GOP Controlled Florida Government Ignores Black Panthers “Dead or Alive” Bounty on the head of Geroge Zimmerman

I think the headline pretty much sums up the purpose of this here posting. The State of Florida is a Republican majority controlled State, as is almost every law enforcement branch within the State with the exception of the major Metro Cities which are run by the Marxist-Progressive Democrat Party.

Since Florida is a GOP controlled State then please tell me why the Black Panther Party has not yet been rounded-up and jailed? After all they have put a “Dead or Alive” bounty on the head of an innocent man… like it or not George Zimmerman did nothing wrong and will get exonerated of the bogus charges levied against him by the GOP appointed Special Prosecutor of Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Heck even if Zimmerman was guilty as sin, then what right does the Black Panther have to place a bounty on the head of anyone?

Ask yourself this question, lets say that Treyvon was white, and Zimmerman was Black, and the tables were reversed under the same exact situation. Instead of the State Liberal Media lying about the 911 tapes, doctoring the 911 tapes to put words in the mouth of Zimmerman, you had Fox News doing it, and instead of the Black Panthers and the NAACP calling for Zimmerman’s head and creating near riot like conditions in a once peaceful Old-Florida town, you had the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nation doing it.

You can bet that the GOP would do something then, they would declare war on the White Supremacist protestors causing trouble and putting bounties on the heads of anyone. So why have they allowed Black Supremacists to do the exact same thing?

We here at the Heckler get a lot of hate mail from diehard Republicrats who don’t like us pointing out what is wrong with their Party. What we find real funny is that these same Republicrats that have plenty of time to write lengthy e-mails to us about how great the GOP are fail to address what is wrong with their Party, its almost as if they have been programed to ignore their own faults.

We are not a GOP or Democrat publication. We hate both political parties because we believe that both of them have fundamentally destroyed the American Republic, which no longer exists, so they can both gain more power. We don’t believe that America can be saved because we believe that America, well at least THE America that everyone thinks we live in has been dead since 1861. Abe Lincoln killed it when he destroyed the authority of the Constitution and created the new Federal Empire.

This is why we are proud Secessionists/10th Amendment supporters. We believe that America is dead and we live in a corrupt and evil Empire that is really no better or worse then the Roman Empire of antiquity. Since we hold this belief we do not believe that there is an America to save, and thus since we can’t save it since it was killed long ago, we have only one option. That option is for a group of staunch Constitutional, Judo-Christian, and fiscally sound States (like Florida, Texas, or Alabama) to secede together or alone.

If together then they can form a new American Republic that would be ruled by a Constitutional Government, and not by an Emperor and Oligarchy.

If alone then that one State can start a new… after all the State of Florida is considered the 14th largest economy in the world, which puts it far ahead of most European nations. The Republic of Florida has a real nice sound to it.

So in a nut shell this is our manifesto of sorts and with God’s will, we will be able to turn these thoughts into an effective political ideology before its too late.

Here is a video related to the original topic of this article… enjoy 🙂



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Proud native Floridian.

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  2. Sorry but the above website that I posted isn’t coming up correctly, and I don’t know why.

    But its an article about the national leader of the black panthers facing weapons charges in Harlem. He could faces 3 1/2-15 years.

  3. King Samir Shabazz is the national leader of the new black panthers. His bail was set at 75,000. Obviously, his bail hasn’t been paid b/c he’s still in jail. TRANSLATION: A BROKE KING WITHOUT HIS OWN COUNTRY OR MONEY.

    On the panthers web page, it states that their king was arrested while on his way to a Million Youth Rally. I bet cash money that the weapos he had on him where gonna be distributed among the BLACK youths participating in that rally. Black panthers have been selling weapons within the black community since the 50′-60’s. Them and black muslims are the real everyday terrorist among us.

  4. I forgot to thank you for keeping my comments. Other websites/blogs always delete them. So thanks for not deleting my truths/facts, thoughts, and opinions. I really appreciate it b/c it says and means a lot to me.

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