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Why is Hernando Broke?

The reason why Hernando County is broke is because we are overwhelmed with Yankee transplants who come down here and bring with them their failed way of life. The entire Hernando County Board of County Commissioners is composed out of Yankees, with Dukes being the only exception.

Back in the 1970’s, when phase two of the Spring Hill development project was nearly completed, the County was swarmed with a never ending flood of Yankee transplants. Most of these carpet baggars shuffled down here from New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Michigan. They were lured down here by a group of Yankee developers from Chicago, New York, and New Jersey that had bought swamp land along the Hernando County coast, called it a beach, and suckered a bunch of their own kin down here to live in the middle of a swamp that is about 70 miles away from any real beaches.

These transplants came down here and the first thing they did was to infiltrate the County Commission so they could “correct” things that they felt needed fixing in Hernando County. Keep in mind that back in 1972 Hernando County had one of the lowest unemployment rates, one of the lowest tax rates, one of the lowest crime rates, barely any congestion or pollution, and had one of the most stable economies which was built on agriculture and seasonal tourism. Until the early 1980’s the economy of Hernando County was solely agricultural tourism based. Up until 1979 Hernando County was consistently ranked within the top 25 tourist areas in Florida. Yankee and Canadian tourists were attracted to Hernando County because of its old Florida charm. If you ask any old timer transplants today they will tell you that the reason why they moved down here was because of Hernando’s old Florida charms, low population, warm climate, and Southern way of life. These old timer transplants will also tell you how much they hate that all of their fellow Yankees moved down here and have ruined their paradise by turning it into a sunny version of Jersey for the most part.

Once the Yankees were able to get control of the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners around 1975 they used their new found power to shutdown the massive Masaryktown chicken farms, which at the time were the largest chicken farms in the State of Florida. After these Yankees shutdown the chicken industry they shutdown the pig farmers of Spring Hill. Read the rest of this entry


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