Will the Real Treyvon Martin Please Stand Up!

Hopefully this will be the last Treyvon Martin article that we here at the Heckler have to publish, in a long, long, time.

Below is a picture (picture B) of the true Treyvon Martin that the State Media, racist NAACP and Black Panthers, does not want you to see. Instead they would like to see the picture of Treyvon from when he was 14 years old (picture A).

Picture A (The current picture that is being used by the media, note Treyvon is 14 in this picture):

Picture B (These are current pictures of Treyvon at 17 years old, from his facebook account, that the media does not want you to see):

It is the policy of the Hernando Heckler to not get engaged into a criminal case, as much as we have. However its is our policy to tell the truth and ensure that the truth is told to our readers. The known facts of Treyvon Martin case is not being disseminated to the public accurately by the bulk of the American State Media, who has a political agenda to push via their deliberate misrepresentation of the case.

The American State Media is distorting the facts on purpose so they can get “Stand Your Ground” laws tossed out, impose gun bans, and give the Federal Government enough support by way of public opinion to get both accomplished.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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  1. I stand behind you, This is a joke why arent the Blacks protesting the every day 20+ black on black shooting that happen everyday where the gun laws there and the press is wrong for showing old pics, Yes Zimmerman is guilty of excessive force but how can he get a fair trail now and where. This is just an excuss for blacks to act like victims and when Zimmerman gets off an excuss to rob and riot knowing there history as a violent race and what they done in the past…


    Dont blame gun laws. Crime is actually lower in states who allow guns. Take away those guns and criminals will be armed while we have no legal way to protect ourselves. Guns arent the solution to ending black on black crimes. Making education appealing, important and a standard will end crime. Most crime, including black on black.. white on white, hispantic, asian… AMERICAN CRIME is based on poverty!

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