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Obama rejects Catholic invocation at DNC, & instead approves an Islamic prayer invocation

WoW… While I was hoping to save my reporting of the Communist train wreck that will be the DNC until next week, and after the RNC wraps up this weekend I can’t wait.

Early Wednesday morning Yankee President Barack Hussein Obama’s White House press corp’s announced that it had turned down the chance to have the leader of the American Catholic Church, Timothy Cardinal Dolan give an opening prayer to kick off the Democratic National Convention. The DNC Convention is schedule to take place in Charlotte, NC and is slated to kickoff today as the RNC wraps up down in Tampa, FL.

Instead of having the leader of the Catholic Church in the Federal Empire give an opening prayer, Obama has opted to have the leaders of the Islamic religion in the Federal Empire do it instead. The Islamic prayer or Jumah is set will be held in downtown Charlotte, NC and is expected to draw in over 20,000 Muslims. Out of those 20,000 Muslims that are slated to be in attendance will be a who’s-who of terrorist suspects and known foreign terrorists from Hezbolah, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

I’m not making this crap up… here is the official Democrat National Party ad for this event… Read the rest of this entry


Chaos Erupts on Convention Floor Over Ron Paul Delegates

As I predicted it got real nasty yesterday at the GOP Convention down in Tampa. As a number of Ron Paul delegates were trying to take the floor and be seated the GOP intervened and tried to toss them out. During the process a virtual floor fight almost started as the GOP called in their hired security to escort out unruly Ron Paul delegates and reclaim order. This move only made matters worse as other delegates that either support Ron Paul or are partial to him and his cause began to get involved. This issue got so nasty that the entire Texas delegation threatened to rebel and throw its hefty vote count behind Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney.

Other then trying to throw out Ron Paul delegates, the GOP also pushed threw some GOP election rule changes that will effectively ban any future possibility of another rouge Ron Paul candidate, and virtually insures that every future GOP Presidential candidate will be an establishment RINO candidate.

All of the trouble began when Credentials Committee Chairman Mike Duncan got up on the stage and announced the results of several appeals requests to have three delegations controlled by Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s supporters seated at the convention. The GOP decided to seat only two out of the three delegations, and refused to seat the Maine delegation, instead choosing to seat a bogus pro-Mitt Romney alternate delegation.

The announcement that the Maine delegation would not be seated met with audible booing and pandemonium from the Texas delegation and the other two Ron Paul delegations . The decision to not seat the Maine delegation was done by way of a voice vote which was totally flawed and rigged to benefit the pro-Romney bunch. It was obvious and very audible that the Pro-Paul supporters were much louder then the pro-Romney bunch, but hey this is the GOP… why let fairness and doing the right thing spoil a good shake down. Read the rest of this entry

GOP Bans “Paul Fest” at Florida State Fair Grounds

For over a year now the Ron Paul Nation has been working stead fast on getting a special event created just for Ron Paul supporters called “Paul Fest”. This “Paul Fest” was planned to be held at the Florida State Fair Grounds and would feature a venue just for Ron Paul and his supporters that would not be a separate or competing event to the RINO “Romney” Convention that is being held 10 miles away in downtown Tampa at the Tampa Times Forum, but would be an addition to it. This event was slated to be the largest ever gathering of Ron Paul supporters, and early estimates showed that attendance estimates for “Paul Fest” were around 12,000. While the event was constructed to cater to Ron Paul supporters and their libertarian agenda, it was not going to be a libertarian event and instead was going to serve as a way for Ron Paul to bring many of his third party and independent supporters into the GOP.

There is only one problem with this… and that is the GOP. Despite planning this out and negotiating a contract with the Florida State Fair Grounds, the GOP blocked the “Paul Fest” leadership from scheduling this event. You see the GOP grew concerned that there are Republicans out there that don’t like Mitt Romney and after learning about “Paul Fest” decided to move in and book the Florida State Fair Grounds right out from under the Paul Fest group and sit on it, thus preventing Paul Fest from becoming a reality.

