What if the Supreme Court allows Obamacare to remain in place…

IF the Supreme Court fails to toss out Obamacare then the following will occur, these are the facts:

  • Every man, woman, and child in the American Empire will be required to have healthcare, it will be a government mandate. If you do not have healthcare then you will be fined about $250 a month until you get healthcare. If you are too poor to afford healthcare, or refuse to comply then you will be jailed until you or your family can purchase a healthcare plan.

Many assume that if you are too poor to afford healthcare then you will get free government healthcare, this is not true. In fact many that currently get free government healthcare now will be kicked loose and will be forced to get their own healthcare plan. Obamacare is not a government handout, its a way for the Imperial American Government (Federal Gov) to control everyone from cradle to grave.

The only people that are exempt from the Obamacare laws are Muslims, and the Amish. Since Obama is a Muslim he made sure that his people got this exemption and by way of the Muslims the multitude of Black supremacist / Communist groups as well. The only reason why the Amish are included is because the Obama regime are using them as a shield. When the States challenge Obamacare in the Supreme Court, or once any other group of Americans attempt to challenge Obamacare in a court of law, the corrupt Federal court system will throw out any challenges accusing Obama of favoritism because of the inclusion clause that extends the exemption to the Amish. The Amish did not lobby the Obama regime to get this exemption included, and were only chosen because they were white conservative minded people, or in simpler terms a shield to defend the exemption clause within Obamacare.

The Muslim exemption also extends to the Nation of Islam, which is the black version of the Aryan Nation (i.e. Nazi’s).

  • Since healthcare will be a mandated requirement many employers will cease to offer healthcare to their employees. They will cease to offer it because the price of every healthcare plan will go through the roof and many employers won’t be able to afford them.

Think of college tuition which is a perfect example, since the American imperial government mandates that a student can never default on a student loan, lenders will give an unemployed person a $600,000.00 student loan so they can get any degree they want, regardless if they can ever pay it back. Likewise colleges and universities have doubled their tuition since anyone can get a loan, thus price is not an option. If the federal government did not guarantee that student loans were default free then lenders would not hand out hundred thousand dollar loans so people can get a BA degree in Queer Theory, Women’s Studies, Black Life, or Islamic Studies, which are actual majors offered at thousands of America’s most secular State universities, and are also non-hireable majors, which means that nobody is going to hire someone with one of these degrees.

Thus once Obamacare goes into effect the chances that your employer will continue to offer it as part of your benefits package is slim to none. Like college tuition, the cost of healthcare within the American Empire will go through the roof now that the government mandates that everyone purchase it. As a result most every private sector company, and public sector government agency will drop healthcare from their benefits package. As a result the rush of people buying healthcare will drive the cost of healthcare up even further.

This will also likely cause the economy to dip further into recession territory as more and more middle class people become poorer and poorer given the new legal requirement to buy health insurance. Salaries are not likely to go up anytime soon, and despite what the media claims the unemployment figures in most states are stagnant or in free fall, thus there is a finite amount of money that people have left after they pay for their bills, put some money in savings, and fill up the family vehicle to stimulate the economy. Once healthcare begins to chew into that finite amount of left over money, kiss your 401K and Roth IRA goodbye!

  • Obamacare is financed on the backs of tax payers, and the elderly.

Enforcement, implementation, and administration costs of Obamacare will result in a series of tax hikes which will further erode the economy and drive everyone into the poor house. Even according to the Obama regime taxes under the new healthcare law are expected to go up permanently by as much as 30%, which means that everyone in America on average (assuming your state does not have an income tax) will be taxed at 60%. In comparison, people in the Soviet Union were taxed at a 70% rate and people in China are taxed at about 65%, hello Marxism!

Taxes aside, the new law will take $600 Million to $1 Billion a year out of Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Affairs, Social Security, and every other existing government welfare program. To out elderly and veteran readers you can kiss your annual COLA adjustments goodbye for good.

  • Obamacare will have death panels.

Under Obamacare law patients are not refereed to as people or even patients, instead they are refereed to legally as just “units”, and instead of “death panels” they call them “ethics panels” or “ethics committees”. Essentially per the law lets say that you were in a very bad accident, your wife has a life threatening condition while giving birth, you have a heart attack, are shot, or are over the age of 60 and need a life saving emergency surgery. Before doctors at your hospital could operate on you to save your life they would have to get approval from their regional or local “ethics committee” before they could proceed with the surgery.

