Hernando County EOC = Major Failure

Despite having a very costly “Hernando Hurricane Expo” down at Weekie Wachee Springs not more then 2 weeks ago, to the tune of a million dollars in tax payer money, the entire Emergency Operations team for Hernando County really screwed up their response to Tropical Storm Debby. Their failure resulted in over a million dollars of property damage, and in a number of serious/nearly fatal injuries. Thank god that this was only a Tropical Storm and not a Hurricane… I can only imagine the loss of life a property which would had resulted from a Hurricane and the obvious ineptitude of the Hernando County EOC.

How did they fail? Well for starters the Hernando County EOC NEVER opened up to address any concerns regarding Debby, or meet to close schools, roads, beaches, parks, or issue evacuations. To make matters worse the HC EOC failed to inform the media as to what they were doing to prepare for the storm, issue damage reports, tell citizens where they could get sandbags, opening of shelters, or issue reports to the media about where flooding was occurring and what roads people should avoid.

The result was hundreds of flooded homes that could had been easily saved if the Hernando County EOC would had opened, coordinated the Sheriffs Office and directed them as to which roads to close and what areas should be evacuated, and informed the public as to where they could get sand bags to protect their houses.

The head of the Hernando EOC, and the HCSO’s information officer should both be fired for negligence of duty during a State of Emergency.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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