Hernando County Sign Fiasco

In the event that you have chosen to not read the local communist leaning Tampa Times then you might not have heard that there is somewhat of a controversy in Hernando County regarding the illegal and shady removal of candidate signs. Here is the link to the story on Hernando Today: http://www.tampabay.com/news/politics/local/candidates-clash-over-campaign-sign-removal/1253568

Apparently Hernando County Commission NPA candidate Greg Sheldon caught his Republican opponent Jason Sager removing a Sheldon sign and replacing it with a Sager sign. This occurred out in Ridge Manor near the Ridge Manor Winn-Dixie shopping center. At first glance it appears that this is an open and shut case, Sager is a dirty candidate that is stealing his opponents signs and replacing them with his own. After all he was caught red handed by his opponent and the story ended up in the ultra Marxist-Progressive St. Pete Times.

So why do I doubt that Sheldon or the ultra Marxist Tampa Times is telling the truth? Well if you read the article then you will discover that Sheldon was not alone and was accompanied by the ultra Marxist Democrat candidate Dianne Rowden. Also the Hernando Today and WWJB have both chosen to ignore this story because they smell something fishy like I do. The only reason why we here at the Heckler are even writing about it is because we have something called deductive reasoning, and our deductive common sense is telling us that Sheldon is apparently a Democrat dressed in NPA clothing.

From the Communist – Tampa Times Article: And Sheldon wasn’t the only witness.

The Democratic candidate in the District 3 race, Diane Rowden, sat nearby in her Smart car, hauling a trailer emblazoned with her picture, website and her “Vote for Rowden” message.

Seriously… how in the hell does Dianne Rowden and Greg Sheldon both happen to magically appear where Jason Sager is placing his signs? This is very fishy and we here at the Heckler believe that Sager was set up by Sheldon and Rowden who are apparently working together to undermine the only pro-Ron Paul/Libertarian styled candidate in the 2012 Hernando County elections.

We are going to look into this story a bit more… there has to be a connection between Rowden and Sheldon, and we will find it!

Our advice is to ignore this article given that it was an apparent Democrat sting operation… Sager is innocent and the only guilty party is Sheldon and Rowden who setup Sager. We asked the property owner where Sager was removing the sign, and the property owner has told us that he asked Sager to remove the sign because Sheldon placed the sign there without his approval.

The real message here is don’t believe the media.


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