Inverness is run by Yankees… what?!

Just heard an interview on WWJB’s early morning show with that Mike Reeves guy from Tampa. The interview was with a guy named Frank Digiovanni who apparently is the City Manager of Inverness, which is the County Seat and largest city in Citrus County. Before I chew into this jabroni from Jersey that somehow managed to hoodwink the native Florida citizens of Inverness into allowing him to be the City Manager, I need to give some background on ole Mike Reeves.

Now typically I don’t listen to WWJB’s early morning show because I don’t like the format, and I’m not fond of the host. The host is a guy by the name of Mike Reeves and he used to be the host of another show down in the Tampa market called “The Big Show” which was aired on 820AM “Newstalk Radio”. This channel used to be a good channel until they fired talk show host Mark Larson who used to be the morning host on 820AM prior to the hiring of Mike Reeves.

Prior to the firing of Mark Larson 820AM was the best news talk station in Tampa, afterwards it was and remains the worst. When 820AM fired Mark Larson they hired a slew of other talk show hosts that lasted for about a month before getting canned. After a year 820 hired Mike Reeves and his cast of rejects from Q105 to do the “Big Show” which was nothing more then a liberal slanted news talk program. Needless to say this flopped big time and after 2 years the show was canceled and the station was borderline bankrupt.

Today AM 820 is barely hanging on by a thread and is a shadow of its former self thanks to poor station management who fired Mark Larson, who is a staunch libertarian, and replaced him with a flip-flopping liberal like Mike Reeves.

Besides being a flip-flopper my biggest gripe with Mike Reeves is that he claims to be a native Floridian, but at the same time champions Yankee causes and even worse puts carpet bagger politicians and transplants on his show to further their agenda of culturally cleansing Florida of its true native history, heritage, and culture so they can turn our homeland into one big retirement community. As a member of the Floridian Society I’m going to suggest at our next meeting to have an excommunication process for so-called Native Floridians that have become turn-coats.

I could go on, but I can grind my axe against Mike Reeves at a later time, so I must digress.

Onto the topic at hand which is the carpet bagger Yankee, Frank Digiovanni, who has somehow wiggled into the City Managers position up in the native city of Inverness. First off… why is a Yankee who is most likely from Jersey or New York managing a small native Floridian city in the Deep South? Second off how is he qualified to be a City Manager of a small native Floridian city in the Deep South? Hiring a former City Manager from New York or Jersey to manage a Deep South, native Floridian city is like mixing oil with water.

I would like to hear from ANY of our readers up in Citrus County, namely the city of Inverness, to respond to this blog post with a justification of why this jaborni should be in charge of a native city.

From my observation since becoming the City Manager this carpet baggar has wasted city of Inverness tax payer money on the construction of a 9-11 memorial to the victims of the World Trade Center. Now before you damn me for being “Un-Uhmerican” keep in mind that nobody from Citrus County died in the 9-11 attack, thus it makes no sense to have a memorial constructed on native Southern soil to victims of a horrible and inexcusable attack, which did not claim the life of a single resident of the city or county in which the memorial is being constructed (click here for a link to this crap).

It would be like building a Confederate Memorial in the middle of New York City or on the Jersey Shore.

So why did Digiovanni and the dumb-asses on the City Council push this down the throats of obviously dim-whitted Inverness tax payers? Well if you ask me its because they are trying their damnedest to ethnically cleanse the City of Inverness, a Confederate city mind you, and Citrus County, which is also a Confederate County, of its native Floridian culture, heritage, and history.

These dirty Yankees are doing the same thing that the British did to the Scottish and the Irish for 300 years. They move to an area and take over the local chamber of commerce, buy up family farm land buy forcing them to sell their family estates by increasing the property value and with it the taxes, over develop the land to make the area more attractive to the Yankee scum… for some reason Yankees love concrete, pollution, and crime…  and then lastly they push the native citizens out of their own government and begin to pass restrictive laws which cause the remaining natives to flee to a native controlled area of the State.

How do you know if Yankees are trying to take over your city or county and force you out?

Well its easy to figure out…

  1. Is there a ban on Confederate flags / holidays by your local government?Yankees hate Southern freedom and even more hate our pride about our urge to be free and our innate hatred of their Federal Empire. Thus if you can’t display the Stars-n-Bars or the Battle Flag then its already too late for you. Banning the flags of the Occupied South is the final things the carpet baggers do when they seize power.
  2. Has your local government passed laws which prohibit you from raising chickens on your property even if you own more then 1 acre of land?According to most laws throughout native controlled Dixie, you have to have at least .5 acres of land to have 3 chickens. Thus if you live on .5 acres or 1 acre and you can’t have any chickens due to an ordnance banning all “livestock”, which includes chickens, then Yankee scum have infiltrated your city or county government.
  3. Does your city or county have a book or ordinances aimed at curbing your personal freedom and rights, and are so restrictive its as if you live in a deed restricted community? Despite “loving America because its so free” Yankees loath personal freedom and are some of the biggest hypocrites on Earth. Today America is no more free then Germany, England, or France… the only difference between Uhmerica and its European counterparts is our right to have guns, that is it. Basically in a nut shell Yankees are too stupid to think on their own and have to depend on the government to protect them from cradle to grave, thus why they also vote Democrat or RINO Republican.

Not sure why you people up in Inverness and Citrus County are allowing this jabroni to run your city into the ground and ruin your beautiful county, but you are and you need to get control back before Citrus county is paved over like Pinellas county was back in the 1980’s by the same group of vermin.


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  1. Im 5th generation Georga boy. I fly both flags. Just want to say, America started in the north east you all also started there. Some even say everyone else is just a visitor. Remember the confeds were the first terrorist to attack Americans and kill a republican president of the USA.
    So show a little respect to God and our country. If you don’t like the way things are, go back where you came from, no one invited you or your family.

    • LeRoy Jenkins

      I’m a 5th gen Florida cracker and you are incorrect. Confederates were the last free Americans who tried to save the American Republic. The Union and their tyrannical dictator were imperialists who destroyed the American Republic.

      If not for Lincoln and all of the Imperialist troops then we would not be in the socialist boat we are in today.

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