Skip, PLEASE Stop the Red-White & Bull#$%&

I would really like to begin talking about important issues that face Hernando County citizens like unemployment, government waste/corruption, and educational pieces about how we live in an Empire, how the Federal Government (i.e. the American Government) is evil, and important stuff like this. Instead I’m being forced to comment on the retarded stances of WWJB’s 1450AM’s morning talk show hosts.

Lord I can’t wait for Bob Haa to come back…

Since Bob is out with the flu, former 99.5 WQYK disc-jockey Skip Mahafey is filling in for him. He has been filling in for Bob for the past week. Personally I like Skip, and wish that he was the early show host instead of Mike Reeves, who is an audio train wreck. Skip is funny, his humor is spot on, he has been in radio for years in the Tampa Bay area, and unlike Mike Reeves is not a flaming socialist in sheep’s clothing.

Well this morning ole Skip really stepped in it. Despite all of the man-love I have for ole Skip I can’t stand his political views which are pacifistic and a bit on the side of a Manchurian candidate (i.e. brainwashed by the Federal Government). In a nut-shell Skip stated this morning that we are all Americans and that since we are all Americans we have more in common then we don’t, and since we all basically want the same things we should work together to compromise to save America.

Excuse me? Why would I, a native Floridian and Southern to boot want to sit down and compromise with an Imperialist (Republican) or a Marxist (Democrat) on any social issue?As my grand-daddy always said… “Compromise is the political vehicle of a weak populace and is the battle standard of cowards”. I don’t know about y’all but I was taught to stand for something or you will fall for anything, and compromise is not taking a stand, its lowering your standards to appease a tyrant, a fool, or the mentally deranged.

I hate to break it down for ole Skip, but the America that he talks about only exists in the mental fantasy-land he makes up in his head. The REAL America of today is like a broken mirror… its essentially divided into a 2 primary chunks, the democrats and republicans… which are nothing more then Marxist-Progressives (Democrat Party) and Conservative-Progressives (Republican Party). In case you were too dumb or poor to go to college this is political science 101 stuff and is very basic… the Republicans and Democrats are both progressive parties, the only difference between them is their general disagreement over how fast Progressive (i.e. fancy word for socialist) change should be pushed forward. Democrats believe that socialist change should occur immediately, whereas Republicans believe in a more subtle approach and think that socialist change should occur slowly and over a longer period of time. In the end they both seek to reach the same goals which is a Socialist (i.e. Marxist) utopia.

Going back to the mirror analogy… with the nation broken up into two primary chunks, we have new divisions occurring every political cycle as small fractures occur along the edges of these chunks.

In the GOP the TEA Party and the States Rights movements were two large chunks that have since broken away. The TEA Party still does understand that the GOP is really a progressive entity so they cling to the GOP chunk. In any event they will come around. While the States Rights group have recognized this fact and have fallen right off the chunk altogether.

On the left chunk of America the DNC  has lost a huge chunk from its piece as well which is the communist “Occupy” movement. This piece has all but fallen off and shows no signs of wanting to be re-united with the much larger Democrat chunk.

I could go on further but I think you get the point, and I hope that the mirror analogy was not to deep for some of you out there. Next to using sock puppets this was the easiest way to break it down for those that lack a proper college education.

Going back to Skip, with all of this in mind, he has to be either mentally retarded, a brain-washed mouth piece for the Federal Government, or both, if he thinks that there are no divisions in America today, or can’t see a reason why there are divisions.

This country is falling apart because of its own greed, corruption, laziness, and stupidity. The old WW2 patriotic crap from the cold war no longer applies to our current situation.

So I will plead with Skip, assuming he reads this, to cut the “Ra-Ra God Bless the USA” shiz out. We are all but one major Federal gun-grab away from having full War in parts of this country between the people and the Federal Empire. Right now the abuses of the Federal Government make the abuses of the British Empire under King George look like a field day.

Like many of our readers I have given up and have accepted that secession is the only way to save a remnant of the American system of governance our fore-fathers established in 1776. Now let me clarify that I seek “Peaceful and Legal Secession of the State of Florida and of other oppressed American States”. I’m not calling for people to grab their gun and start a conflict. No, what I’m calling for is a peaceful secession by way of the ballot which is our god given right as Americans to do so according to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the fathers of our Constitution.

So Skip please save the “Ra-Ra USA” shiz for another audience, up here in Hernando County the natives ain’t gonna tolerate it!

God Save Florida & Dixie!

Now Skip you have been warned… if you take out your red-white & bullshiz cheerleader outfit again I will have to taunt you for a second time.


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