in Citrus County. Before I chew into this jabroni from Jersey that somehow managed to hoodwink the native Florida citizens of Inverness into allowing him to be the City Manager, I need to give some background on ole Mike Reeves.

Now typically I don’t listen to WWJB’s early morning show because I don’t like the format, and I’m not fond of the host. The host is a guy by the name of Mike Reeves and he used to be the host of another show down in the Tampa market called “The Big Show” which was aired on 820AM “Newstalk Radio”. This channel used to be a good channel until they fired talk show host Mark Larson who used to be the morning host on 820AM prior to the hiring of Mike Reeves.

Prior to the firing of Mark Larson 820AM was the best news talk station in Tampa, afterwards it was and remains the worst. When 820AM fired Mark Larson they hired a slew of other talk show hosts that lasted for about a month before getting canned. After a year 820 hired Mike Reeves and his cast of rejects from Q105 to do the “Big Show” which was nothing more then a liberal slanted news talk program. Needless to say this flopped big time and after 2 years the show was canceled and the station was borderline bankrupt. Read the rest of this entry

Progressive Insurance = Socialist Organization

You know their goofy and unfunny TV commercials,  you know the ones featuring the ditsy 1960’s styled waitress dressed in white, and the 1970’s homeless hippie roaming around the country giving people free donuts and gasoline. What you might not know is the Marxist counter culture symbolism behind these fictitious spokespeople or that the Chairman of Progressive, Peter Lewis, is the primary financial backer of all of the major Marxist-Socialist organizations and causes in not just Florida, but throughout the Federal Empire.

First off the basics… the primary Progressive spokesperson Flo (i.e. the ditsy 1960’s waitress dressed in white) is a walking, talking metaphor for the 1960’s counter culture revolution. Progressive went out of their way to make her into a throwback waitress from the 1960’s because that was the heyday of the American Socialist and Communist Party’s by way of their agents and “useful idiots” as Stalin called them, the Hippies.

The Hippies brought an abrupt end to the “golden years” of the new post World War II American Empire of the 1950’s as the children of the baby boomers openly embraced the free love and free drug induced smoke screen that the Marxist snake oil sells men were offering them. This lead to a virtual collapse of the American social system in both Dixie and in the Federal Empire. The collapse of the American social system was spearheaded by the Hippies and was backed by the Marxists. This social collapse lead to a virtual collapse of the American economic system in the 1970’s. The economic collapse in the 1970’s was the result of hippies growing up and entering the job market without any real education or skills that an employer would want. To make matters worse the hippies were ardent supporters of Marxism and as such they had no concept about job creation. They believed that government was the only job creator, and did not grasp the fundamentals of the far superior capitalist economic model.

This takes us to the secondary spokesperson “The Messenger” (i..e the 1970’s homeless disco hippie) is another walking talking creation of Chairman Peter Lewis. For those of you that lived under a rock during the 1970’s, or were perhaps born after the 1970’s ended, then you will probably not know that the decade of the 1970’s was the high water mark for the American Socialist and Communist Party’s, and their bosses over in the Soviet Union. During the 1970’s the American agents of the Soviet Union were not only able to control American culture by way of the Hippie generation and the illegal drug trade by way of Communist agents in Cuba and Latin America, but were also successful in bringing down the old Republican Party. In the 1970’s Communist and Socialist agents in the American media focused solely on bringing down President Richard Nixon and his corrupt Republican Party via the Watergate Scandal. The success of the Watergate scandal and its aftermath paved the way for the ultra pro-Marxist Democrat Party to take control of Congress and of the White House with the election of the 2nd worst President in Federal History, Jimmy Carter. The worst President in Federal History is Barack Obama. Read the rest of this entry