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A Must Watch!

For those that are confused over the terminology the Heckler uses, and why we hate the GOP just as much as we hate the DNC you have to watch this video.

The video was aired on February 13, 2012 and was the last episode of Judge Andre Napolitano’s show on the Fox Business channel. It was his last show because he told the truth about how the GOP is no different then the DNC. In case you did not know they are the same political party minus a few items, which each party has chosen to rally around in order to control the electorate and ensure that its either a Republican or a Democrat in office. Essentially these two parties secretly work together to keep 3rd party candidates out of office.

He was also fired for pointing out how the state media complex, which includes Fox News, is used by the 2 party system in America to ensure that the public opinion of the electorate is controlled. Essentially the media’s goal is to build on the few minor differences between these two parties in order to control and “herd” voters into two primary controlled political categories.

The Marxist-Progressives (DNC) and Conservative-Progressives (GOP) fear the 3rd parties and will do everything in their power to keep them from EVER getting elected to office.

Here is the video…


Don’t Hate on Herman Cain…

Again, I’m forced to waste my valuable time responding to another stupid thing that Mike Reeves has done during this AM WWJB segment.

As I have stated numerous times before Mike Reeves used to be a disc jockey for AM820 down in Tampa. Prior to Mike Reeves coming on board, this station was the best news talk station in town. The station became the best station in town because of its prior morning news talk show host, Mark Larson, who was fired for pissing off the wrong people. In a nut shell Larson’s show was canceled after a very successful 12 year run because Larson, a devout Libertarian, openly criticized the the wrong person who knew the station manager. Needless to say this cost Larson his job.

Following the termination of Mark Larson and his show the station then hired a slew of rotating talk show hosts who came in and out over the course of a 6 month period. Like Larson these talk show hosts were libertarians and did not last long.

About 8 months or so after Larson’s was let go the station management hired Mike Reeves, and his cast of reject morning-zoo crew gang from Q105, to do a new news talk show. The show was called the “Big Show” and was on the air for about 2 years. Keep in mind that AM820 was still the number one news talk show in Tampa. Read the rest of this entry

Skip, PLEASE Stop the Red-White & Bull#$%&

I would really like to begin talking about important issues that face Hernando County citizens like unemployment, government waste/corruption, and educational pieces about how we live in an Empire, how the Federal Government (i.e. the American Government) is evil, and important stuff like this. Instead I’m being forced to comment on the retarded stances of WWJB’s 1450AM’s morning talk show hosts.

Lord I can’t wait for Bob Haa to come back…

Since Bob is out with the flu, former 99.5 WQYK disc-jockey Skip Mahafey is filling in for him. He has been filling in for Bob for the past week. Personally I like Skip, and wish that he was the early show host instead of Mike Reeves, who is an audio train wreck. Skip is funny, his humor is spot on, he has been in radio for years in the Tampa Bay area, and unlike Mike Reeves is not a flaming socialist in sheep’s clothing.

Well this morning ole Skip really stepped in it. Despite all of the man-love I have for ole Skip I can’t stand his political views which are pacifistic and a bit on the side of a Manchurian candidate (i.e. brainwashed by the Federal Government). In a nut-shell Skip stated this morning that we are all Americans and that since we are all Americans we have more in common then we don’t, and since we all basically want the same things we should work together to compromise to save America.

Excuse me? Why would I, a native Floridian and Southern to boot want to sit down and compromise with an Imperialist (Republican) or a Marxist (Democrat) on any social issue?As my grand-daddy always said… “Compromise is the political vehicle of a weak populace and is the battle standard of cowards”. I don’t know about y’all but I was taught to stand for something or you will fall for anything, and compromise is not taking a stand, its lowering your standards to appease a tyrant, a fool, or the mentally deranged. Read the rest of this entry

WWJB Morning Show… Nobody in Hernando County cares about Whitney Houston

While I love WWJB 1450AM I was forced to turn it off this morning. I could not stomach another second of Mike Reeves news coverage style tribute to the former drug addict Whitney Houston. I don’t know about y’all out there in WWJB land, but if I hear one more news report or story about how terrible it is that Whitney Houston died, I’m going to scream.

This lady, while talented, basically killed herself by mixing prescription drugs (that she did not have a prescription for) with a bottle of booze while sitting in a tub. She basically OD’d on illegal drugs and booze, then passed out which caused her to drown in the tub. She basically killed herself, and since she committed what accounts to suicide should not get praised as some innocent person that was taken to young.

