Hernando At a Cross-Roads…

Exodus 10:  I will bring locusts into your country tomorrow. They will cover the face of the ground so that it cannot be seen. They will devour what little you have left after the hail, including every tree that is growing in your fields.

As a Southern Libertarian in a Florida County that is held captive largely by a transitiet population of dirty Yankees that have come down here like locusts from the great wastelands of the USSA (United Socialist States of America), I have to just sometimes lock myself in my shed and scream at the heavens. Its the only way to release all of this bent up anger and frustration that has accumulated since I moved to Hernando County from Clermont about 10 years ago. I moved to Hernando from Clermont because 10 years ago the Yankees moved in like locusts, built nearly a million new homes/commercial strip malls, and in the process destroyed all of the beautiful old Florida roads, small towns, and open chunks of unspoiled beauty that had existed in the Clermont area since God created it. Not only did they destroy the natural old Florida beauty (i.e. some of God’s best work), they stuffed an extra 250,000 people into a town with barley enough jobs for the existing 50,000 residents that lived in and around the Clermont area.

Today Clermont has a real unemployment rate of 24%, and a government reported “phony” unemployment rate of 10%. The crime rate today in Clermont is about 45%, whereas  20 years ago, before the Yankee Developers swooped down on the county the crime rate was less then 5%, and the unemployment rate had been a steady 3.4% since 1954. To make matters worse we were considered a very popular pit-stop between the west coast and the east coast as tourists drove through Clermont to Orlando or Daytona Beach. Again 20 years ago, before the Yankee locuts enveloped my once fair county we were ranked #13 out of 67 counties in regards to tourist generated revenue. Today thanks to the rampant over development, crime, pollution, and the absence of the old Florida scenery that made Clermont a must see destination while driving through Central Florida, we are tied for last place with Hernando, Pasco, and everywhere else that the Yankees have ruined with their development.

The reason I left Clermont was because I, and the other Southern Libertarians that think like me failed to stand-up and take a stand when we had a chance to stop the development from occurring. I could had taken off from work and headed over to the county center, got my friends and family on the ball, and we could had put up an opposition front to the proposed development of walled Yankee developments on virtually un-spoiled lands, that were obtained largely by the developers through eminent domain seizures and the fact that most Florida Cracker farmers fail to plain for the day when they die. As a result the family inherits the property through probate and then can’t pay the death/ estate taxes and are forced to sell the family farm to some sleaze ball from Jersey or Ohio for pennies on the dollar. That sleaze ball then takes the property, tears down the 150+ year old farm houses and structures, rips up the soil, rips out every single tree, and then when the land is clear he gets his equally sleezy bean counting friends from New York or Chicago to work up an investment portfolio so they can go back up to the USSA and dupe some big money investors in New York, Boston, and elsewhere into investing in a potentially lucrative housing development in Florida.

These investors don’t do any research or look into anything because, well they are Yankees and as such they are not as smart as they think they are. They hand over wads of cash to the creep from Jersey, who then takes the money, hires a contractor down here that is a family friend who then hires mostly Mexicans to build all of the houses. You see its a common misconception and flat out lie that the development money helps the local community. It might help the local government if they have impact fees, but outside of that the contractors are not from the area, these developers or “builders” as they like to be called use contractors from Miami, Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville to build their crap houses for them. Also they don’t hire local workers, sure one or two might filter in to be day labor workers for $7.00 an hour, but for the most part they hire Mexicans for $1.00 an hour or less.

Back when I lived in Clermont the first two developments went up on the other side of town, far-far away from my families farmstead. Then the building boom hit and before we knew it these Yankee “builders” had bought three farms that had been around since the Spanish ruled Florida that were located around the corner from my house. The “Builders” were from Jersey and bought the farms at auction because the owners had died without doing any estate planning and as such their kids could not afford to keep the farms due to all of the Federal taxes. Since they could not pay the taxes they had to sell their farms at auction to the sleaze balls from Jersey.

Almost over night armies of Mexicans built over 4,000 homes and 3 strip malls. By next year the County contacted my father and told him that due to traffic congestion and a population boom (from the Yankee development) they would need to take 5 acres from him to expand the roads, and then they would need to take an additional 50 acres to build a new school for the demon spawn of the Yankees. We did not have a choice either… letter came in the mail, we hired an attorney and took it to court, but regardless of what we did the Federal eminent domain rule prevented us from keeping OUR land. The county gave us $0.50 on the dollar for the land, despite it being worth nearly 20 times that price and built their new road and new school.

2 years passed by and despite losing nearly 60 acres of our 130 acre farmstead we were managing to get by with our sale of oranges, blueberries, and pigs. To make matters worse we had to install electric fences, security cameras, and all kinds of other devices to keep the scum bag Yankee kids off our farm. You see they kept jumping our fences and either vandalizing or stealing stuff. Luckily for them we never caught them, otherwise we would had shot and killed them. So just when we though it could not get any worse we get another letter from the county. The letter stated that the residents across the street were complaining about the odor from our pigs, and how our bee’s fly over in their neighborhood from time to time in search of more pollen. We kept bee’s on our property to pollinate our orange trees and blueberry bushes. The letter stated that due to the new residential developments the county was planning on re-zoning our property to just residential and that we would have to get rid of our pigs and bee’s or face a fine.

Well we took it to court, but just like with the eminent domain case we lost out. You see the county used eminent domain to re-zone our property out from underneath us. Since we lost our pigs and our bee’s we were forced to sell our land, which was bought by a Yankee builder. He destroyed the 130 year old farm house, which had survived the War Between the States, countless hurricanes, and other natural disasters but could not survive the new invasion of Yankee scum.

The point of my story is this… if the “builders” in Hernando are not stopped from ruining Eastern Hernando then this county, like Clermont will be forever ruined. It is the duty of every native Floridian in Hernando to stand up to these scum bags, tell them to get lost, and elect non-development candidates that will stand in the way of the bulldozers and hordes of Mexican construction workers that will lay waste to the countless farms in Eastern Hernando.

So if you live in Eastern Hernando and don’t want these developers to turn your area into Spring Hill II then you need to stand up and fight now, otherwise you will end up like my family who lost our farm because we had our head in the sand.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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