Why not Hitler Vampire Slayer while we are at it?

One of the most disturbing movies since the last racist Spike Lee movie has to be “Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Slayer“.

This movie is disturbing because it attempts to immortalize one of the most tyrannical, ruthless, and perversely mad dictators in world history. Because of Lincoln our nation died and a new American Federal Empire was born. Without Lincoln, and his illegal war against the sovereign Confederate States Government and its peaceful people there would not have been over 650,000 dead Americans and Dixons over the course of  5 bloody years of conflict. There would not have been the countless rapes and murders of innocent Dixon civilians, and there would not have been the loss of millions of dollars of Dixon property that was stolen from innocent Dixons as the blood thirsty invading Yankees rampaged through Dixie.

What Lincoln did to the Confederate people is comparable to what Mussolini did to the Italians, what Castro did to the Cubans, what Stalin did to the Russians, and what Hitler did to the Germans. In many ways Lincoln was the first dictator and the tactics he used against Dixie and her people were copied and used by all of the dictators I just named. Both Hitler and Stalin, two of histories most demented and blood thirsty dictators both proudly admitted to copying Lincoln’s tactics and military agenda to a “T”.

What did Lincoln do that was so bad? Well he instigated a war against a peaceful nation, jailed the Supreme Court when they told him that he could not wage war without Congressional approval against the Confederacy, deported and arrested members of Congress that attempted to impeach him, arrested over 3,000 reporters for speaking out against Lincoln, ordered the army to shut down any newspaper that did not support Lincoln, rigged the 1864 election by ordering his jackbooted stormtroopers to arrest any candidate that ran against him,  and authorized his generals to lay waste to Dixie and its people. These generals and their tactics, namely Sherman and Grant, would have made Hitlers “SS” commanders blush in pride.

This movie is an insult to every Dixon who’s ancestors were raped, beaten, or had their family estate seized from them by Lincoln’s Yankee storm troopers. This movie is also an insult to ANYONE that considers themselves a Southerner today. There is a special place in hell for these Yankee scum bags that carried out these atrocities, the historical revisionists that have attempted to cover up these facts and make Lincoln look like some great man, the ignorant modern day Yankees that ignorantly wave the Yankee flag and praze Lincoln, and for the producers of this movie and its fans.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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  1. I agree 100% with you,dear fellow confederate lover. I can’t stand how any mention of the south is in a negative light and every one of good intent and supposedly good moral fortitude hails from yankee land. Everyone is convinced that if your a southerner you should be ashamed of the old south ways. On the contrary I am convinced that had the confederacy been victorious this world would be a better place for everyone. It is indeed a pleasure to hear of one such as yourself.

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