Frankly speaking I thought that she had died years ago, thus when I heard that she died I was shocked because I had been under the impression that she was already dead from drugs.

How about instead of talking about a crack-head that killed herself, and how she had a terrible life because of all of her money and wealth, you talk about something that actually matters to Hernando County, Florida. Nobody in Hernando County , Florida gives a flying turd about Whitney Houston, afterall why should they?

She is not from Hernando County… She is not from Florida… hell she is not even from the South…

Hernando County is one of the poorest counties in Florida due to the Hernando County Governments stubborn commitment to catering to retired Yankees which do nothing to stimulate the Hernando County economy. Because of Hernando County’s stubborn stead-fast commitment to transforming Hernando County into one large Yankee-Friendly HOA compound, we have the largest unemployment rate in the State of Florida, and we have the 10th highest unemployment rate out of the Deep South states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

With all of this in mind, why should we give a shit about some multimillionaire crack-head like Whitney Houston who wasted her money on drugs, mansions, cars, and enough booze to kill a horse, when people in Hernando County can’t even afford to feed their family.

WWJB station management needs to replace Mike Reeves with Skip, atleast Skip has a clue and would not drone on, and on, and on about stuff that the people of Hernando don’t care about.



Bob Haa out with Flu

The reason why Bob Haa, the voice of Hernando County, has been off the air for the past month is due to a nasty case of the flu bug and phenomena. Until Bob gets healthy and returns to his post former 99.5 WQYK disc-jockey Skip Mahafey from Tampa will be filling in for ole Bob.

Lets all keep Bob in our prayers and wish him a speedy recovery!

Bob Haa, Why Do You Support the GOP?

Well it has been 2 weeks and a day since Bob Haa has been on the local airwaves which is not a good thing. While many have issues with Bob’s unwavering “lock step” loyalty to the Republicrats and RINO politicians like Dick Nugent, and his teetering and constantly changing support of the three stoogies – Romney, Santorum, and Newt.

Personally we hear at the Heckler like ole Bob and believe that he is just a confused Constitutionalist that has been lured into the GOP by their lies about championing various conservative talking points like the Constitution, States Rights, and personal freedom. Bob, like many GOP’ers are being bamboozled by a bunch of Conservative-Progressives that wrap themselves in the image of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ron Paul, which are individuals that the GOP itself did everything in its power to ruin and prevent from getting elected to office.

The GOP is nothing more then the Conservative wing, or “Right Wing”, of the Progressive movement… the DNC is the Marxist wing, or “Left Wing”, or the Progressive movement. This information is Political Science 101 stuff which makes me think that ole Bob did not go to college, or if he did he did not attend a Political Science course. Heck 90% of Hernandoians fit this category so I won’t hold it against Bob, and neither should you.

Eventually Bob will come around and understand that the Republican & Democrat Parties both believe in the same Progressive political ideology, the only difference between them is that the Republicans believe in the Conservative aspects of Progressive ideology which is termed “Gradualism” and the Democrats believe in “Chaos Theory” which is a radical Marxist-Socialsit ideology.

Gradualism is the Conservative-Progressive political ideology that Republican Party leaders believe in 150%. If you don’t tow this party line then you will be ostracized by the GOP as a “crackpot” just like Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan, Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, and locally Jason Sager all were. Those that believe in this ideology believe that radical Progressive change should be done slowly over a long period of time so that the populace will not realize what is going on until its too late. This is basically in a nut shell the old adage about how the French cook frogs… if you toss a frog into boiling water then it will jump out, however if you toss it into warm water and slowly turn up the heat them it will happily just lounge around until its slowly cooked to death. Read the rest of this entry

2012 Election Prediction… Obama Victory :(

While it pains us here at the Hernando Heckler to state this grim prediction, but for now it appears that based upon the current RINO front runners, Obama will be able to narrowly win a second term in office.

Romney, Newt, and Santorum are all basically the same RINO Big Government candidate with just a different appearance. All of them support an all-powerful Federal Government with endless powers and a weak system of vassal states that are nothing more then trophies in the crown of the Federal Empire. To make matters worse all of them support keeping Obamacare in place and none of them want or seek to abolish it. All of them support the continued growth of the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about, and none of them want to pull troops out of non-war zone areas such as Europe, Japan, Australia, and elsewhere the Federal Empire has managed to station troops.

In other words they are just another ripe crop of Lincolnites that believe in feathering the powers of the Empire vs. restoring the Republican system of Confederation that our founders established in 1776.

