We Floridians are Winning the Battles, but not the War

Despite the strides our “Free Florida” movement has made since 1999 or over the past 14 years, we have been able to win more cultural, heritage, and ethnic battles then the Marxist-Progressives, or the Conservative-Progressives have been able to do in regards to the battles that directly affect our movement.

For example we native Floridians have been able to erect and refurbish hundreds of Confederate war memorials across the Republic of Florida, we have been able to successfully participate in dozens of local community seasonal parades that were once off limits to native Floridians wishing to showcase our States true heritage or honor our Confederate dead, we have been able to toss out many of the Marxist-Progressive Democrats from office, and last but not least we have been able to erect not just one, but three massive Confederate flags along the I75 corridor that cuts through the heart of Florida like a knife. The largest of these flags, not just in the State, but in the world, is in Tampa at the new Tampa based Confederate memorial park which is just to the South of the I75/I4 interchange.

Despite these native-Floridian heritage and cultural victories we have largely dropped the ball in other areas which has allowed our enemies, the Yankees and their puppets the DNC and GOP, an easy non-contested road to advancing on us from a different flank. Instead of meeting us head on, on the battlefield of heritage, they have side stepped us on the left and right flanks to take the higher more strategically valuable grounds of complete media control, political elitist power, commercial-business community support, educational dominance, and last but not least they have been able to establish their own bastardized version of what Florida’s culture should be like and have begun to implement it.

In other words, while the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) have done everything they can legally do to turn the tide of “Florida’s Culture War” to the favor of native Southern Floridians, we the native Southern peoples of Florida have not heard their call for much needed reinforcements, which are now long over due.

To put it in military terms, the core of our native Southern Floridian cultural army is now surrounded on all sides by the Yankees, Turn-coats or traitors (i.e. native Southern Floridians that are loyal to the ideals of an American Empire vs their own people and their one and only homeland, Florida), various militant-Socialist groups, illegal-immigrants, Marxist-Progressives (Liberal Democrats), Conservative-Progressives (Establishment Republicans), Marxist State Media (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc.), GOP Media (Rush, Shnit, Fox News, etc.), educational system (which acts more like a propaganda arm of the right or left, but never for the native Southerners), business community, and activist social community groups loyal to any of the above groups.

If we allow this one sided battle to persist the core of our forces will be worn down, their supplies will be depleted, and sooner rather then later we they will run out of men and women to carry on the fight. Our forces are vastly out numbered, out financed, and out gunned on our own soil. Right now our forces have held our opposition at the I-4 corridor, with the exception of a few Yankee encampments (i.e. Spring Hill, New Port Richey, and the Villages) that have formed deep within the native Floridian refuges of Northwest Florida.

Given this grim reality, we native Floridians have to face that facts and understand that someone needs to stand up, and that someone is you! We are the last best chance to save Florida from becoming one big concrete retirement and luxury community for the Yankees, and the other various foreign groups we outlined earlier in this here article.

Lets face it, outside of the SCV and UDC which are both 501(c)3 historical heritage societies that can’t legally (Federal non-profit tax law prohibits 501(c)3’s from becoming politically active) venture outside of this box of being just a historical heritage society. Outside of them our movement is hollow. Sure we have the League of the South (LoS), but this group has utterly failed in its goal to reach out to natives. Right now this group is only functional, if you can call it that, within the confines of Northeast Florida. Outside of this region the League has no power, and that is due to its top-down view. In today’s day in age the native Floridian is not concerned with bringing back a Confederacy, they might care about savings its heritage and history for future generations, but to bring it back is not something they care about, and neither do I.

Instead the native Floridian of today is more concerned with Federal abuses of power, and as such they are more apt to support a free and sovereign Florida via secession, then resurrecting the Confederacy from its grave. In other words they are more supportive of a bottom-up solution in which Florida either begins to nullify every single Federal law, or flat out secedes, vs. a top-down solution in which we secede and bring back the Confederacy.

I could go on more but I think I have made my point, and I don’t know about y’all but I ain’t gonna take this laying down. As of today I will be working hard on getting some kind of group established right here in Brooksville to combat these Yankees. I know the people that are trying to get this group formed and with my help they will have a better chance of getting it done before the war is over.

Florida love it, or leave it (hint-hint to all you Yankees out there)… if you love the North or Midwest so much then do us a big favor and get the hell out, especially if you live in Spring Hill, New Port Richey, or the Villages. Also in case you are an uneducated dumb-ass the below flag is the Bonnie Blue which is the true flag of native Florida. The current state flag we have is a flag of surrender that needs to go, the Bonnie Blue flag is the flag of defiance, nullification, States Rights and freedom!

God Save Florida!!


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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