Why is Hernando Broke?

The reason why Hernando County is broke is because we are overwhelmed with Yankee transplants who come down here and bring with them their failed way of life. The entire Hernando County Board of County Commissioners is composed out of Yankees, with Dukes being the only exception.

Back in the 1970’s, when phase two of the Spring Hill development project was nearly completed, the County was swarmed with a never ending flood of Yankee transplants. Most of these carpet baggars shuffled down here from New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Michigan. They were lured down here by a group of Yankee developers from Chicago, New York, and New Jersey that had bought swamp land along the Hernando County coast, called it a beach, and suckered a bunch of their own kin down here to live in the middle of a swamp that is about 70 miles away from any real beaches.

These transplants came down here and the first thing they did was to infiltrate the County Commission so they could “correct” things that they felt needed fixing in Hernando County. Keep in mind that back in 1972 Hernando County had one of the lowest unemployment rates, one of the lowest tax rates, one of the lowest crime rates, barely any congestion or pollution, and had one of the most stable economies which was built on agriculture and seasonal tourism. Until the early 1980’s the economy of Hernando County was solely agricultural tourism based. Up until 1979 Hernando County was consistently ranked within the top 25 tourist areas in Florida. Yankee and Canadian tourists were attracted to Hernando County because of its old Florida charm. If you ask any old timer transplants today they will tell you that the reason why they moved down here was because of Hernando’s old Florida charms, low population, warm climate, and Southern way of life. These old timer transplants will also tell you how much they hate that all of their fellow Yankees moved down here and have ruined their paradise by turning it into a sunny version of Jersey for the most part.

Once the Yankees were able to get control of the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners around 1975 they used their new found power to shutdown the massive Masaryktown chicken farms, which at the time were the largest chicken farms in the State of Florida. After these Yankees shutdown the chicken industry they shutdown the pig farmers of Spring Hill. Before the Yankees moved in an ruined Spring Hill this entire area was covered with pig farmers and orange groves. Before the Yankees shut down the Spring Hill pig farms they were the 2nd largest in the State of Florida.

Now that the livestock farms were gone in western Hernando, the Yankees focused on the fruit growers and passed new code laws throughout western Hernando County which made it illegal to have a farm, livestock, much less a orange grove or blue berry patch. Back before the Yankees, Spring Hill was covered with miles and miles of orange groves, blue berry patches, and strawberry farms in addition to the pig farms.

Within five years of the Yankees taking over the County Commission the unemployment rate jumped up 8%, Hernando’s agricultural farms in the western portion of the county were completely gone, and crime had also risen by 4% as the new retired Yankees brought with them their children. Its well known that Yankee children, especially teenagers are more apt to committing vandalism and other petty criminal acts. Need proof of this statement? Well look at the crime rate for non-minority youths living in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, or New York, and compare that against non-minority youths living in Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, or Richmond.

The reason why I excluded minorities was because their crime rate is through the roof on average, and it tends to slant the crime rates based on the areas minority population.

Now that farmers were no longer allowed to farm their lands in Spring Hill they had no choice but to sell their family farms for pennies on the dollar to the Yankee scum, who in turn bulldozed these farms down and built house after house, development after development, so more Yankees could move in. Most of these family farms were over 100 years old and had been economic anchors of the county for decades.

The only 2 Southern Commissioners on the County Commission back in the late 1970’s were greatly alarmed by this trend and did their best to block development in the County. These 2 Commissioners knew that Hernando did not have enough jobs to accommodate these new residents and could not attract new ones. Likewise they also knew that as these old retired Yankees died, their younger children would inherent their homes and likely move down here to live, assuming that they were not already living down here already. Essentially the fear was that once these younger Yankees moved down here they would take jobs away from native Hernandoians which would cause natives to move out of the county and into the surrounding areas in search of work. When you have the native population leave enmass the local Hernando County community would collapse. They also knew that sooner or later the collapse of the native community, and the high unemployment/crime rates would combine into a snowball effect that would cause the Yankee infested portions of the county to degrade into a ghetto. These two commissioners also knew that as Spring Hill grew into an over developed colony full of Yankees, and Yankee created unemployment, crime, and pollution eroded Hernando’s economy, community, and over all way of life, that this would sooner or later degrade Brooksville and drag the City down with the County as well.

How do I know what these two county commissioners back in 1977 knew? Well its in the old micro phish files down at the Hernando County Library.

