Why You, and Others Have Cancer…

While nuclear weapons testing is not the sole reason for the world wide boom in cancer over the past 70 years, it is the main reason. Today 3 out of 5 people on the planet have cancer, if you go back to 1944 (the pre-nuclear era) then medical science estimated that 1 out of 5,000 people had some type of cancer, and that cancers were mostly exclusive only to those which lived near or around an industrial city or near a manufacturing center.

For example New England Yankees and Great Lakes Yankees had a much higher % of getting cancer then Southerners, or Midwest Yankees / West-coast Yankees did. The reason why those in the New England/Great Lakes region had a higher % of cancer was due to the industrial waste from the various manufacturing plants and industrial sites that would pollute the air and water.I got this information from a 1943 report issued in the New England Journal of Medicine.

You see while medical science back in 1944 was primitive by today’s standards, it does not change the FACT that medical science was aware of cancer in its various forms, and knew what it was, what caused it, and so fourth. So while medical science lacked today’s computerized technology and advanced genetic testing, they were aware of cancer, the many types of cancer, and knew that it was a very, very, very rare disease that was a byproduct of being exposed to high levels of industrial waste/pollution or it was inherited.

In other words the chances of a person to get cancer who lives out in the country or in a non-industrialized location would be next to nothing, unless there was a history of cancers or tumors in the family.

By 1960, which is only a five years after the U.S Government started testing nuclear weapons in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and California the cancer rate among Americans had increased by over 200%. Fast-forward to 1975 and thyroid, breast, brain, and prostrate cancers/tumors now affect 1 out of 10 Americans. In just 30 years the cancer rate in America exploded from being a rare disease to being a very real threat. Note that the information I have reviewed excluded smoking related cancers like throat, lung, and lymphoid. Again I pulled this information from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Now many Uh-mericans claim two things to counter this argument that the U.S. government is the reason why we have cancer. These Uh-mericans counter this claim with the argument that the cancer rate has always been the same and that medical science has just advanced enough to show us this fact. The other counter-claim is that as society has become more of a rat race from what it used to be in the 1940’s, and even the 1950’s which has caused more Americans to ingest more boxed foods, fast foods, and processed foods which are full of chemicals and preservatives which damage the cells of the body, cause cancer, and is responsible for the cancer explosion.

As I have stated earlier the theory that the computer has exposed the true cancer rate in America is absurd. While medical science was primitive back in the pre-nuclear/pre-computer age, it was advanced enough to know when someone died of brain cancer, breast cancer, and so fourth. They knew who died of what due to the fact that back then hospitals almost always did autopsies when a person died of unknown reasons, and only skipped the autopsy when a court order stopped them from doing one. They did mandatory autopsies because back then that was the only way to tell how a person died, and what killed them. The main reason why they did mandatory autopsies up until about 1973 was due to deadly communicable diseases, and in an effort to prevent outbreaks an autopsy was needed to confirm the cause of death.

Now the second reason has some credence and I do acknowledge that boxed foods, fast foods, and processed foods do in fact contribute to the increased cancer rate, but even so there is no way it can account for the boom in cancer alone. This is because the chemicals and preservatives which are used in today’s processed foods have been proven to develop cancer over a life time, not in a span of 10-20 years or less. So while processed foods and bad eating habits do account for cancers, tumors, and health issues in seniors, it can’t account for the boom of cancers in newborn babies and children who have not been exposed to processed foods, or have only eaten maybe 2-3 years worth of processed foods. So while this theory is valid, its only valid in the event of cancers found in seniors aged 55 and over.

To date 2,053 nuclear weapons have been test detonated world wide, with 1,003 being test detonated within the United States by either the United States or Great Brittan. These nuclear explosions were done within 100-800 miles of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, San Fransisco, San Diego, and Sacramento; with the fallout from these nuclear explosions spreading out all over the United States depending upon weather conditions. In most cases nuclear fallout fell as far away from the Nevada test sites as Iceland and West Africa.

Here is a 1989 graphic from the FEMA which shows where the fallout went from every above ground nuclear test detonation:

As you can clearly see in this graphic that fallout impacted every state with the exceptions of Hawaii and Alaska, but even in those States they were impacted by fallout from the Soviet Union’s, China’s, and France’s many nuclear test detonations.

Most of the fall out impacted Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and the agricultural farming States of the midwest and South. This radioactive fallout fell like a fine powder on America’s farmlands for the past 60 years which polluted the top soil with cancer causing radioactive waste. If you read any nuclear response Department of Defense or FEMA manual then you will quickly understand that the first 6 inches to a foot of fallout contaminated top soil must be completely removed, placed in plastic bags, then placed in steel drums for storage by the government in an underground concrete bunker that will prevent the radioactive waste from leaching into the water table. These manuals were prepared in the event that the Soviet Union or a terrorist group detonated one nuclear weapon somewhere within the United States.

So correct me if I’m wrong but when did the U.S. Government, FEMA, or any State agency go around and remove 6 feet to a foot of fallout contaminated top soil when the government test detonated any of its 1,003 nuclear weapons above ground? The answer is that they never did it despite knowing that they were poisoning Americans with cancer causing radioactive fallout by poising the food and water systems of America for the next 10,000 years or so at least. You see radioactive fallout from a nuclear weapon if not removed will remain radioactive for about 27,000 years to as little as 10,000 years… it really depends on what type of radiation was used in the bomb, how refined it was, and what type of isotopes are present. Essentially it will take 27,000 to 10,000 years for the radiation to decay enough for humans and other life forms to use the soil again. I got this information from the U.S. Dept. of Energy.

To illustrate my point here is a video created by a Japanese student which shows a time lapse map of the world and every known test detonation by every country. Pay attention to the United States and where the tests occurred. For a complete marked up map showing the areas of detonation then you will need to wait till the end of the video.

So next time you start to make a statement about how great the U.S. Government and America is, think about all of those that have cancer and the likelihood that they most likely have cancer because the U.S. Government illegally experimented on them by detonating nuclear weapons without alerting the public, or bothering to clean up the fallout from these weapons tests. In comparison, even in the Soviet Union the Soviet’s went around and cleaned areas where fallout fell within their borders… I’m not saying the Soviets are saints or anything because they were far from it, but at least they notified the public and did their best to prevent their people from being contaminated with nuclear fallout.

The reason why I believe that the U.S. Government did illegal tests on the American people is because they did… tomorrow I will post a lengthy and detailed timeline of every known illegal biological test on Americans.

As I have stated before I’m a Native Florida Cracker, a Southern-Libertarian, and as such I believe that America is too far gone to be saved. As such I’m a secessionist and support a strong and independent Florida and or Dixie as a whole. It confounds me and upsets me greatly when I see you “uh-mericans” out there waiving the Federal flag and blessing the Federal government given that it is not the nation of our founders… that republic ended in 1860… and that the Federal Empire is just as bad, if not worse in some (not all) respects as the Nazi’s, Soviet Union, or Red China.


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