Bob Haa = Guard Dog for Dick Nugent…

During this morning’s weekly interview with ole Dick Nugent a caller called in a demanded answers from the Illinois native  regarding why he voted to give Government the ability to use military styled spy drones over domestic soil, and why he voted to extend the Patriot Act, which is something he campaigned against when he ran for office.

Regarding the spy drones the Congressman made the argument that the new drones are cheaper to operate and maintain then existing helicopters which are already being used, and have to follow the same rules that the Police helicopters have to abide by.

For once this is a good fact based response by the Illinois native who is our Congressman. Like it or not these are the facts and while it pains us to agree with Dick Nugent, we will agree with him that he is correct on this issue.

Regarding why he decided to extend the Patriot Act, he did not have a real response and failed to defend his position. Nugent stuttered and blithered like an idiot as he grasped for an explanation, for why he just voted to extend something that he campaigned to end.

Since Nugent could not defend himself or his actions, the host of the show Bob Haa hung up on the caller as usual. It seems that whenever the Congressman from Chicago gets cornered on an issue, Bob Haa steps in and hangs up on the caller, or steps in to defend Nugent.

Nugent should be held accountable for his actions and why he lied during his campaign when he ran on the platform that he did not like the Patriot Act, and wanted it repealed. Its now obvious that Nugent is nothing more then a spineless “Yes man” for the corrupt Republican Party, and will do whatever they ask him to do. Its also obvious that Nugent copied almost all of his campaign material from his former running mate, Jason Sager.

Shame on you Bob Haa for not taking a stand against a corrupt politician from Chicago like Nugent, by censoring your callers. The caller was not being nasty or mean, he was being assertive and wanted a clear answer from Nugent regarding why Nugent had lied during his campaign.


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