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Hurricane Katrina… Yankee Edition

Well in the event that you have been living under a rock for the past week the Yankee homeland of New England has been decimated by a glorified Tropical Storm by the name of Sandy. This storm has especially hit the coastal regions of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Northern Virginia, Delaware, and Rhode Island especially hard. There is an estimated 60 people dead from the landfall of the storm, and I believe that the death toll will rise in the Yankee States as the labor union heavy work crews dick around to get the power restored in time for the first arctic cold front of the 2012 winter season.

In comparison in Northern Virginia, especially the cities of Wilmington, and Norfolk, there was just as much damage and flooding that was seen in the worst parts of Jersey or New York. However as of today the power has been all but restored to Northern Virginia and only a few thousand residents are still in the dark. Read the rest of this entry


Hernando Third District Fiasco…

Its official, I have spent waaaaaay too much time writing about the Hernando County 3rd Dist. race. There are a lot more stories out there regarding the other Hernando County, State, and National races that I would like to be covering instead but despite my best attempts to put the 3rd Dist. race behind me it keeps dragging me back down.

In an effort to take the legs out from under the 3rd Dist. race so I can begin writing about the other races before its too late, I’m going to summarize the fiasco that is the 3rd Dist. race into one combined post. So lets hope that Sager can keep it in his pants for the duration of this race. Read the rest of this entry

Rowden Violating No-Campaigning Boundries?

We have received a bunch of e-mails from our readers that Ms. Rowden, the Democrat challenger for the 3rd District of Hernando County, has been routinely violating the neutral zone line that the local Hernando County Supervisor of Elections sets at each polling place to remain in compliance with election laws.

This morning on Bob Haa’s show on local WWJB 1450 AM two callers noted seeing Ms. Rowden sitting right next to the line in a seat this past Sunday at the Forest Oaks location well within the neutral “no-mans” zone.

Please if you plan on going down to Forest Oaks and notice Ms. Rowden violating this line then PLEASE take a picture or video on your smart phone. We would love to have a copy of this to send to the Supervisor of Elections Office to see to it that Ms. Rowden obeys the election laws of Hernando County and of the Republic of Florida.

If you have pictures or video then please reply to this message and we will give out one of our super secret e-mail addresses for you to send us a copy of the picture or video. Any pictures and or video we receive that clearly shows her violating the lines will be published here on the Heckler and will be sent to the Hernando County Supervisor of Elections office.

Commission Votes to “Run Out” Home Businesses…

If Druzbik, Stabins, and Russell have their way then all home based small businesses will be closed down.

Early last week the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners, which is run by a Republican super-majority I must add, voted 4-1 in favor of passing a new series of County Laws aimed at throwing the book at small fledgling home businesses with the goal of shutting them down. The lone vote against this new gestapo like County law was from Jim Adkins (R – 5th District) who is currently running for re-election.

What really shocked me about this vote was that Wayne Dukes (R – 2nd District) voted in favor of this new law, for “procedural purposes”. While Dukes is correct in that under current HCBCC procedural rules, that only those that vote for something can bring it back up for another vote at a later date. In other words if you vote no under the current rules then you can’t bring this item back up for another vote at a later date. So while it appears that Dukes did the smart thing, which he did, it might have been a wasted vote. You see whenever a new County Commissioner is brought on board the procedural rules of the HCBCC are wiped clean and redone to accommodate the current make-up of the Board. Thus with Sager coming on-board as a ultra-Libertarian candidate it is obvious to me that Dukes and Adkins will have enough votes to over-rule Russell and whoever replaces Stabins. Since the Conservatives and Libertarians will finally have a majority on the board it appears that at least for now that Dukes wasted his vote. The vote was wasted in our view because when Sager comes in the new procedural rules of the HCBCC will be re-written and this stupid rule will be likely tossed out. Read the rest of this entry

Sager Sex Scandal…

Today Republican candidate for the third district County Commission seat, Jason Sager openly admitted that he had a pretty lengthy affair with his campaign manager Danielle Alexandre between March and June of this year. Sager was forced to publicly address this issue after his Democrat opponent Diane Rowden ran down in her egg shell of a car to the Tampa Times (St. Pete Times) HQ and demanded that they run the story in today’s paper. From what I have heard from a Tampa Times staff member who spoke with me on the condition of anonymity she did everything short of throwing a temper tantrum to get the Tampa Times to run the story in today’s paper.

