WWJB Bombshell… Two Democrats in Dist #3 Race…

On today’s “Haa Wire” morning talk show on local WWJB, the host Bob Haa laid down a bomb shell which exposed some old fashioned Marxist-Progressive trickery in the Hernando District #3 race.

According to Bob Haa and his sources Diane Rowden, the Dist. #3 Democrat challenger, has knowingly accepted donations from a former Tampa CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) director that has been labeled a terrorist threat by the United State government. Also according to Bob Haa not even flaming Marxist Senator Bill Nelson has accepted funding from this suspected terrorist threat, and that Nelson refused to accept the donations of this Al  Qaeda sympathizer.

If this was not a bomb shell enough for ya, then Bob Haa piled on by adding some more info about Rowden and the tangled web of deceit that the local Hernando Democrats has possibly woven. Bob Haa stated that according to his sources, which he did not name, Greg Sheldon the NPA (No Political Affiliation) challenger who is also in the Dist. #3  race, is a Democrat wrapped in NPA clothing. According to Bob Haa and his sources, Sheldon’s campaign manager is a prominent Democrat Party member, and has close ties to Diane Rowden. Bob Haa also added per his sources that they (Bob Haa’s sources) saw Rowden, and Sheldon’s campaign manager sitting down at a local Beef’s to have dinner recently.

If you remember our earlier story about how we suspected that Sheldon and Rowden were somehow working together to make it look like Sager was stealing their campaign signs, since both of them happened to appear at the exact location, at the same time where Sager was putting up one of his larger signs, then you will understand why we find this story so interesting.

Sheldon and Rowden claim that they caught Sager stealing their signs just outside of the Winn-Dixie shopping plaza in Ridge Manor. Sager claims that he was removing their signs from private property at the request of the owner who did not give Sheldon or Rowden permission to plant their signs on his property… we confirmed this with the property owner and Sager was telling the truth. To you candidates out there you have to have permission from the owner of the property where you place a sign, you can’t just go out and start slapping signs on private property without getting permission first. Also you can’t place any signs on Government property. The only exception to this is intersections, and even then you have to place your signs behind the side walks… they can’t be next to the road or in the median.

At the end of our earlier story we here at the Heckler vowed to get to the bottom of this apparent conspiracy and stated our suspicion that Rowden and Sheldon were working together and that we would find the connection. Well we did not find any connection, but apparently Bob Haa did… we can’t say that Rowden and Sheldon are working together or that Sheldon is some Democrat wrapped in NPA wool, because we don’t have hard evidence to back that up… and Bob Haa had better hope that he has some hard evidence as well to back up his claims because Ms. Rowden and the local Dem’s are very litigious when it comes to making wild accusations, so lets hope that he is right. Instead we here at the Heckler will tell you what Bob Haa stated on the air today, add what we already know, and then will leave it up to Bob Haa and you the readers to decide about the facts of this case.

What we can say though is that the pieces do fit a bit better now… especially why Sheldon and Rowden were in the same place at the same time to “catch” Sager removing their illegally placed campaign signs from private property, and erecting his own sign legally on private property. The reason why they were in the same place is apparently due to the possibility that Sheldon was having dinner with Rowden at the Ridge Manor Beef’s, assuming of course that Bob Haa’s un-named sources are correct.

In any event one thing is certain, and that is that the majority of Hernandoians loath Diane Rowden, and anyone associated with her campaign. She is the mastermind of the current Hernando County Code Ordinances and Building regulations which have single highhandedly strangled personal freedoms in this county and drove out dozens of business which have left Hernando and moved their businesses to Pasco, Citrus, or Sumter Counties. In some cases the fleeing businesses have set up shop a few feet on the other side of the Hernando County line so that they can still do business in Hernando, but not have to deal with Rowden’s Nazi like rules. For example in Hernando County residents can’t buy a pre-made shed or jungle gym without paying for an engineer to come out and evaluate the construction of the item.

To be fair this “shed” code as it is known locally, is still on the books despite the FACT that the Republicans have run Hernando County for the past 5 years unopposed. This goes to show that the GOP is no different then the Dem’s… the Repub’s like to point out everything that is wrong with Rowden, which there is a lot wrong, but fail to fix anything that she screwed up. In my book that makes them just as bad.

Diane Rowden’s Nazi like rules have also driven out Coca Cola from Brooksville, who moved out of Hernando County after being here for over 60 years. Coca Cola moved 500 feet south of the Hernando County border to Pasco County and built a new facility from scratch because moving operations and building a new building would be cheaper then dealing with Hernando’s code ordinances.

As for Sheldon, I like him and was set on voting for him not because I hate Sager, as a Ron Paul supporter I love Sager, but to just give Sheldon a vote of confidence for standing up and doing something that many people are too lazy to do. At first he sounded to me like a typical moderate NPA who I could shoot a vote at and not feel like I wasted a vote, after all Sager is going to win in a landslide, and to me my single vote won’t really matter when this happens, so why not give my vote to a new up-and-comer who seems like a good guy?

Well a few weeks ago I changed my mind when Sheldon began to make public statements in favor of keeping the “THE Bus” running, using tax payer money to fund an adult education center, and just recently stated that he opposed anymore cuts to local government because it would hurt growth… excuse me!? This is Democrat speak in my view… and I got this all from the Hernando Today, and his Facebook page which is public.

THE Bus is a tax payer money pit which if disbanded would save tax payers and the local government a ton of money. Nobody rides it and more often then not only about 5-10 riders ride THE Bus during the week. The county would save more money if it would just pay for taxi rides for those that ride the bus vs. running 5 buses 7 days a week so that 5-10 transplant Yankee riders can use it.

Adult Education Center? I hate to break it to those that support an adult education center but we have USF 35 miles to our South, UCF 56 miles to our East, Saint Leo 21 miles to the Southeast, and 4 PHCC campuses within 5-25 miles of downtown Brooksville. Also EVERY ONE of these colleges and Universities have extensive online courses that people can take from their home, or from one of the 4 local Hernando County Library branches. So tell me again why we need to have a brand new Adult Education Center that will grow the size of local government, and burden of the nearly bankrupt tax payers of this County when taxes are increased to fund this thing?

Lastly about “government cuts would hurt growth”… what kind of growth are you talking about? Government does not create jobs, it does not make anything, and only increases the tax burden of citizens and businesses the larger government gets. This statement to me says that you are big government supporter, and I can’t vote for that.

So basically what I’m saying is that I’m back to voting for Sager.

This will be the last story you will read on the Heckler about the Dist. #3 race… given all of the sign stealing non-sense it has consumed more of my time then I would had liked it to have. Instead in the coming days I will focus on Arlene Glance the Democrat running for Dist #1, and Republican Robert Schenk’s (or however in the hell you spell his name) false ad’s demonizing his opponent Democrat, Rose Rocco.  I’m no Rocco fan, but I’m not going to let Robert flat out lie about her.


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