A Must Watch!

For those that are confused over the terminology the Heckler uses, and why we hate the GOP just as much as we hate the DNC you have to watch this video.

The video was aired on February 13, 2012 and was the last episode of Judge Andre Napolitano’s show on the Fox Business channel. It was his last show because he told the truth about how the GOP is no different then the DNC. In case you did not know they are the same political party minus a few items, which each party has chosen to rally around in order to control the electorate and ensure that its either a Republican or a Democrat in office. Essentially these two parties secretly work together to keep 3rd party candidates out of office.

He was also fired for pointing out how the state media complex, which includes Fox News, is used by the 2 party system in America to ensure that the public opinion of the electorate is controlled. Essentially the media’s goal is to build on the few minor differences between these two parties in order to control and “herd” voters into two primary controlled political categories.

The Marxist-Progressives (DNC) and Conservative-Progressives (GOP) fear the 3rd parties and will do everything in their power to keep them from EVER getting elected to office.

Here is the video…


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