The Problem with Hernando County = Yankees

If you have never visited Spring Hill/Hernando Beach then you must think that it is some magical little town, full of Southern charm, and graced with wonderful natural God-given beauty. In reality Spring Hill is no of these, well at least not any longer.

Back prior to the arrival of the Yankee owned development company, Deltona which slunk its way over to the East coast of the state, from its home base over in Daytona Beach, Hernando County was truly deserving of the title bestowed upon it, the Nature Coast. For miles and miles, from the I75 corridor all the way to US 19, there were only trees, farm land, and natural beauty to be had by all. Back during the pre-1960’s era of Hernando County it was regarded as one of the top tourist destinations in the state of Florida, not because it had 3-4 Wal-Marts and one New York style pizzeria on top of another like it does today, but because it had none of those things. Back during this era, and really up until about 1968, Hernando County was not just “Old Florida”, as the Yankees and their media mouthpieces ignorantly call it, but because it was truly Gods country.

Today Hernando County is a shell of its former self. Only the Eastern portion of the county still has its natural untouched beauty, while the Western half has been all but ruined by an invasive foreign species that will give any rodent or swarm of locusts a run for its money in its ability to destroy and terrorize a native Florida community. The pest that I’m speaking of is the Yankee, which in my book, and in the books of many other Southerners, is hands down the most vile and destructive squatter known to man.

Since the 1960’s when Deltona Corp in cooperation with a turn-coat County Commission began to advertise in Yankee papers, Hernando County, well mostly Spring Hill, has been inundated with a steady stream of these people.

What is so bad about the Yankees? Well for starters they not only destroyed what used to be one of the most beautiful parts of Florida (Spring Hill), they have brought crime, more destruction of our native lands, unemployment, and worst of all their bastard children which skip school, meander around the county while people are at work, and vandalize/rob people blind.

We will have to come back to this topic later to discuss how the Yankees have brought unemployment, and how they destroyed our natural native lands, for today’s topic will be crime.

From about 1965 to today the crime rate in Hernando County has sky rocketed, and worst of all the Hernando County Sheriffs Office in coordination with the County Commission, has done everything in their power to sweep this issue under the rug. Why sweep it under the rug? Well that part is easy, you see the current County Commission (Stabins, Druzbik, Atkins, Dukes, Russell) are all in the front and back pocket of the Hernando County Builders Association. Each of these County Commissioners are Republicans and the local Hernando County Republican Party is operated by members of the Hernando County Builders Association, and some of the County Commissioners I spoke of were also builders themselves at one point, and ALL of them are Yankees. Not one of Hernando County’s current Commissioners are natives from this area, which is very, very, very, sad.

Getting back to our original topic, which is crime, the current Hernando County Commission is made up entirely of Yankees which are also all Republicans, and Hernando County Builders Association which is the key Yankee organization in Hernando County controls the Republican Party in Hernando County, and through the Republican Party controls the County Commission. Since the Builders Association runs this county, and controls the County Commission, it sets the agenda which is build, baby build. In a nut shell the Builders Association won’t be happy until every parcel of vacant land, and every acre of farm land has been developed into condos, strip malls, and roads. They have almost entirely ruined Spring Hill, only small pieces of it remain undeveloped, and have begun to set their greedy/dirty eyes upon eastern Hernando County which has been thus far untouched.

You see if people actually knew what types of crimes were being committed in Hernando County then they would never move down here. Thus the Builders Association tells the head Republican, which is a major developer from New Jersey, to sweep the crime rates and stories about all of the murders, rapes, assaults, and burglaries, most of which go unsolved, under the rug. Thus next the local Republican Party leader then tells his puppets on the County Commission to tell the Sheriffs Office and the local media which is only the Hernando Today and Bay News 9, to sweep this stuff under the rug, which both gladly do since most of their advertising dollars come from the membership of the local Republican Party. The reason why they cover up the crime rate is to prevent the facts from reaching the Yankee’s who have read about how wonderful Hernando County is and why they should pack up and move down ASAP!

