Scott Must Go!

Late last week on Friday – April 20, 2012, Florida Governor Rick Scott created the 12th State University – Florida Poly Tech. Rick Scott is a candidate that the Heckler not only supported in 2010 for election, but many of our writers also voted for as well. Thus we have egg on our face here, I wish that Doc Brown could pull up in the Dalorean so he could take me back in time to 2010 so I could tell my past self to not vote for this Progressive-Conservative dolt.

Why are we harshing on Governor Scott?

If you need me to clarify why he now needs to go then you need to get some glasses or learn how to read. Last Friday Scott handed the corrupt JD Alexander, who is a retiring Republican Senator, and grandson of Ben Hill Griffin, the dude who built the football stadium for the Florida Gators, his own fully funded State University (i.e. a new legacy for the Alexander-Griffin family).

For those of you that were buried in a hole earlier this year JD Alexander is the chair of the powerful Florida Finance Committee, of the Florida Senate, and abused his authority to break USF in half so he could make his own “legacy” college in which he would be the first President of this new school, and the State would have to buy thousands of acres which also belong to Alexander, in order to build this new school. You see Alexander owns all of the property around the location of this new school and as such stands to make millions upon millions when the State buys the land from Alexander in order to build it.

Once USF and the people down in Tampa got wind of this plan all hell broke loose and Alexander’s plans were ruined for the time being. After a heated back in fourth between Tampa taxpayers and the President of USF, Judy Gentshaft, the battle took a nasty turn as Alexander cut 70% of the funding for USF if it and Tampa’s taxpayers did not back down and allow Alexander to have his way.

This dirty move escalated the issue and as a result Tallahassee was flooded for a week with USF students, Tampa politicians, and taxpayers who were taking the fight to Alexander. You see Alexander did not expect that the USF community or the taxpayers of Tampa would have the gual to stand up to him.

The result of the “Tallahassee Showdown” was a draw, neither side got anything thanks to the Florida legislature which approved the budget, but set aside the Florida Poly Tech issue and stated that it would be up to the Governor to decide this issue.

Well last Friday everyone expected Scott to shoot down Alexander and his push for his legacy University. After all Scott ran on the ticket of being a “TEA Party” Republican and stated time and time again that he would cut taxes and downsize State Government during his first term.

Obviously Scott was lying and duped everyone in the TEA Party movement, including us here at the Heckler, because last Friday Scott not only gave Alexander his legacy University and in doing so doubled the size of government and burdened tax payers with another 50 million dollars that they will have to pay in order to sustain Alexander’s new legacy University every tax year.

Maybe you should read that again, and let it sink in real nice and good.

Thanks to Scott’s lies and poor leadership, the taxpayers of Florida are going to have to pay for a brand new legacy University for a retiring and very powerful Republican Senator to the tune of $50 Million bucks every tax year, but our State University System is even more stressed past the point of breaking.

Florida’s State University System can only afford to fully fund a total of six State University’s. So what does Scott do? He creates a 12th State University!

This is madness!!!

If Scott really was a TEA Party politician then he would have told Alexander to take a hike, and he would have cut the number of State Universities down to 6, which is what the State can afford.

Florida should only have the following State Universities funded by tax payers:

  1. University of Florida
  2. Florida State University
  3. University of South Florida
  4. University of Central Florida
  5. Florida Atlantic University
  6. University of West Florida

The remaining Universities should be given independence and made into private schools, closed down, or absorbed by existing private Universities. For example FIU is a State University and is located in the City of Miami, which is also home to the University of Miami which is not only a private school, but is a world class private school. Thus there is no need to have a State funded University in a region where there is an existing, accredited,  and successful private University.

  1. New College (Should be closed and absorbed by USF)
  2. University of North Florida (Should be closed and absorbed by Jacksonville U.)
  3. Florida Gulf Coast University (Should be closed and absorbed by USF)
  4. Florida International University (Should be closed and absorbed by Miami U.)
  5. Florida A&M (Should be made into a private school)
  6. Florida Poly-Tech (Should be dissolved since this school overlaps the areas serviced by USF & UCF)

So let me sum it up for everyone…

  • The Progressive-Conservative Republican Party once again screws tax payers.
  • Rick Scott is not a TEA Party Governor because he doubled the size of government and raised taxes in doing so.
  • JD Alexander is a corrupt Republican that should be tared and feathered.
  • Taxpayers got screwed by Rick Scott, Alexander, and the Florida GOP.

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Proud native Floridian.

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