This move makes no sense to me and as a Ron Paul supporter I can honestly say that this does absolutely nothing to make me want to vote for Mitt. In fact by sabotaging “Paul Fest”, which is an event that I have been looking forward to for just over 3 years now,  the GOP has effectively pissed me off beyond the point of reconciliation. After all a person can only take so many hints from someone before they have to come to the simple conclusion that they are not wanted, and as a Ron Paul supporter the GOP has made it clear to me, and the millions of other Ron Paul voters out there that our candidate, his ideas, and support of him and his ideas are not welcome under the GOP’s tent. Read the rest of this entry

Its War – Ron Paul refuses to endorse Mitt Romney, rejects convention speaking slot

After months of attempts by Mitt Romney and the GOP establishment to bully Ron Paul into abandoning his beliefs by endorsing Mitt Romney and the GOp machine, the issue has come to a head. Late last week Ron Paul announced that he has refused to endorse Mitt Romney and will not speak at this week’s GOP National Convention in Tampa.

News of this came as little surprise to us Ron Paul supporters given the nasty treatment that Dr. Paul and his supporters have received from the establishment candidates and their supporters. Its obvious in my view and in the view of millions of other Paul supporters in the GOP that there is not a place at the table for us and our ideas. In other words we effectively stand apart from the Republican Party and as such we will need to find a new party or start a new party that will support Ron Paul and his plans, but that is a topic for another story.

In an interview with the liberal dirt rag known as the New York Times, Paul said convention planners had offered him an opportunity to speak under two conditions: that he deliver remarks vetted by the Romney campaign, and that he give a full-fledged endorsement of Mr. Romney.

“It wouldn’t be my speech,” Mr. Paul said. “That would undo everything I’ve done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse him for president.”

Ron Paul refused both of these demands, which has exasperated the division between the RINO GOP Establishment and the Ron Paul supporters. Read the rest of this entry

Hello Hernando EOC where are you?

With a potential category two Hurricane on the horizon, and a walloping amount of rain coming along for the ride, the Hernando County area is bracing for what me be a flood of biblical proportions… well that is everyone but the County Administrator Leonard Sossaman and his EOC.

Since Friday Polk, Pasco, Pinellas, and Manatee Counties have all issued “States of Emergency” and have opened their Emergency Operations Centers to begin preparing for a direct hit, near miss, or flooding rains from Hurricane Issac. Now keep in mind that NONE of these counties still have flood waters left over from Tropical Storm Debbie like Hernando County does.

So why has there been no action by our EOC Director or the new County Administrator? Well its simple… they are both Yankees and don’t know how serious of a situation we have. That is the honest truth whether you like it or not. Putting a bunch of Yankees in charge of Hurricane disaster response for a Southern County would be like putting a Southerner in charge of the New York Yankees baseball team. But hey what can you expect when our County Commission is made up of a bunch of Yankees with the exception of Wayne Dukes. You reap what you sow.

Luckily for us the Fire Dept. and the Sheriff’s Office have taken this threat serious an have opened up some locations in the County to get sandbags. Read the rest of this entry

Live from the 2012 Tampa GOP Convention…

Next week I will be live from the 2012 Tampa RINO Convention where I will likely see a bunch of phony RINO party elite chanting USA, wearing spangled clothing, and supporting a party that has done everything it can to destroy the Constitution, the Constitutional Republic, and the nation of our founders.

While its no secret that I loath the RINO controlled GOP (I’m a Ron Paul guy), I can’t pass up on the opportunity to report on this historic event and show my support for Ron Paul and his Constitutionalist stance.

I hate the GOP and Republicans because they are phonies because they talk a mean game about “loving America”, “Small Government”, “States Rights”, and the “Constitution”, but somehow support Republican candidates like McCain, Nugent, Snow, Romney, Bloomberg, Graham, Gingrich, and Santorum who have built their careers on destroying America, doubling the size/power of the Federal government, eradicating any trace of States Rights, and circumventing the Constitution at every turn.

I have more respect for Democrats because at least they are honest about their true ideologies and intentions which is oppressive Marxism of one form or another. Now that is not to say that I support Marxism, but that I can respect Democrats more then Republicans as a whole because they are honest… at the end of the day the Democrats talk about communism and are communists, whereas at the end of the day the Republicans talk about Constitutionalist issues, and in reality are just soft-core progressive Marxists.

I’m hoping that more swing voters that are in the GOP start to wake up and realize that the GOP is just as bad as the DNC, and that if we are going to save America by way of the ballot box then we must have a valid 3rd party option, or a valid 3rd party candidate as the Presidential nominee of one of the two main parties.

