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Skip, PLEASE Stop the Red-White & Bull#$%&

I would really like to begin talking about important issues that face Hernando County citizens like unemployment, government waste/corruption, and educational pieces about how we live in an Empire, how the Federal Government (i.e. the American Government) is evil, and important stuff like this. Instead I’m being forced to comment on the retarded stances of WWJB’s 1450AM’s morning talk show hosts.

Lord I can’t wait for Bob Haa to come back…

Since Bob is out with the flu, former 99.5 WQYK disc-jockey Skip Mahafey is filling in for him. He has been filling in for Bob for the past week. Personally I like Skip, and wish that he was the early show host instead of Mike Reeves, who is an audio train wreck. Skip is funny, his humor is spot on, he has been in radio for years in the Tampa Bay area, and unlike Mike Reeves is not a flaming socialist in sheep’s clothing.

Well this morning ole Skip really stepped in it. Despite all of the man-love I have for ole Skip I can’t stand his political views which are pacifistic and a bit on the side of a Manchurian candidate (i.e. brainwashed by the Federal Government). In a nut-shell Skip stated this morning that we are all Americans and that since we are all Americans we have more in common then we don’t, and since we all basically want the same things we should work together to compromise to save America.

Excuse me? Why would I, a native Floridian and Southern to boot want to sit down and compromise with an Imperialist (Republican) or a Marxist (Democrat) on any social issue?As my grand-daddy always said… “Compromise is the political vehicle of a weak populace and is the battle standard of cowards”. I don’t know about y’all but I was taught to stand for something or you will fall for anything, and compromise is not taking a stand, its lowering your standards to appease a tyrant, a fool, or the mentally deranged. Read the rest of this entry


WWJB Morning Show… Nobody in Hernando County cares about Whitney Houston

While I love WWJB 1450AM I was forced to turn it off this morning. I could not stomach another second of Mike Reeves news coverage style tribute to the former drug addict Whitney Houston. I don’t know about y’all out there in WWJB land, but if I hear one more news report or story about how terrible it is that Whitney Houston died, I’m going to scream.

This lady, while talented, basically killed herself by mixing prescription drugs (that she did not have a prescription for) with a bottle of booze while sitting in a tub. She basically OD’d on illegal drugs and booze, then passed out which caused her to drown in the tub. She basically killed herself, and since she committed what accounts to suicide should not get praised as some innocent person that was taken to young.

Frankly speaking I thought that she had died years ago, thus when I heard that she died I was shocked because I had been under the impression that she was already dead from drugs.

How about instead of talking about a crack-head that killed herself, and how she had a terrible life because of all of her money and wealth, you talk about something that actually matters to Hernando County, Florida. Nobody in Hernando County , Florida gives a flying turd about Whitney Houston, afterall why should they?

She is not from Hernando County… She is not from Florida… hell she is not even from the South…

Hernando County is one of the poorest counties in Florida due to the Hernando County Governments stubborn commitment to catering to retired Yankees which do nothing to stimulate the Hernando County economy. Because of Hernando County’s stubborn stead-fast commitment to transforming Hernando County into one large Yankee-Friendly HOA compound, we have the largest unemployment rate in the State of Florida, and we have the 10th highest unemployment rate out of the Deep South states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

With all of this in mind, why should we give a shit about some multimillionaire crack-head like Whitney Houston who wasted her money on drugs, mansions, cars, and enough booze to kill a horse, when people in Hernando County can’t even afford to feed their family.

WWJB station management needs to replace Mike Reeves with Skip, atleast Skip has a clue and would not drone on, and on, and on about stuff that the people of Hernando don’t care about.