Bob Haa sick again?

Well Bob Haa is apparently either sick or on vacation again… not sure why the station management down at WWJB allows the morning talk show, Haa Wire, to be down. This show has to be the life blood of the station and is the most listened to program on WWJB.

Nobody gives a shit about the “Clark Howard Show” or “Niel Boortz”, people listen to WWJB during the week for that 3 hours of golden radio known as the Haa Wire.

If Bob is out sick, on vacation, or has been kidnapped by the Secret Service the station should hire Mark Larson to fill in until he gets back.

Oh well time to flip on the Tampa Sports Radio to catch up on some Tampa Bay Lightning nooze.


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  1. I stopped by the station last week. Bob has pneumonia. Hope he gets well soon. He is all I listen to on WWJB. I used to listen to WWJB from 6 till noon while Bob was hosting. The new morning show host ( 6-9 AM) irritates the heck out of me and I can’t listen to him. I totally agree that Haa-Wire is the station’s highlight broadcast.

    • I agree, the new morning host is irritating. He comes from AM820 down in Tampa which he ruined and almost ran off the air. Right now AM820 is in ruins and can only afford to air canned news, prior to Mike Reeves and his “Big Show” AM820 was the biggest and most listened to station in Tampa.

      I hope Bob gets better and I hope that WWJB hires a suitable backup to replace Bob when he is out. Haa-Wire is the stations best and only local call-in show. Since Bob has been out I have been listening to music, I refuse to listen to the Clark Howard guy.

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