Well luckily for y’all the Heckler is not controlled by the local Republican Party and we are going to cut it to you straight.

The facts are nasty, but here they are. Per Capita Hernando County, well the Spring Hill area, is considered the murder, suicide, and burglary capital of Florida. Given our population and the fact that 90% of crimes in Hernando County occur in Spring Hill, we have more crimes in less land area then much larger Florida cities have over all.

Spring Hill is 90% Yankees, thus if around 90% of crimes in Hernando County occur in Spring Hill. In contrast the Brooksville/Ridge Manor area the crime rate is much lower (about 5%) as is the Yankee population (which is estimated to be 4%). So just do the math, the numbers don’t lie.

Hernando County does not have a crime problem, instead it has a Yankee problem that needs to be resolved if we are going to be able to pull ourselves out of this depression and restore order in this county.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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  1. What A Maroon

  2. i agree with leroy…i am a native Floridian., my family dates back well over 110 years from tampa…this state used to be great . i lived in brandon from 1965 to 1978, moved to orange park Florida for 2 years, moved to texas for 3 years, came back to tampa for 4 years, moved back to Texas for 12 years, came here to springhill in 2001…..i cant say enough bad things about this city, this county and this state and the people here . this state used to be great to live in….the problems are due to yankees. heres why. you bring your way of living and doing things from up there to down here in the south. your schools, cities, neighborhoods, streets, crime problems, driving habits etc etc etc etc etc etc etc ARE A DISASTER UP NORTH….. and now its that way here. you bring ur ideas and think they will work here in the south. well i have news for you idiots…YOUR WAY OF LIVING DOESNT WORK HERE. WE DONT WANT YOU…WE NEVER DID. THE ONLY ONES WHO DID WERE THE MORONIC BEACH BUMS WITH BEACH BUSINESSES …AND NOW OUR STATE IS LITERALLY THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE NATION IF NOT THE WORLD SOMETIMES………i had to stop here as my blood pressure was about to boil over just thinking about you idiotic moronic, stupid , insane ,mean, disgusting, northerners.GO BACK NORTH WHERE YOU BELONG SO WE CAN STRAIGHTEN OUT THIS MESS THAT EVERY YANKEE HERE CREATED…… nope i am not racist, i hate all northerners equally…

    • Cracker Commander

      Its refreshing to see another Florida Cracker who has woken up and seen the light of day. Lee, its up to us to spread the word to the other Crackers and hopefully get more of our people to wake up. I’m not racist either and hate Yankees equally, and I also love Crackers regardless of skin color equally as well.

      As Dr. Seuss said “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

  3. I dont think Ive seen a collection of so much hatred and bullshit in my lifetime and Ive seen a lot.

  4. Maybe you should spend more time contributing to aiding Spring Hill rather than wasting time talking about what’s bad about it. I’m from NY and friggen hate it here. Keep in mind I’m an educated (bachelor’s degree) female who is only here talking care of my father with stage 4 cancer.
    And people wonder why stereotypes/racism/profiling still exists. Your an
    idiot and I feel bad for you more than I am mad.

    • Cracker Commander

      We can’t fix stupid. Ever hear that phrase before. I’ve spent countless hours trying to assimilate Yankees from up North and out West and I would have had more success hitting my head against the wall.

      Please if you hate it here LEAVE and take your father with you.

      Also Confederates don’t hate Blacks, this is a Yankee lie and misconception. The only Confederates that hate blacks are idiots. Blacks had nothing to do with the Confederacy losing its freedom. The lone culprit behind this loss is due to the Yankees. I love blacks, as long as they are Confederate or Southern. I would gladly die to save a black Southerner. So please stop the crap about us and me being a racist. Its getting old.

      Yankees are the problem and the only group worthy of hatred by the Confederate, Southern, and Dixon peoples of Dixie.

      Please haul or Dad back up north and leave our land.


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