GOP Bans “Paul Fest” at Florida State Fair Grounds

For over a year now the Ron Paul Nation has been working stead fast on getting a special event created just for Ron Paul supporters called “Paul Fest”. This “Paul Fest” was planned to be held at the Florida State Fair Grounds and would feature a venue just for Ron Paul and his supporters that would not be a separate or competing event to the RINO “Romney” Convention that is being held 10 miles away in downtown Tampa at the Tampa Times Forum, but would be an addition to it. This event was slated to be the largest ever gathering of Ron Paul supporters, and early estimates showed that attendance estimates for “Paul Fest” were around 12,000. While the event was constructed to cater to Ron Paul supporters and their libertarian agenda, it was not going to be a libertarian event and instead was going to serve as a way for Ron Paul to bring many of his third party and independent supporters into the GOP.

There is only one problem with this… and that is the GOP. Despite planning this out and negotiating a contract with the Florida State Fair Grounds, the GOP blocked the “Paul Fest” leadership from scheduling this event. You see the GOP grew concerned that there are Republicans out there that don’t like Mitt Romney and after learning about “Paul Fest” decided to move in and book the Florida State Fair Grounds right out from under the Paul Fest group and sit on it, thus preventing Paul Fest from becoming a reality.

This move makes no sense to me and as a Ron Paul supporter I can honestly say that this does absolutely nothing to make me want to vote for Mitt. In fact by sabotaging “Paul Fest”, which is an event that I have been looking forward to for just over 3 years now,  the GOP has effectively pissed me off beyond the point of reconciliation. After all a person can only take so many hints from someone before they have to come to the simple conclusion that they are not wanted, and as a Ron Paul supporter the GOP has made it clear to me, and the millions of other Ron Paul voters out there that our candidate, his ideas, and support of him and his ideas are not welcome under the GOP’s tent.

I think its time for Ron Paul supporters everywhere to band together and leave the GOP by starting our own valid third party… and no, the Libertarian Party is not a valid option due to its entanglements with the pro-drug lobby. What we need is a party that is built upon the old fashioned Libertarian ideals that has made Ron Paul into a living legend.

Please see the below video for proof of what the GOP has done… if I did not know better I would say that they are purposely trying to lose this election. Otherwise why else would they ostracize 15% of their membership, and countless potential third party/independent voters?


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  1. hopefully people will vote for what they believe in, and not settle on something they don’t. it’s they only way they can bring about change. the reason things don’t change is because the parties keep getting votes even when the people giving them their votes don’t agree with them. why would they change if they don’t have to. instead they will get rid of those who believe in liberty, because it would ruin them. they have what they have because of the power they have over people and the friends who give them money for passing laws in their favor. Ron Paul would undo all the coercion they have worked so hard on 🙂

    I really hope more people feel as you and decide to vote on what they believe in, instead of supporting something they don’t, guaranteeing their problems to continue.

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