Given the sensitive nature of these emergency surgeries, and the small window of time doctors have in order to save a life does anyone believe that a bureaucratic panel of Federal (imperial) appointed bean counters is going to be able to give a yeah or neah in enough time to save your life or the life of a loved one? Don’t believe me? Okay well listen to a brain surgeon who lays it all out (click here).

Right now under our current system, doctors will do the surgery first and worry about the insurance later, assuming you even have insurance. You see under our current healthcare system if you don’t have insurance then the government picks up the tab. This is something that idiot voters don’t understand, and the media does not want you to know.

Going back to “units” and the “ethics committees” that decide if “units” should have a surgery or just get pain killer so they can die without pain, lets talk about the elderly. Since Obamacare is based on Romneycare, which was based on Socialist European models, which were based on the model that Communist nations used (i.e. Soviet Union, Cuba, China, North Korea, Laos, Vietnam, etc.). In Romneycare, Socialist European models, and Communist models the elderly, or “aged units” were denied life saving surgeries because it was a drain on the “system”, or in other words it took bonuses away from the “ethics committees” who got to keep a % of any left over money that they had left over at the end of a fiscal year.This is how they do it in Europe, China, Russia, and Canada, and as a result billions die every year from conditions that are easily cured in America with a simple surgery.

Likewise if a district under the rule of a certain ethics committee was deep in the red, then all surgeries for people over the age of 70 would be flat out denied. In a nut shell this is euthanasia in which the old are expected to shut up and die quietly instead of draining valuable resources from society. Now by resources we mean welfare checks and food stamps that crack heads, illegal aliens (i.e. Mexicans) and baby mills (i.e. people who have kids just to get free government money) should get instead.

Don’t believe us, well check out this video clip in which Obama lays down the law and how it will work… Obama tells Jane Strum that her 101 year old grandmother is “waste” or a drain on the system and should not get a pace maker and should instead just take a pain pill until she can die. I don’t know about y’all but I can’t wait to get old now!

  • Republicans don’t want to do away with Obamacare, instead they want to change it into Elephantcare.

Many Conservative-Progressive’s (i.e. Republicans) or those that have chosen the GOP as the lesser of the two evils (Southerners, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Constitutionalists) have taken the bait from the GOP, hook-line-and-sinker. If you watch Fox News or listen to a GOP Presidential candidate (Romney, Santorum, or Newt) then you likely believe that the Republican Party wants to abolish Obamacare. This is a lie and the only three people that are man enough to say it that are in the GOP is Ron Paul, his son Rand Paul, and the “Judge” Andrew Napolitano. Each have been punished for speaking out against the GOP’s secret plans. The “Judge” was fired from Fox News and had his show on the Fox Business channel canceled, and Ron Paul and his son have both been made into a “loon”  by both sides of the State Media, where as before he was only attacked by the left.

In a recent interview our Attorney General (who is a Republican) Pam Bondi spilled the beans. If Romney is the nominee and gets elected, then she will be appointed in charge of the new GOP’care system.

  • Well if the Supreme Court does not strike down Obamacare in its entirety how can we the people stop it?

Well most will have you believe that if the Supreme Court fails at doing its job by throwing out Obamacare, then we can still get it tossed out by “voting” in more Republicans. Don’t listen to these people, they are dyed in the wool Republicans that believe that the GOP is the right hand of God. They are just are delusional as Democrats that think Obama is the Messiah.

The only way to take out Obamacare is if a State stands up (like Florida or Texas), nullifies the law, and calls up its own State defense force to ensure that the State National Guard (which is the private army of the President) or the Federal Authorities can’t come in and force said State to enact it. If the Federal Government persisted in trying to bully said State into complying with the law then said State or States would have to secede.

If a State won’t stand up and do what is right then a large portion of a State would need to do it (i.e. North, or West Florida), which would mean that the people in this region (you and I), in addition to the local authorities (police, sheriff, etc.) would have to form up into armed units and ensure that the Healthcare law is thwarted within this region. Again, if the Federal Government or their puppets in the State government persisted in trying to bully said region into complying with the law then said region would have to secede.

Despite what many loners think out there, a single person or a group of people would be easily arrested and or taken out by force by the ATF and FBI. The only way to stand up to the Imperial government is by legal means, which means through a State, group of Counties, or a few Cities. Any other attempts would be fruitless and suicide.


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