Rowden Violating No-Campaigning Boundries?

We have received a bunch of e-mails from our readers that Ms. Rowden, the Democrat challenger for the 3rd District of Hernando County, has been routinely violating the neutral zone line that the local Hernando County Supervisor of Elections sets at each polling place to remain in compliance with election laws.

This morning on Bob Haa’s show on local WWJB 1450 AM two callers noted seeing Ms. Rowden sitting right next to the line in a seat this past Sunday at the Forest Oaks location well within the neutral “no-mans” zone.

Please if you plan on going down to Forest Oaks and notice Ms. Rowden violating this line then PLEASE take a picture or video on your smart phone. We would love to have a copy of this to send to the Supervisor of Elections Office to see to it that Ms. Rowden obeys the election laws of Hernando County and of the Republic of Florida.

If you have pictures or video then please reply to this message and we will give out one of our super secret e-mail addresses for you to send us a copy of the picture or video. Any pictures and or video we receive that clearly shows her violating the lines will be published here on the Heckler and will be sent to the Hernando County Supervisor of Elections office.


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