Well I can’t say that as a person who is planning on voting for Sager that I’m not hurt by this news, but in the end I’m still voting for him. I might not let him watch my children, be left alone with my wife, or feed my dog after this but I don’t doubt his Libertarian roots and that is why I still plan on voting for him.

Sorry Diane and Sorry Sheldon… even though Sager is a cheater he is still better then either of you based on political philosophy alone. Read the rest of this entry

Rededication of the Olustee Confederate Memorial

Enjoy and God Save Dixie!

It is about time that we started seeing a lot more black Confederate reenactors at these events. Little known fact about the Army of Florida is that it had 1,000 volunteer free black soldiers in its ranks during the War for Southern Independence 1861-1865. It also had an estimated 500 Seminole Indian volunteers which aided the Confederate forces in protecting trade routes between the various Confederate towns and cities of Tampa, Brooksville, and Bayport.

There were also a number of Jewish Confederate soldiers in the Florida Army as well as in the Confederate Armed Forces but unfortunately I don’t have that total handy and don’t have time to look for it.

Third Party Debate… In Case you Missed It

Here is the complete 2 hour 29 minute Third Party debate which occurred last night in Chicago, IL and was moderated by Larry King. The debate featured Presidential candidates from the Green Party, Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, and Justice Party. The Russian mega news agency known as RT televised the debate live on the internet through Youtube and the debate was picked up here in the United States by CSPAN.

Ironically enough the Russian media has brought more liberty to the United States by putting this thing together then any U.S. media agency has done since 1776.

Here it is:

I’m torn between Virgil and Gary… not sure which I will vote for now.

FL Amendment Voter Guide – REVISED!!!

Nobody is perfect, and least of all not us here at the Heckler… originally we posted a Hernando Voter Guide which included a break down of how you should vote on the slew of Florida Constitutional Amendments. We posted what we thought was the right way to vote on these amendments and stood by those choices, that is until now.

After having a local Libertarian pow-wow or meeting of Libertarian leaders in Hernando County, we have amended our previous choices and below is the final and correct way that you should consider voting on these 2012 proposed Amendments.

Regarding the earlier posted Hernando Voter Guide and our choices to support certain candidates, there has been no changes made to this document, it has been vetted by Hernando’s Libertarian leaders, and is 100% accurate based on our Southern Libertarian principles.

So without further ado, here is the correct 2012 Hernando Voter Guide for FL Constitutional Amendments: Read the rest of this entry

What Unlce Same Doesn’t Want You to Know…

As promised here is a detailed list of illegal Federal Government biological tests and experiments which were conducted upon the American public without their knowledge. These are all fact based and have been documented and obtained by the FIOA (Freedom of Information Act). The FIOA is a tool that people like you and I can use to discover top secret documents that the government does not want you to know about. You will also not learn about these tests on the news, in school, or at college because all of these institutions are either funded or controlled in one way or another by the Federal Government.

The sooner you “uh-mericans” wake up and realize that we don’t live in the republic of our founders, that nation died in 1860, and instead live in a Federal Empire which was founded by Lincoln and his goons over 150 years ago in 1865. The nation we have today is not an out growth of the nation of our founders, instead its an out growth of Lincoln’s version of America, in which the President has the authority of Cesar, the States have no rights, the peoples rights are not ensured,  and Congress is not accountable in anyway to the people.

I could go on further about how evil the Federal Government is, but I think I will let the Federal Government’s own actions speak for me… Read the rest of this entry

Why You, and Others Have Cancer…

While nuclear weapons testing is not the sole reason for the world wide boom in cancer over the past 70 years, it is the main reason. Today 3 out of 5 people on the planet have cancer, if you go back to 1944 (the pre-nuclear era) then medical science estimated that 1 out of 5,000 people had some type of cancer, and that cancers were mostly exclusive only to those which lived near or around an industrial city or near a manufacturing center.

For example New England Yankees and Great Lakes Yankees had a much higher % of getting cancer then Southerners, or Midwest Yankees / West-coast Yankees did. The reason why those in the New England/Great Lakes region had a higher % of cancer was due to the industrial waste from the various manufacturing plants and industrial sites that would pollute the air and water.I got this information from a 1943 report issued in the New England Journal of Medicine.

You see while medical science back in 1944 was primitive by today’s standards, it does not change the FACT that medical science was aware of cancer in its various forms, and knew what it was, what caused it, and so fourth. So while medical science lacked today’s computerized technology and advanced genetic testing, they were aware of cancer, the many types of cancer, and knew that it was a very, very, very rare disease that was a byproduct of being exposed to high levels of industrial waste/pollution or it was inherited. Read the rest of this entry