HH Endorses Ron Paul for President or Bust!

We here at the Hernando Heckler are very proud to endorse Ron Paul for either President, Vice President, or Secretary of the Treasury of the United States or Bust!

By Bust we mean that if Ron Paul is not chosen to be either the President elect, Vice President, or at least the Secretary of the Treasury  then we are done with trying to compromise and work with the Republican Party, and their Yankee proxies down here in Hernando County for good. If the GOP and their membership can openly support a flaming Marxist liberal like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Olympia Snow, Ginny Brown-Waite, Mel Martinez, Charlie Crist, and have supported and brag about supporting tyrants like Richard Nixon, Ulysses Grant, and Abraham Lincoln, and at the same time claim to also have supported Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Ron Paul when in reality they have done everything in their power to prevent Reagan, Goldwater, and now Paul from succeeding, then I don’t see how any logical pro-Constitution, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-States Rights, anti-IRS/Income Tax, anti-Socialist Healthcare voter can support them.

Also despite our previous rhetoric about liking Newt over Romney, that was more or less aimed at Mitt then Newt and might have confused some of our readers. We don’t back or support Newt, because despite being a Southerner he is very much a turn-coat pro-Lincolnite which in our book makes him a potential tyrant… heck who are we kidding… Newt is  a would be tyrant, only thing keeping him from being a full fledged one is your vote.

For those that lack the education to know why we native Floridians hate Lincoln so much don’t fret. We will have a series of fact based articles which will state our case against Lincoln very clearly, and ready for posting sometime in the coming weeks.

If Ron Paul is given the shaft by the establishment then I will do my best to work with other like minded individuals to form a Florida based political party that will only operate within the borders of Florida and focus on running the GOP out of power and off our native soil for good. It will be a hard fight and a long one, but nothing worth fighting for is ever easy.

God Save Florida and Dixie!


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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