Commission Votes to “Run Out” Home Businesses…

If Druzbik, Stabins, and Russell have their way then all home based small businesses will be closed down.

Early last week the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners, which is run by a Republican super-majority I must add, voted 4-1 in favor of passing a new series of County Laws aimed at throwing the book at small fledgling home businesses with the goal of shutting them down. The lone vote against this new gestapo like County law was from Jim Adkins (R – 5th District) who is currently running for re-election.

What really shocked me about this vote was that Wayne Dukes (R – 2nd District) voted in favor of this new law, for “procedural purposes”. While Dukes is correct in that under current HCBCC procedural rules, that only those that vote for something can bring it back up for another vote at a later date. In other words if you vote no under the current rules then you can’t bring this item back up for another vote at a later date. So while it appears that Dukes did the smart thing, which he did, it might have been a wasted vote. You see whenever a new County Commissioner is brought on board the procedural rules of the HCBCC are wiped clean and redone to accommodate the current make-up of the Board. Thus with Sager coming on-board as a ultra-Libertarian candidate it is obvious to me that Dukes and Adkins will have enough votes to over-rule Russell and whoever replaces Stabins. Since the Conservatives and Libertarians will finally have a majority on the board it appears that at least for now that Dukes wasted his vote. The vote was wasted in our view because when Sager comes in the new procedural rules of the HCBCC will be re-written and this stupid rule will be likely tossed out.

Voting aside lets focus on what this rule does to the fledgling small business owners who are just getting started. This rule effectively limits the amount of space a person can use in their home for the operation of a home based business. It also outlaws the ability of people to park their own personal work vehicles in their drive ways, not just in Spring Hill, but County wide. So if you live out in Brooksville and run a family farm, and more then 40% of your house is dedicated to the operation of this business, then you will likely be getting a call from a Yankee code enforcement jack-boot in January 2013 when this new County law goes into effect.

The main supporter of this new anti-small business law, John Druzbik stated the following as his rationale as to why he wants to shut down home based small businesses:

“home businesses create an unfair competition to merchants who operate under different zoning rules for commercial establishments”.

Basically this is just the ole Hernando high-step by Druzbik, who is using a complicated sentence structure to confuse tax payers. Basically what Druzbik said was that he is opposed to small home based businesses, who are trying to get established, formed, and large enough to hopefully one day rent a commercial vacancy somewhere because he and his campaign donors are afraid of the competition, or the possibility that someone will be able to build a new small business in this county that will one day be able to compete with Hernando’s handful of established businesses.

For those of you that have not taken a college business course, or who might not be college educated (I have a Masters in Business Admin. from UCF) then you don’t understand what it is that I’m likely talking about and assume that if you have the money to start a business then you should have enough to rent space for it. This is a common misconception of the uneducated. According to all business sources that I have read, 99% of small business, and some corporations start out as a home based business for 5-10 years before they can even begin to consider renting commercial retail space. For example both Microsoft and Apple Computers were started out of their parents garage, and both were run out of a small 1 car garage for about 7-10 years before either of these home businesses had enough business and revenue to afford moving out and renting commercial retail space. Luckily for Microsoft, Apple Computers, and civilization they did not try to get established in Hernando County because if they did the anti-business Hernando County government would had likely shut them down and run them out of the county.

I find this very funny because he is a Republican and Republicans are supposed to be pro-small businesses conservatives. In reality Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats and are nothing more then a second head on the same two-headed monster. When people point out the “good” Republicans like Sager, Paul, Goldwater, and Reagan they fail to understand that these guys are not really “Republicans”. Yes its true that they belong or belonged to the GOP, they were not supported by the GOP until the voters fully backed them in the primaries, then the GOP was forced against its will to support these guys. True Republicans are McCain, Snow, Crist, W. Bush, and Graham who support big government, Imperial form of governance, are anti-Constitutional Republic, are anti-States Rights, and are heavily financed by special interest groups instead of the people.

So when you go down to vote today, tomorrow, or anytime before November 6th, remember that only a very small amount of Republicans are the “good guys”. If you need proof of this then look at your County Commission who has issued anti-home business rules to protect their campaign donors, or the Federal Government during the Bush years who banned light bulbs and expanded the size of the Federal Government by over 45%.

I’m not saying to go out and support Democrats… lord no… what I’m saying is that you need to start looking at third party candidates and researching what they believe in before you waste your vote on another Republican or Democrat butt puppet.


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