We don’t have the time to keep putting off the inevitable anymore… America is on the ropes and if “we the people” can’t save her by way of the ballot box then we will have to give up and begin looking for ways to save the “spirit” of America by starting over.

Let’s hope that the GOP allows Ron Paul to speak freely, and lets hope that they don’t do anything to set us off.

America, home of the Opressed… Black Boxes NOW Mandated for all new cars

The Federal Imperial Senate just passed a bill requiring all new cars in the American Empire to come equipped with a black box-like data recording device starting in 2015, InfoWars reports. Similar to the tell-all black boxes on airplanes, event data recorders (EDR) record information about an automobile crash. If you bought a car in the last decade, it may already have one installed.

Black boxes, or flight data recorders as they are formally called, have been crucial in analyzing plane crashes since about the mid-20th century. The tamper-proof devices record the activity of a plane’s electrical systems and can even record conversations in the cockpit to understand what led to a plane crash.

Likewise, an EDR can record the details leading up to an automobile accident. Several different types of EDRs exist, some that continuously record information and others that are activated by accident-like conditions, such as sudden decreases in velocity, airbag deployment, or slamming on a car’s brakes. EDRs often integrate with a passenger car’s restraint system and after an airbag is deployed, car system data are recorded to the device for later examination. The data can be used for insurance purposes and in court cases to determine precisely what happened during a car accident.

Senate Bill 1813, titled the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act” was proposed by Senators Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid and is expected to pass in the House. The text of the bill states, “Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall revise part 563 of title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, to require, beginning with model year 2015, that new passenger motor vehicles sold in the American Empire be equipped with an event data recorder that meets the requirements under that part.” Read the rest of this entry

Big Win for Sager, Even Bigger Win for Hernando…

Wow, that was a close one… for a while there I had thought that the idiots of Hernando County… you know the unreconstructed Yankees had succeeded in voting the corrupt puppet of the Hernando County Builders Association, John Druzbik, back in for another term. Luckily the natives and reconstructed Yankees or “half bloods” as we natives call them succeeded in trumping stupidity.

Now with the difficult primary behind him, Sager should just sail past his general election challengers and into the County Commissioners Seat. After all nobody is going to vote Dianne Rowden back into office after what she did when she held the seat before Druzbik. Also nobody is going to vote for a NPA or write in candidate as well. So unless a meteor falls from the heavens and takes Sager out I don’t see any way he does not win this election.

After all who is going to vote for a neo-communist like Dianne Rowden anyway… are there that many stupid people out there that actually want higher taxes? Besides Rowden who is going to seriously vote for a NPA candidate, after all half of Hernando’s senior residents probably don’t even know what a NPA is… most might assume that its a Nationalist Party candidate or something. Even if they know what an NPA is, it is a rule of thumb that in general people don’t like those that ride the fence and don’t take a stand. If you are running for office as a NPA then you don’t have to take a stand and let people know what you believe in, and in small elections like this, that is enough to kill a candidate. Lastly who is going to vote for a roller skating street vendor… she is seriously wasting her time… that is all I have to say about that.

Hopefully over time as residents get a good look at Sager in action they will become more comfortable with him and learn to trust his libertarian views on government. As this happens hopefully they will learn to embrace small government, less taxes, more freedoms, and a higher quality of living. As they do this hopefully they will also learn that Dick Nugent is a two-faced scum bag that is just a puppet of progressive Republicans in Washington and that Nugent is not the solution, but is instead the problem. As the voters come to realize this I hope they will support Sager if he chooses to run for Congress again.

While I’m not one for hope… as a logical man I don’t see a need for it, now faith is one thing, faith is real and gives real results through prayer, whereas hope is just wishful thinking. The reason why I don’t believe in hope is because you either have control over a situation enough to influence the outcome or you don’t, so there is no reason to waste your energy “wishing” for a positive outcome for you. So while I stated “Hope” a hole heck of a lot above, what I should had said was that… Hernando voters NEED to educate themselves and stop being so stupid when it comes to electing candidates.

Well you know what they say… you can’t fix stupid… so lets pray that is not the case and Hernando’s voters are not half as stupid as I think them to be.