Florida GOP Playing with FIRE!

Once Zimmerman is found not guilty, which will happen, the Black Supremacists will be out looking for blood.

As you have likely heard by now the State appointed special prosecutor has ordered that George Zimmerman be arrested, and charged with Second Degree Murder. Now what you may or may not know is that this means dick. Once the pre-trial stage occurs and Zimmerman and the Prosecutor goes before the judge, Zimmerman will not only plead not guilty, but will also plead an affirmative defense of self defense pursuant to the Florida Stand your Ground Law.

Given the facts of this case that Treyvon was inside of a gated community (Trespassing), was wearing a thick winter hoodie in the middle of summer like temperatures, that the past 7 burglaries in this gated community were carried out by similar suspects (who wore hoodies and were young), that George Zimmerman called 911 to report a trespasser, George Zimmerman called and tracked Treyvon because he is the Neighborhood Watch Commander, and Zimmerman was ultimately jumped from behind by this trespasser (Treyvon) and savagely beat in a primitive manner by Treyvon, which resulted in Zimmerman pulling his legally licensed weapon in self-defense and shooting the attacker to death.

These are the facts, like it or not, and as such the Prosecution will have to drop its case or the judge will toss out the case during the pre-trial stage of this case. If the case is not tossed out during pre-trial then it will get tossed out in the early stages of the trial itself. What is certain is that States case against Zimmerman will not hold water and the court, when presented with the facts, and not State Media/Racist NAACP generated lies, will toss the case out on its ear. So to sum it up for those of you race baiters that worship at the altar of Primitivism Culture you will be sadly disappointed because Zimmerman is innocent and will not see a trial, nor a jail cell as a guilty man.

If you think otherwise then I don’t know what to tell you, the Heckler has given you all of the facts over the past 2 months, and if you can read and interpret those facts then you must be a knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, stupid primitive ignoramus… as the old saying goes you can’t fix stupid.

So how is the State of Florida playing with fire? Well since you, I , and every other rational person on this planet that has reviewed the facts of this case, and not the State Media/NAACP generated lies, has come to the same conclusion. That attempting to charge and try George Zimmerman for anything is a waste of time because at the end of the day, Zimmerman did not commit any crimes. The only law breaker that night was Martin who got what he deserved for savagely attacking a Neighborhood Watch Commander, from behind like a coward. Zimmerman was innocent and a victim… Treyvon was guilty and the attacker… and the Sanford Police were correct in charging nor arresting Zimmerman.

The State of Florida, and its inept GOP controlled government is playing with fire because essentially they are trying to placate the masses of Black Supremacists that have swooped down on Sanford, FL like a biblical plague, in the hopes that they will feel that justice was done, and leave. This might occur if the State can somehow tell the State Judge that will hear this case to drag it out for a year. Sooner or later these Black Supremacists will need to go home and collect their welfare checks, or do whatever it is that they do, so this might work in the interim to restore order. But sooner or later when the court tosses this case out, which it will be tossed out, and when that happens the hordes of Black Supremacists will return and this time will be out to “kill some crackers” as  one NAACP member put it last week.

Thus all the Florida GOP is doing is playing a dangerous diversion game with the Black Supremacists/NAACP that will blow up in their faces.

What the State should have done is arrest the Black Panthers when they issued a “Dead or Alive” bounty on the head of Zimmerman, the State has the power to do this. The State should have upheld the ruling of the Sanford Police Dept. and had not gotten involved, by getting involved they will only make matters worse, and the City of Sanford should have controlled the Black Supremacists better by designating areas that they could protest in legally, and arrest anyone that violated those rules.

In any event if you are a “Cracker” then you better make sure to carry your legally licensed weapon on you 24-7 from now and for a couple months after the court exonerates Zimmerman. When the court tosses out the charges, and Zimmerman is a free man again the Black Supremacists will riot, loot, and violently attack any “Crackers” and apparently Hispanics that they can find.

Also just an FYI… the term “Cracker” is a term of endearment and respect that has been the ethnic slang term for a native Floridian. We native’s love this term, and laugh our asses off when some ignorant person misuses the term. While we used the term above to describe white people, we did so in quotations to point out the ignorance of the Black Supremacists/NAACP who obviously to ignorant to understand what this word really means. What the Black Supremacists/NAACP does not know is that Crackers come in all racial colors, and as much as it pains me to say this Treyvon Martin was a Cracker, because he was born here. Zimmerman is not a Cracker because he is from New York, he is a Yankee. So go on and keeping misusing the term, it illustrates for everyone how dumb and stupid y’all really are.


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Proud native Floridian.

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