Confederate vs Islam, what do They Share in Common?

Regarding the Confederate Flag, here is my 2 cents… and its not as negative as my title suggests.

The Confederate Flag is a target of the progressives (i.e. a fancy word for socialists) and black supremacists, who both want the “stars-n-bars” gone so they can focus the brunt of their attention on other issues like gun rights, Jeudo-Christian religious displays (i.e. Christmas, Easter, etc.), and other things that don’t fit into their long term plans of a one-world Marxist utopia.

When I was getting my BA degree a very progressive history professor, who wore an old soviet star on his label laid it all out for me. Apparently while he was ultra progressive, and did not hide it at all, he cared more about educating to a degree because I’m not sure why he blurted out this gem of knowledge.

Basically in class one day there was a heated debate over the Confederate flag, a gentleman from Jersey that was down here for school wrote a paper for an oral presentation in which he railed on it. Considered it just as bad, if not worse then a Nazi flag. The professor said okay class debate this topic, and he sat back and listened.

The class went back in fourth, it was about split even and the topic got pretty heated in defense of it and against it, which surprised me because I got my BA at Saint Leo which is a private catholic school. Generally from my experience Catholics are some of the most progressive (socialist) people around. I base this on the politics of Massachusetts  and the whole of New England which is mostly Catholic, furthermore Joe Biden, Nancy Pelisoi, and the late Ted “the drunk” Kennedy claim that they are proud Catholic’s as well.

After about 20 minutes the professor interjected and I will never forget this, since I only have it committed to memory I will have to paraphrase what he said…

He slammed his book down and said enough, everyone of you sound as ignorant as George Bush (again he was ultra progressive), then went on to add that like it or not the Confederate flag is a sacred symbol of the South and its sacred because many men died for it, and not all died because of slavery and why is that? (Nobody answered because none of us had time to read the material because of the paper). He then said, well since obviously nobody read the material allow me to “enlighten you” (that was his way of calling us stupid, I really hated this guy), only 2 states out of the entire 13 seceded over slavery, the rest, the other 11 seceded, over taxes and tariffs. Its right here on page XX (I can’t remember the exact page) under ordinances of secession.

He then added, so why is the Confederate flag associated with being a racist pro-slavery symbol? (again he was waiting for a response, but since nobody read the material we were all lost), after a short pause he continued on his rant, its because the Confederate Flag is the same as the religion of Islam (now this did confuse us because this was not in the book), he continued and said that its like Islam because just like Islam it has been hijacked by a bunch of blood thirsty murderers who are trying to use this sacred symbol to justify their actions and trick people into supporting them. Just like the religion of Islam, which is powerful to terrorists, the Confederate Flag is just as powerful to Nazi’s, and both seek to seize it and make it their own, and both can’t wait for society to cast it out and treat it as a social taboo so they can convert even more people to do their bidding.

Essentially its the social equivalent of a weapon on the scale of an atomic bomb. Now why would any sane person hand a terrorist or a Nazi a weapon this powerful?

By admitting its offensive, you are in essence giving these murderers a powerful weapon in which they can use to recruit even more young minds to their bloody causes. Since Islam and the Confederate Flag are both the social equivalent of an atomic bomb, if you brand them evil then you will still have people that will flock to them and will accept them regardless.

Have then called out the student from Jersey, and said that your argument is ignorant and since you did not read the material I handed out you get an F.

That is what he said in a nut shell.

The only real difference between the two is that the Confederate flag is hated by the left, because it and its people can’t advance the goals of a one-world socialist utopia, whereas Islam can. Islam is like the useful idiots that Stalin wrote about in his journals, and just like those useful idiots, the Stalin’s of today will use Islam as a stepping stone to seize power away from the people.

When you boil it all down the Confederate Flag was hijacked in 1920 by racist Yankee military officers that were stationed in the South. What the history books don’t tell you is that the modern KKK was resurrected in the 1920’s by a former US Army captain from Boston. Before this Yankee moved down here the KKK was non-existent and had been dissolved by the Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forest back in 1870’s. Ole general Forest, despite his dubious reputation as a major pro-slavery zealot, chose to disband the KKK in the late 1870’s because its lynchings of innocent free slaves were in his own views horrific, dishonorable, and I quote “the actions of cowards”.

Meanwhile across the pond, Islam was hijacked in the 1930’s by Hitler and his Nazi goons. The Nazi’s with the help of the Italian’s under Mussolini were successful in infiltrating Egypt and helped form the Muslim Brotherhood 1932. From there on and until the end of the War, the Muslim Brotherhood and their Pals in the SS helped to terrorize every Jew they could find in the Near and Middle East. Like the Yankee born KKK the Muslim Brotherhood still exists to this day.

In closing at least the Confederates are trying to bring down the KKK… what has the Religion of Islam, which is based out of Mecca, done to bring down the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, or any other terrorist group, with the exception of Al Qaeda? The answer is nothing… the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which are the last remnants of the Old Confederacy, has excommunicated any member that has belonged to a “hate group” and has pushed for laws to restrict the usage of the Confederate Flag (i.e. banning hate groups from flying it, or even owning one).

Unfortunately you won’t hear from the American State Media how the “Old Guard” of the “Old South” has bent over backwards to make up for the past crimes carried out in its name, but you will hear from the State Media how the Islamic Religion is the religion of peace, despite the fact that its religious leadership in Mecca has done nothing to make up for the past or current crimes carried out in the name of Islam.


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