Sadly the warnings of these two commissioners went unheard, and their predictions came true. Today Spring Hill is turning into a ghetto as more and more older Yankees die off and more and more of their nasty violent, knuckle dragging  children move down to Hernando to  inherent their parents retirement houses. If you check the current crime rates for Hernando County, then compare that against the death rate for transplants living in Hernando County, and the inheritance rate/rate of younger Yankees moving down to Hernando, then you will see, just as we have seen, that they are identical. The younger Yankees are fueling an explosion of crime in Hernando County which in turn is forcing more and more native’s to strongly consider either fleeing western Hernando for eastern Hernando, or moving out of the County altogether.

My wife and I are currently weighing the decision to fight or flight and its not an easy one to make. We both love Hernando, but we can see how much the County has been ruined by the Yankee scum and we fear that the resolve of our fellow natives is not strong enough to make a much needed stand at Brooksville and hold the line against the Yankees. If we lose Brooksville, and the Yankee developers are allowed to build new Yankee developments around the city, then we lose the County.

At this point there is no turning back in southwestern Hernando County. The damage has been done and southwestern Hernando really just needs to break off and form its own county, and the remaining portions of Hernando should annex Sumter County or suck it up and join Sumter County. At this point southwestern Hernando is dragging down the rest of the county and is doing more good then bad. Everything west of the airport, and south of 50 (basically Spring Hill), should be kicked out or given to Pasco County… but I doubt Pasco would take it.

If we can’t kick Spring Hill out of Hernando then the next best thing that could happen to Hernando County would be for a Cat 5 Hurricane to slam directly into the coast and wipe out all of Spring Hill… just level it flat. This would bankrupt the Yankee developers that got filthy rich by forcing western Hernando farmers to sell their family farms back in the 1970’s and would send them packing back to the Northern shit hole they came from. This would also force all of the Yankees in Spring Hill to find somewhere else to live, and hopefully they would all move south to Pinellas County which has real beaches and not the mythical ones we have up here.

The best part of this would be that the City of Brooksville could regain its stature within Hernando County as the center of business, commerce, industry, government, and trade. It would also give the County Commission the ability to start over and rebuild portions of Spring Hill the correct way, and let the rest go back to farmers and nature.

If Hernando County is going to ever recover from its own Great Depression then we the native Floridians living in this county will have to take Hernando back from the Yankees. The easiest way to do this would be if a Hurricane or another act of God were to wipe out their little colony, bankrupt the Yankee run, Hernando Builders Association, and send those locusts packing elsewhere.

Until a Hurricane comes through and takes care of the Yankees, we natives need to join together and begin rebuilding our local Dixon community, culture, and way of life within Hernando County. After community we need to win at the polls and run for every Yankee held political office and take back our local government. After the government we need to focus on rebuilding Brooksville and making it more successful and more of a center for commerce, business, industry, tourism, the Southern arts, and so fourth.

As long as Hernando is controlled by Yankees the unemployment rates, the salaries, and over all way of life within Hernando County will never improve, and will continue to get worse until it reaches a point that we will not be able to recover from without an act of God. Let’s not let Hernando degrade to that point. If you are a Southerner (Dixon) out there and you are just as fed up and mad as we are here at the Heckler about how Hernando is being run into the ground by a bunch of Yankee scum, then get off your ass, get to thinking, get to running for office, and get to circling the wagons around the City of Brooksville and the unspoiled land around it.

If we lose Brooksville, then we will lose the County. If we native lose the County then we will need to move up to Dixie County and start over.

So join us here at the Heckler in saying to the Yankees “EITHER ASSIMILATE OR GET THE HELL OUT”!So go outside and yell that… we will wait for you to get back.

After that our first step should be to shore up our native Southern community within Hernando County, and in order to do this we will need a local Hernando based Southern Community Action Group or Fraternal Association. Essentially we need a Moose Lodge or Elks Lodge but for native Floridians and migrated Southerners from other Dixon States. but until we can put something like that together every native Southerner will need to make their own political statement by flying either the State Flag of Florida, or a Confederate Flag of some kind.

If you don’t feel comfortable flying the Battle Flag then fine, neither do I. Instead of flying the Battle Flag try flying either the 1st National Confederate Flag, which looks like a Yankee Revolutionary War Flag, or the Bonnie Blue Flag, which is the Southern Gadsden Flag. Personally I prefer the Bonnie Blue since it was also the 1st flag of the Republic of West Florida.

How can a flag make a big statement? Well with Yankees it does. The second you start flying a Southern flag they take notice and then try to compete with you. Apparently they are easily offended when a Southerner takes pride in his or her Dixon heritage and regional culture. They absolutely hate it. When we moved into our Spring Hill house about 2 years ago we immediately started flying the 1st National Confederate flag. The next day our Yankee neighbors, all 4 of them had raised Yankee National Flags. So the next day I took down my pole and raised it another 5 feet to ensure that the Southern Flag was higher then their flags. So the next day they raised their Yankee flags to match my new height. So I then took down my pole and mounted it to the side of my privacy fence and raised it as high as it would go. Since my neighbors could not afford to buy a 40 ft. flag pole, they all added flood lights to keep their flags visible at night. So the next day I did the same thing, which made all of their Yankee Flag displays look very piddly at night. Within a few weeks each of them took down their flag displays and basically gave up. Win for Dixie and us Natives!