The only candidate that can beat Obama and save the United States of our founders, from the evils of the Federal Imperialists, is Ron Paul. Obama will make short work of Romney, Newt, and Santorum without even breaking a sweat and he fears Ron Paul like a vampire fears the cross and or garlic.

While this election is far from over to the uneducated masses out in la-la land that believe that America is going to somehow improve under these clowns. In the end this race will lead to one big dead end and another Obama victory, which will conclude with more “chills” shooting up the state media’s legs. Read the rest of this entry

HH Endorses Ron Paul for President or Bust!

We here at the Hernando Heckler are very proud to endorse Ron Paul for either President, Vice President, or Secretary of the Treasury of the United States or Bust!

By Bust we mean that if Ron Paul is not chosen to be either the President elect, Vice President, or at least the Secretary of the Treasury¬† then we are done with trying to compromise and work with the Republican Party, and their Yankee proxies down here in Hernando County for good. If the GOP and their membership can openly support a flaming Marxist liberal like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Olympia Snow, Ginny Brown-Waite, Mel Martinez, Charlie Crist, and have supported and brag about supporting tyrants like Richard Nixon, Ulysses Grant, and Abraham Lincoln, and at the same time claim to also have supported Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Ron Paul when in reality they have done everything in their power to prevent Reagan, Goldwater, and now Paul from succeeding, then I don’t see how any logical pro-Constitution, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-States Rights, anti-IRS/Income Tax, anti-Socialist Healthcare voter can support them.

Also despite our previous rhetoric about liking Newt over Romney, that was more or less aimed at Mitt then Newt and might have confused some of our readers. We don’t back or support Newt, because despite being a Southerner he is very much a turn-coat pro-Lincolnite which in our book makes him a potential tyrant… heck who are we kidding… Newt is¬† a would be tyrant, only thing keeping him from being a full fledged one is your vote.

For those that lack the education to know why we native Floridians hate Lincoln so much don’t fret. We will have a series of fact based articles which will state our case against Lincoln very clearly, and ready for posting sometime in the coming weeks.

If Ron Paul is given the shaft by the establishment then I will do my best to work with other like minded individuals to form a Florida based political party that will only operate within the borders of Florida and focus on running the GOP out of power and off our native soil for good. It will be a hard fight and a long one, but nothing worth fighting for is ever easy.

God Save Florida and Dixie!

2012 Hernando County GOP Primary Recap…

Hernando Cnty ’12 Florida GOP Primary Results

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, the unofficial results show Romney captured 42.39 percent of the Hernando County vote in Tuesday’s presidential preference primary. A total of 7,915 Republicans cast votes for Romney.

Rounding out the Hernando County election results were: Gingrich, 6,441 votes (34.50 percent); Rick Santorum, 2,603 votes (13.94 percent); Ron Paul, 1,578 votes (8.45 percent).


My response:

Romney aside… Who the hell in Hernando is stupid enough to vote for Rick Santorum? Really there is that many Yankees down here from Pennsylvania?

I understand why Ron Paul came in last in Hernando, because the Tea Party system has thrown its support behind Newt to prevent Romney from winning, thus the majority of the votes for Newt would had gone for Paul if not for the Tea Party endorsement of Newt.

Proof that Yankees are Stupid… Romney Wins Hernando…

While I will admit that there is a slim difference between the ethics of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, in this area they are both dirty individuals. While there is a narrow gap in this arena, there are light-years of miles between Newt and Romney in the arena of Constitutionality. Granted both are Federal Imperialists at heart and believe that the Federal Government is all powerful and all knowing, only Romney believes and supports the bulk of the Progressive (i.e. fancy term for Marxist) agenda of President Obama and the Democrats currently in power.

Basically yesterday when you trotted off to the polls to vote for the best GOP candidate then hands down that would have been Ron Paul, which is not a Republican per-say, he is instead a Constitutionalist that is hated by the GOP just like Reagan, Goldwater, and Eisenhower were. But since Paul does not stand a chance in hell at winning most GOP voters have gravitated to Newt because while he is not perfect, hell he is not even mediocre, but still has the best chance to get Obama out of office and keep a flaming RINO like Romney from taking office.

Thus why you have such a ground swell of support for Newt from the Tea Party… basically in a nut shell they don’t like him but have chosen to support him because (a) Romney is a flaming Progressive-Conservative RINO, and (b) Romney has no chance in hell at being able to oust Obama from the White House. Read the rest of this entry