Live from the 2012 Tampa GOP Convention…

Next week I will be live from the 2012 Tampa RINO Convention where I will likely see a bunch of phony RINO party elite chanting USA, wearing spangled clothing, and supporting a party that has done everything it can to destroy the Constitution, the Constitutional Republic, and the nation of our founders.

While its no secret that I loath the RINO controlled GOP (I’m a Ron Paul guy), I can’t pass up on the opportunity to report on this historic event and show my support for Ron Paul and his Constitutionalist stance.

I hate the GOP and Republicans because they are phonies because they talk a mean game about “loving America”, “Small Government”, “States Rights”, and the “Constitution”, but somehow support Republican candidates like McCain, Nugent, Snow, Romney, Bloomberg, Graham, Gingrich, and Santorum who have built their careers on destroying America, doubling the size/power of the Federal government, eradicating any trace of States Rights, and circumventing the Constitution at every turn.

I have more respect for Democrats because at least they are honest about their true ideologies and intentions which is oppressive Marxism of one form or another. Now that is not to say that I support Marxism, but that I can respect Democrats more then Republicans as a whole because they are honest… at the end of the day the Democrats talk about communism and are communists, whereas at the end of the day the Republicans talk about Constitutionalist issues, and in reality are just soft-core progressive Marxists.

I’m hoping that more swing voters that are in the GOP start to wake up and realize that the GOP is just as bad as the DNC, and that if we are going to save America by way of the ballot box then we must have a valid 3rd party option, or a valid 3rd party candidate as the Presidential nominee of one of the two main parties.

We don’t have the time to keep putting off the inevitable anymore… America is on the ropes and if “we the people” can’t save her by way of the ballot box then we will have to give up and begin looking for ways to save the “spirit” of America by starting over.

Let’s hope that the GOP allows Ron Paul to speak freely, and lets hope that they don’t do anything to set us off.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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