So there are plenty of things you can do to fight back until we can get this community group started. Some natives have used the flags to make a statement, others have had custom business cards printed up that say “Yankee Go Home” on them and have started putting them under the windshield wipers of parked cars that are owned by assimilated Yankees living in Hernando. How do you know who is a local Yankee and a tourist? Well its simple… if you see a car in a parking lot that has a Florida tag, but has a Yankee State tag on the front of their car, or  some kind of Yankee sports team decal on the window of the car then its safe to say that this person is an assimilated Yankee scumbag.

Just recently a group of Native Floridians blanketed a Sarasota Publix parking lot with these business cards with great success. The Yankees got so mad that the media was called in and the story was featured as a major local story for a few days.

What ever you choose to do just remember to not resort to tactics that might actually harm the Yankees. While the war is not over by any means, we are not fighting physically on a battlefield. Instead we are fighting a non-physical Culture War that will be won in the hearts and minds of our fellow Natives. Using violence or vandalism will only set us back.

God Save Hernando & Dixie!


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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  1. Are You From Britain? If So Then You Leave. This Is The UNITED STATES NOT Britain. Take Your Life Back To The Socialistic Society Where You Came From

    • Britain? What kind of damn Yankee crack are you smoking?

      I’m a born and raised cracker. I guess you missed the Florida flag, the Bonnie Blue, the Come and Get it Flag of the thrid militia, and the above statement that says clearly “The Voice of Florida Crackers”.

      I figured that you Yankees were dumb but come on!

      FYI – We native Floridians call you bastards from up north Yankees. We are crackers and loath you guys.

      I guess you have been under a rock since 1861.

  2. Spring Hill is full of Yankee filth. Nasty foul mouthed bags who hate the South. Good luck in your efforts to rid Florida of this scum.

    • Jake:

      The only thing that will rid Spring Hill of the Yankee filth that occupies it will be a Hurricane, or another act of God. These people are beyond stupid.

      They are so bad that they don’t even understand basic insults, let alone any reasoning.

  3. They are like a pack of rats…wouldn’t be so bad if they assimilated and accepted southern culture but they want to destroy everything “southern”…and that included our Confederate heritage. Is it any wonder most of native born “FL crackers” have moved to Tennessee?

  4. Mr. Jenkins…may I share your blog with the followers of another blog I frequent…if not that is perfectly ok…

  5. Nunziata Catania

    Dear Mr. Jenkins, I read your article about Yankees here in Florida. Although I deeply respect your opinion, I am quite surprised by some of your statements. I am 62 years old from NY, living now in Fl. due to health problems. I never knew there would be so much prejudice against Northerners here. Especially since the South is know for its Christian values. I harbor hate for no one. Please do not lump us together. There are good and bad in every group. We all have something to contribute to this beautiful State(my Italian cooking, my generous heart, etc). In conclusion , I hate no one even though I am hated by some people here . I am very sad that this sort of thinking exists in America. God bless you….Nancy Nunziata C.

    • Mam, I believe your disconnect lies in the fact that you see us as one in the same (i.e. Americans), whereas we Southerners do not see ourselves as Americans, we see ourselves as Southerners. A group of people trapped within a Yankee Empire by force. To us Yankees are like Mexicans, and in our view do just as much damage both culturally, socially, and economically to the South.

      The hatred between Southerners and Yankees goes back just over 150 years when our people tried to peacefully secede and your people violently invaded us… murdered our young, our old, raped our women, and destroyed our land. This hatred will never cease to exist.

      With all do respect your comment about describing yourself as a New Yorker living in FL supports the article you disagree with. Its Yankees who refuse to assimilate and become Floridians that we have a problem with. I know many former Yankees who have given up their heritage and have proudly assimilated into Floridians and I’m proud to call them friends, and those people share my views down to a T. Its the Yankees who refuse to assimilate to Florida’s culture and still cling to their former Yankee culture that are the problem.

  6. Nunziata Nancy Catania

    Looks like you deleted my post. Oh well. God bless you anyway:-) I just wish people would get along.

    • No I did not delete your post… jut never approved it. You will find that we here at the Heckler will not shy away from conflict or differing opinions.

  7. Mr, Jenkins you ae so correct…I am a southerner and I am greatly disconnected from the rest of America…

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