Don’t Hate on Herman Cain…

Again, I’m forced to waste my valuable time responding to another stupid thing that Mike Reeves has done during this AM WWJB segment.

As I have stated numerous times before Mike Reeves used to be a disc jockey for AM820 down in Tampa. Prior to Mike Reeves coming on board, this station was the best news talk station in town. The station became the best station in town because of its prior morning news talk show host, Mark Larson, who was fired for pissing off the wrong people. In a nut shell Larson’s show was canceled after a very successful 12 year run because Larson, a devout Libertarian, openly criticized the the wrong person who knew the station manager. Needless to say this cost Larson his job.

Following the termination of Mark Larson and his show the station then hired a slew of rotating talk show hosts who came in and out over the course of a 6 month period. Like Larson these talk show hosts were libertarians and did not last long.

About 8 months or so after Larson’s was let go the station management hired Mike Reeves, and his cast of reject morning-zoo crew gang from Q105, to do a new news talk show. The show was called the “Big Show” and was on the air for about 2 years. Keep in mind that AM820 was still the number one news talk show in Tampa.

After a year on the air, AM820 was barely ranked in the top 10 stations in the Tampa market and was a shell of its former self.

The reason why AM820 failed under Mike Reeves was because he and his “Big Show” was a socialist-progressive show that tried to camouflage itself as a moderate-conservative show. The host Mike Reeves and his cast of side-kicks defended Obama, his Marxist connections, his hypocrisy, Obamacare, and every other socialist program that Obama created. He would also openly criticize Ron Paul as being a “Loon”, and he would also attack Ronald Reagan, and Barry Goldwater as being corrupt Republicans stooges that were no better then Obama.

When I heard that Mike Reeves was taking over the AM Morning Show duties that Bob Haa used to do with JR, I had hoped that Reeves had learned his lesson. Boy was I wrong.

Since taking over the early AM Morning Show duties from Bob Haa he has picked up right where he has left off. Since getting the gig last year, Reeves has continued his covert crusade to dupe Constitutionalists and native Floridians living in Hernando County into believing that he is a Constitutionalist and not some left wing loon.

This morning Reeves illustrated my point to a “T”.

During the final 30 minutes of today’s show, Mike Reeves brought up how Herman Cain is going to be the key-note speaker at this years Hernando County Republican Executive Committee, Lincoln (i.e. who was a blood thirsty tyrant) Day dinner. While its no secret that I loath the local Republican Party, even more so then the State or National Republican Party, due to the corruption within it, I do respect Mr. Cain. I believe he is a true American Constitutionalist on the level of Ron Paul,  Reagan, and Goldwater.

Well Mike Reeves could not just leave well enough alone and had to chew into Cain, and thus exposed his true colors which are communist red and gold.

Mike Reeves had the nerve to play his little self-made musical parody about Herman Cain and how he is some sexual deviant, which is one of the biggest and most well orchestrated Progressive smear campaigns since the 1920’s mandate by the U.S. Dept. of Education that all History books should remove the real reasons for the “War Between of Secession” (i.e. tax abuse by the Northern States, voting fraud by Lincoln), and replace it with slavery, which was not even in the top 50 reasons for the war. I would like to go on more about this, but I will save it for later, for now back to the topic at hand.

Basically Mike Reeves little diddy goes on and on about how Cain is a sexual deviant on the level, and in some cases worse then ole Bill Clinton. What Reeves and the Marxist-Progressive media does not want you to know is that ALL of the people that accused Cain of sexual harassment were volunteers for the Obama campaign back in 2008 or were well connected members of the DNC.

You see Democrats hate it when there are constitutional black candidates for any office, essentially they are afraid of loosing their voting base which is the poor and minority voters that they have duped into believing that the DNC will somehow make them richer which is funny. What is funny about it is that poor people and minorities have been voting for the Democrats for about 50 years now and the last time I checked these people are still poor.

This is why the DNC tried to smear Justice Clarence Thomas from getting appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. They staged the entire sexual harassment fiasco which thankfully failed, much to the chagrin of the DNC, Marxist-Progressive’s, and based on his actions Mike Reeves.

This message goes out to all WWJB readers that read the Heckler… don’t trust Mike Reeves, he is a covert Marxist-Progressive plant and hopes to dupe you into his tangled web of moral relativism.

Don’t drink the kool-aid!


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Proud native Floridian.

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  1. monstersdoexist

    I still listen to JR read the news, but pull the plug as soon as I hear Reeves open his mouth.

  2. I agree 100 percent. I listen every morning and I can actually say almost every morning I mumble to myself what a narrow minded individual Mike Reeves is. Not once has he stated he is reporting one side of an issue, was hich he does constantly. I listen now just to get my blood pumping while driving to work.

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