Info that the NAACP does not want you to know about Treyvon…

Trayvon Martin, the teen shot to death in a racially charged community watch killing, had been suspended from school three times – once for carrying a screwdriver, which school police described as a “burglary tool.”

Officers at the Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in Miami, where Martin was a junior, also found women’s jewelry in his bag. Martin admitted it wasn’t his and said a friend, who he refused to identify, had given it to him, The Miami Herald reports.

The Herald also added to an earlier report that Martin was suspended for having a bag containing trace amounts of marijuana. The paper said he was also carrying what was described as a “marijuana pipe.”

The new revelations – including that he was suspended for graffiti on a school locker – follow reports on Monday that have put Martin’s legal team on the defense, four weeks after he was shot by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in a gated community in Sanford, Fla.

Martin’s case has become a cause celebre among Black supremacists who claim he was killed purely because of his color, and that Zimmerman, who is a pudgy Puerto Rican, a Hispanic by all definitions, is in fact a white supremacist.
Despite the facts that Zimmerman shot Treyvon at point blank range, in self defense, as Treyvon brutally beat Zimmerman’s head against the concrete in an attempt to kill or maim him, the Black supremacists can’t understand why Zimmerman has not been arrested.
Now Zimmerman’s side of the story is finally coming out. On Monday, the Orlando Sentinel reported that eyewitnesses backed his account that Martin was sitting on him pounding his head into the sidewalk. Now we are no CSI detective’s here, but when you beat someone’s head against the ground, in my book that is an attempt to kill a person.

Zimmerman, 28, also claimed that Martin had approached him from behind and decked him with a single punch, which was witnessed by a number of residents within the local community.

Written By: Martin Gould

About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how AFTER a young black male is shot and/or killed he’s the picture of perfection. Even the pic of him sticking up both his middle fingers go completely ignored as if its no big deal. Had that been a non-black male, he’d been described as a troublemaker. Whenever thuggish black males stalk/hunt/stab/shoot/kill each other, I NEVER see Jesse or Al or the NAACP. And I don’t see the Black Panthers either. These retarded black organizations go into hiding and nobody hears a whisper from them.

    Trayvon was killed in self-defense by a non-black man who felt his life was in danger. His behavior towards George is just a small example of how black thugs act towards other blacks also. These black organization view black-on-black crime as something that just happens so they accept it as though there’s nothing wrong with it. Hey, its natural/normal.

    When members of these black organizations were youngsters, they were also involved with gangs and thug-like behavior. You’d think so-called leaders who usta be heathens would REALLY educate/lecture these out of control black males on how not to act towards people. Tell them to cease from jeopardizing someone’s life, including their own. So-called black organization/leaders do more harm than good. They are more untrustworthy than the George Zimmerman’s of the world.

    Some years back, the NAACP along w/ Jesse Jackson claimed to have been burying the n-word. Them and the majority of the black community took it as for non-blacks not to use/say it. It didn’t enter their minds for blacks to stop using it among each other. The black community knew that black organizations used the word. Members of the black panthers have been saying it for years. Malcolm X used used it. Doesn’t really matter in what context the word was used. The point is that they repeatedly used it.

    Jesse finally gets busted saying it on national television. But Jesse and the rest of them have been using that word

  2. for years. He’s been doing things in the dark that are coming to light. He cusses and he’s a serial cheater. Of course, him and the NAACP don’t want the public getting wind of this info. Its too late though b/c its online. An openly gay man is suing Jesse for sexual discrimination. When I read it, I wasn’t surprised. I looked at it as somebody having the courage to reveal some of Jesse’s true colors. Believe me, there’s more to these scam artist other than whats being exposed.

    Tommy Bennett claims that Jesse while employed at the Rainbow Coalition, Jesse made sexual advances towards him. 1.) Tommy stated that Jesse would order him to “clean up” his hotel room after his sexcapades with his mistresses. Jesse’s having affairs with Tamara Holder and a female judge (her name hasn’t been revealed..yet). Tommy also says that he escorted these women up to the hotel rooms. 2.) He also claims that Jesse summoned him at one in the morning to take notes. When Tommy arrives, Jesse was dressed in a t-shirt and underwear. Jesse begins to play with himself and becomes aroused. He gave Tommy a hint of wanting o**l sex. When he refused, Jesse called him a little mo**erf**ker. 3.) If thats not bad enough, Jesse tells Tommy about a gay high school teacher who allowed Jesse to drive his car. Said the teacher gave Jesse money and s**ked his d**k everyday. Those were Jesse’s exact words. Jesse says it wasn’t considered gay back then. It was survival.

    That tells me that black men have been engaging in homosexual behavior for a very long time. Jesse states that this was happening before “the white man” came up with the “gay” label. According to online reports, both sides are trying to reach a settlement. Jesse’s offer is way below the amount Tommy wants. He’s suing for almost a half a million.

    How is it that Jesse’s able to go around race baiting and have charges of a sexual nature hanging over his head? Why are people respecting and following him?

  3. I know my comments are a bit off the topic but in a way this case has so many aspects to it. Its not just about Trayvon, George, or the verdict. Its about EVERYONE involved or involves themselves. Blacks who don’t even live in Florida or nowhere near Florida are staging near-riot demonstrations. Did this happen when Jesse called black people the n-word? No. Did anyone protest against Jesse when he stated that he wanted to cut Obama’s n**s out? No. Why does a so-called organization for blacks (NAACP) and black people respect Jesse when he doesn’t even have the documents/credentials to prove he’s a reverend? Its b/c they are full of bulls**t. When its more of a crime for a non-black person to kill a black person than it is for a black person to kill a black person something’s not right. Shouldn’t it be more important for Jesse and the NAACP to protest against black-on-black crime? Yes, I believe it should.

    Bill Cosby received so much backlash when he told blacks that they were responsible for their condition/problems. Even though he was telling the truth, there wasn’t enough black people who publicly agree with him. Actors, actresses, and singers (including Stevie Wonder) who worked with Bill Cosby and have known him for years didn’t utter a word of support. Just goes to show that blacks in general hate looking in the mirror. Nobody has the authority to tell them they are doing something wrong. Nor is anyone like Bill gonna give them a lecture about how ignorant they’ve been acting.

    Thats b/c the attitudes and actions of Jesse and the NAACP is the ammo needed to spread ignorance. Its more convient to be ignorant and uncivilized than to face reality.

  4. There was one thing that Bill Cosby said that I wish he hadn’t. He stated that we should emulate the black panthers b/c they make sense. NO THE F**K THEY DON’T!!

    Threatening to kill white people isn’t something “WE” should tell black children/young or older adults to do. The NEW Black Panther Party’s full of too much anger. They carry around weapons that they’ll use at the drop of a hat. And they’ll shoot anybody–black, white, and whoever else. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY FROM THE BLACK PANTHERS!! IT MAY COST YOU YOUR LIFE!!

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