Proof that Yankees are Stupid… Romney Wins Hernando…

While I will admit that there is a slim difference between the ethics of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, in this area they are both dirty individuals. While there is a narrow gap in this arena, there are light-years of miles between Newt and Romney in the arena of Constitutionality. Granted both are Federal Imperialists at heart and believe that the Federal Government is all powerful and all knowing, only Romney believes and supports the bulk of the Progressive (i.e. fancy term for Marxist) agenda of President Obama and the Democrats currently in power.

Basically yesterday when you trotted off to the polls to vote for the best GOP candidate then hands down that would have been Ron Paul, which is not a Republican per-say, he is instead a Constitutionalist that is hated by the GOP just like Reagan, Goldwater, and Eisenhower were. But since Paul does not stand a chance in hell at winning most GOP voters have gravitated to Newt because while he is not perfect, hell he is not even mediocre, but still has the best chance to get Obama out of office and keep a flaming RINO like Romney from taking office.

Thus why you have such a ground swell of support for Newt from the Tea Party… basically in a nut shell they don’t like him but have chosen to support him because (a) Romney is a flaming Progressive-Conservative RINO, and (b) Romney has no chance in hell at being able to oust Obama from the White House.

Not sure why so many of you chose to vote for Romney, if you live in Hernando County please comment on this post and let me know why you chose to vote for a candidate that supports Socialist Healthcare, who supports an all powerful Federal Government, who does not believe in the 10th Amendment rights of the States and please let me know what about Romney makes you think that he is any different then a moderate Democrat?

I’m convinced that Yankees are stupid now… out of Hernando County GOP members about 70% of them are Yankees, hell even the local Republican Executive Committee is run 100% by Yankee carpet baggers and is headed by a jabroni from Jersey by the name of Blaze Ignolia who is the owner of Heartland Homes and is the guy responsible for the housing market collapse in Hernando County.

Why is he responsible, well back just before the boom Heartland Homes built this massive development project called Royal Highlands in northwest Hernando County. This development was a spec development in that thousands of homes were built under the assumption that the housing market was booming and that these homes would be sold off in a year or so for about 150% over the going market rate.

Needless to say this plan failed big time because Heartland Homes failed to understand the simple law of supply and demand, perhaps Blaze failed to take Economics 101 in college, assuming of course he even attended one.

In a nut shell the Royal Highlands development failed because Heartland Homes failed to take into consideration the joint developments of two other mega housing developments… Avalon Heights in southwest Hernando and Southern Hills in central Hernando. Basically these Yankee developers built 10 times more houses then there were people living in Hernando County, in order for these homes to sell the county would have to quadruple the amount of available jobs in-order to fill these vacant spec houses, not including the 2 year backlog of homes that were already on the market.

As a result of this the housing bubble popped in Hernando County long before it did anywhere else in the country. The collapse of the housing market in Hernando in turn resulted in the mass layoff of thousands of construction workers and caused a major tax deficit at the government level. When the national housing market popped thanks to section 9 housing rules which required banks to give home loans to minorities even if they can’t afford to pay for the loan, this caused another wave of financial trouble for Hernandoians, who took out reverse or balloon mortgages and were now getting evicted from their homes.

So I guess I should not be surprised that the so-called Constitutional voters of Hernando County chose to vote for a Marxist like Romney, after all they continue to allow a modern day oil snake salesman like Blaze Ingolia, a man that helped to ruin both the housing and job market of Hernando County, to run the local branch of their so-called and self proclaimed Constitutional Conservative Party (i.e. the Hernando GOP).

I guess I should not be surprised at all by the stupidity of Hernando’s voters, especially the Republicrat ones, after all…

  1. They voted for and elected a person like Ginny Brown-Waite to Congress; Brown-Waite believes in the Woodrow Wilson view of a “living constitution” and used tax payer money to buy herself an iPod, iPhone, and other little gadgets before retiring high on the hog thanks to the tax payers of Hernando.
  2. They voted for and elected Dick Nugent not only to Congress to replace the corrupt and inept Brown-Waite, but also elected him to be the Sheriff for a number of years… ole Dick Nugent supports a gun ban, the brady bill, voted in favor of the NADA bill which would have given the the President the ability to jail anyone he wanted to without cause, and is rumored to have done some underhanded things while Sheriff… since I can’t verifiy these things I’m not going to mention them.
  3. They have allowed Blaze Ignolia to remain the Chairman of the Hernando County REC despite being responsible for the collapse and stagnation of the housing market in Hernando County and despite supporting the candidacy of not only Brown-Waite and Nugent but also of County Commissioners Stabins, Druzbik, and Russell.
  4. They voted to violate the rights of the residents of a portion of the census designated area known as Spring Hill (i.e. Spring Hill is not incorporated thus it only exists for census purposes) by forcing these residents, most of which are elderly, to have to pay for trash pickup against their will.
  5. They voted to establish the Spring Hill Fire District which existed in Hernando County for about 30 years. Luckily they also voted to abolish it back in 2011 thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of the former Hernando County Tea Party President, Kevin Floyd’s. So I’m not sure how much of it was their own doing and how much was Mr. Floyd’s doing… apparently based on all of the other negatives it had more to do with Mr. Floyd and less to do with the voter.
  6. In the City of Brooksville they continue to vote for City Commissioners that are doing everything in their power to ruin the business community within the limits of the City of Brooksville by installing red light cameras. Keep in mind that yet again the former Hernando Tea Party President, Kevin Floyd, was the guy that rallied he local Brooksville business community together to get the red light cameras taken down the first time. To bad he has left the Tea Party because we need them to step it up again to get them taken down a second time. I think its time for the current Tea Party President, Audrey Rumsey to get on the ball and take down these cameras.

Now that I have painted a picture of stupidity for you can you all see why I think that this Empire is doomed?

Now before I confuse anyone out there with my fancy choice of words, I use the word Empire when I refer to the United States. It stopped being a Constitutional Republic back in 1861 when Lincoln violated the Constitution, tripled the power of the executive branch by turning the President into a all-powerful modern day Roman Emperor.


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