Avoid Blueberry Fest!!!

To all who read this here blog, do yourself a favor and AVOID the Florida Blueberry Festival at all costs. Tell your friends, family, and all who will listen.

Why should you avoid it? Well I have three nasty words for you… “Red Light Cameras”. This past year the City of Brooksville’s resurrected their red light camera program thanks largely to the actions of one Laura Bradburn, who is a city commissioner.

If you remember, back in 2009 the Hernando County Tea Party, then under the command of Kevin Floyd, in addition to a collation of local Brooksville business owners, joined forces and forced the Brooksville city commission to bring down the cameras. This was viewed as a major success for freedom and liberty in the region, and was the largest pro-business victory in the County to date.

For those that are not familiar with how things work in Hernando County, allow us to sum it up for you. Basically in a nut shell, both the County and City Governments are run by Yankees, these Yankees like a pack of locusts moved down here from States which are bankrupt and out of money thanks to Yankee political ideologies. Thus once these carpet baggars move down here the first thing they do is run for office, get elected, and enact Yankee political policies which in turn ruin the economic and social systems.

Still with me? Good, this is not too hard to understand. These Yankee policies ruin businesses and in turn make it impossible for things to ever get off the ground. Since about 1980, which was when the first Yankee got elected to the Hernando County Commission, the County has lost jobs at a steady rate. Virtually we went from being a County where unemployment was around 2% back in the 1970’s, to having the second highest unemployment rate in Florida.

This is due to Yankee politicians and their corrupt policies… the red light cameras are just one of many Yankee policies that has helped to ruin Hernando County.

Besides ruining the county, these red light cameras are nothing more then a tax device for the city and mark my words, if you are stupid enough to go to the Blueberry Fest, then you had better get ready for a $300 red light camera violation.

The City re-enacted the red light cameras in order ticket festival patrons… this is the only reason why they brought it back.

If nobody goes to the festival, or if attendance is low, and those that chose to not go cite the red light cameras as the reason why they chose to not go, then you can bet that the city will scrap the program to increase attendance in 2013.

So here is your choice… go to the Blue Berry Fest and get a $300 ticket, which will happen, the city is adjusting the lights so they can catch more and more people leading up to, and during the Blueberry Fest.

Or, you can heed my warning, stay home, and send the City of Brooksville a e-mail saying that you and your family chose to not go due to the red light cameras, and save $300.

The choice is yours.


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  1. I am not so sure things are completely run by Yankees. But I will tell you this, there is a lot of corruption at the city of Brooksville. In September, a faithful and dedicated city employee was fired for being honest. He saw someone using city property for personal gain. He reported it, and he was fired. The city thief was kept on, who has been stealing from the taxpayers for over 30 years. He has been investigated multiple times. The city council is fully aware of what happened, and they sat on their hands, never did so much as an internal investigation. The chief of police obstructed justice by directing the detective to produce a falsified information report. The city manager is sleeping with two different department heads.

    Other than that, I agree. I love Brooksville as a city, but I will not go to the Blueberry Festival. It costs $5 to walk around the city streets that we all pay taxes to maintain. And of course, the red light cameras are nothing more than criminal.

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