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2012 Hernando Voters Guide…

Well after much anticipation and a flood of requests from our readers, we here at the Heckler have put in the hard work of vetting every candidate and proposed new law that you the voters of Hernando County, FL will be charged with voting for or against in November.

We vetted each candidate, and proposed new law based on how the new law, or the values, philosophy, ideology, and statements of the candidates would impact the freedom of the voters of Hernando County from the stand point of a Libertarian minded person. If you are a Marxist-Progressive (i.e. Democrat) or a Conservative -Progressive (i.e. Republican) then please take notes on our vetted preferred choices… hopefully by taking notes and trying to wrap your feeble minds around Libertarianism then maybe we can hopefully for the first time in human history “fix stupid”.

Based upon Libertarian principles this is how you should vote this November… now keep in mind we have put a lot of deep thought into these selections which is why we have not posted any new stories in the past 2 weeks. Well without further delay here is the 2012 Hernando Heckler – General Election Voter Guide: Read the rest of this entry


Diversion Tactics of the Empire / State of the Empire

Well this morning while I sat down and scarfed down some waffles before rushing out the door to get to my day job, I flipped on the boob tube to check the news and weather. I was hoping that a large meteor had crashed down and wiped out my job, and that I would be pad to sit home for a year while they rebuild. Unfortunately that was not the case, so looks like I will be leaving for my 8-5 wage slave sentence soon.

What I did find was that Fox 13, Bay News 9, News Channel 8, Channel 28, and Channel 10 does not report any real news, and by that I mean that they do ZERO investigations and that 90% of what they report are manufactured propaganda pieces meant to trick us into believing that things are not as bad as they truly are so that we will spend more money then we have on junk and trips, instead of saving the money, or are diversionary stories about water skiing squirrels, a trendy new restaurant, or some pet establishment group that has done nothing of any real importance, but the media wants you to know about them anyway. Read the rest of this entry

Can there be a Peace between Paulites & the GOP?

The short answer is yes, but only with some major concessions from the GOP, and by major concessions I mean major ones, not just a head nod that acknowledges us or some kind of backroom deal. The concession would need to be public, open, and overly generous to the Libertarian wing of the GOP, Constitution Party members, and Libertarian Party members as a whole.

Why should they be generous to members of the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party? Well this is where former Republicans have been going in droves since the RNC Convention in Tampa. I myself have denounced my membership in the Republican Party and have proudly joined the Libertarian Party of Florida. I would had joined the Constitution Party, if not for their overly fondness for the imperial Federal system of government. While I support the Federal Republic our founders created I now believe that it will be impossible to return to that nearly perfect system of government, and anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial or knows jack about socio-political history.

Going back to the concessions, if the GOP wants to recapture its lost members then it will need to not only appeal to the shrinking number of Ron Paul supporters within the GOP, but it needs to bend over backwards to appeal to the droves of Ron Paul supporters that were enraged enough by the GOP’s actions to leave the party altogether.

In biblical terms this is the lost tribe of the GOP, and by my summation I don’t see them ever coming back. Which is why the GOP needs to get busy kissing their butts if it hopes to remain a relevant party. Read the rest of this entry

DNC Delegate: “I would like to kill Romney”

Wow… Apparently the Democratic Party is now the party of a bunch of angry racist minorities, among other nefarious fringe groups (militant gays, child molesters, tax cheats, welfare moochers, and Marxists of all shapes and sizes) . Yesterday during the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, New York delegate Julia Rodriguez shouted that she would, in fact, like to “kill” Mitt Romney to a reporter from the GOP online news site “the Blaze”.

For video of this please click here. Unfortunately we can’t post the video here because the Blaze owns the rights to it, and because a hacker has yet to put a copy on You Tube.

Also would someone please tell Mrs. Rodriguez that she is from a place called New York, and not Puerto Rico. I’m not sure why a New York delegate, which should be waving a New York flag is waving a flag of a foreign occupied territory?

Perhaps she is stupid enough to think that Puerto Rico or a Puerto Rican is a race… someone should sit her down and explain that once she became an American she lost her status as a Puerto Rican… you’re either American or not… there are no hyphenated Americans.

GOP Continues to Attack Ron Paul Delegates…

Shortly before the big RNC sham that occurred in Tampa last week, the RPOLA (Louisiana) used hired Shreveport Police Officers to forcibly remove a Ron Paul delegate who was stating his case for Ron Paul and against Mitt Romney. The RP delegate was recognized by the Chair of the meeting and rightfully had the floor to speak for five minutes before a vote was called. However after 2 minutes of listening to this 70 year old delegate talk the leader of the Louisiana Republican Party ordered the hired Police, which were there as private security officers to remove the RP delegate.

Apparently the leader of the “Grand Old Party” of Louisiana did not like the fact that this 70 year old crippled and handicapped war veteran was making a pretty sound case against Mitt Romney and for Ron Paul. Some in the audience that were thought to be pro-Romney delegates began to clap and cheer and that is when the Chair ordered the hired Police on duty to remove the delegate because “he was a rabble rouser”, and this is where the below video begins. The below video was taped by another Louisiana Ron Paul delegate that had joined the elderly gentlemen that got attacked by the guard dogs of the RPOLA.

Just before the video starts the Police surround this 70 year crippled delegate and demand that he leave now… the delegate refuses because he has done nothing wrong, has a legal right to be there as a delegate, and was given the floor. (This is when the video starts) Once the elderly man stated his case the Shreveport Police jumped the elderly man and attempted to drag him out of the meeting and in the process broke his hip in 2 places… not only should these officers be removed from the force for just “following orders” and using excessive force against a 70 year old crippled war vet, but those in the RPOLA that ordered them to remove a delegate should be sued to high heaven and jailed.

This man did nothing wrong and (a) had a legal right to be at the meeting, (b) was given the floor to speak, and (c) was invited by them to come to this meeting after knowing that he was going to make a case in favor of Ron Paul.

Its now crystal clear to me that we Ron Paul supporters, our ideas, our morals, our economic/foreign policies, and our candidate is not welcome in the GOP… since we are not welcome I say that we should all leave the GOP and start our own “State Based” political parties. We don’t need the GOP… they need us.

What Really Happened at the RNC & Why I’m Voting for Paul ANYWAY!

For those that did not get a chance to see the chaos that ensued on the convention floor when the GOP violated its own rules, when it changed its rules to excluded Ron Paul delegates from having the ability to nominate their candidate on the floor.

FOX News covered up this near uproar and how the GOP used every crooked Lincolnesque technique to ensure that Ron Paul’s delegates and supporters were not allowed to do anything at the convention except  support Mitt Romney that is. Its now obvious that we Ron Paul supporters, the only true Constitutionalists left in this nation are left without a media outlet… FOX News is clearly in the pocket of the GOP, and the other alphabet soup stations are in the pocket of the DNC.

I guess the only person that we can rely on would be Michael Savage.

For all of you Republicrats out there that are angry that we Ron Paul supporters are not going to vote for YOUR candidate then maybe you should look at this below video. Remember you guys NEED us… we do not NEED you… by cheating and pissing us off you have likely just cost yourself the 2012 election since we make up about 20% of your voting bloc.