Hernando Third District Fiasco…

Its official, I have spent waaaaaay too much time writing about the Hernando County 3rd Dist. race. There are a lot more stories out there regarding the other Hernando County, State, and National races that I would like to be covering instead but despite my best attempts to put the 3rd Dist. race behind me it keeps dragging me back down.

In an effort to take the legs out from under the 3rd Dist. race so I can begin writing about the other races before its too late, I’m going to summarize the fiasco that is the 3rd Dist. race into one combined post. So lets hope that Sager can keep it in his pants for the duration of this race.


Diane Rowden:

I have received a number of pictures from our readers that appear to show Rowden well within the 100 ft “no campaigning” zone at the Forest Oaks Supervisor of Elections Office. The key word here is “appear”. While these photos show he sitting on a stool with I guess her husband, they do not show how close she is to the poll location. According to Florida voting laws a candidate or their supporters can’t be campaigning within 100 ft. of the elections office. So while the line might have been backed up to BFE, and Ms. Rowden might be next to parts of the line, or walking up to the line of voters waiting to vote, she appears to be just outside of the 100 ft boundary and is not violating any rules.

In any event I’m going to pass these photos on to the Hernando Supervisor of Elections Office and let them be the judge. Also if you have ANY video that shows where Ms. Rowden, or any other candidate is at, in relation to the 100ft barrier then that would be much better then pictures. With a video we can see where the candidate is at, and where the line is at. Just an FYI the “no-campaigning” zone is marked with signs that say on them “No-Campaigning Past this Point”. So if you see a candidate within this no-mans zone get a picture for us.


Jason Sager:

Released a statement on his campaign website earlier this week that basically reads like what you would expect from a politician that got caught diddling an intern or campaign staff member. The statement mentions the founding fathers, how imperfect humans are, a bunch of religious references, and how the candidate will be working with his family to fix this, and how the wife is going to stand by her man. Again, its the basic text-book political two-step that is reminiscent of Bill Clinton and most if not all major political candidates that get caught red faced with their pants down.

So how is this affecting Sager at the polls? Well according to Bob Haa’s show on WWJB 1450AM, the Hernando Today (Tampa Tribune), and Hernando Real News Real Fast it is not affecting Sager at all. An over whelming majority of voters polled at the early voting locations in Spring Hill and Brooksville have stated that what Sager did is a personal issue between him and his family. It seems to me that the only people that have an issue with this is his main candidate rival Diane Rowden and her Marxist lackeys at the Tampa Times. These people are hitting Sager daily with salacious articles that go into detail about what the secret sex tape videos show.

Oh yeah in case you have been under a rock and have not heard the latest from Rowden’s goons at the Tampa Times, the husband of the lady that Sager was diddling suspected that something was up between Sager and his wife so he hired a Private Detective.  The husband asked the Private Detective to setup a ton of secret video surveillance cameras in his house to see what his wife and Sager were up to while he was at work, and their kids were at school. The husband obviously did not buy the story that they were working on campaign related issues all day. Well after a week or two the PI caught Sager and the lady doing a little slap and tickle. I got this info from the Tampa Times, and did not make anything up… just paraphrasing what the media has already reported on.

Again, as I have stated before what happened is between Sager and his family.



The NPA candidate in this race Greg Sheldon was recently interviewed by Hernando’s Real News Real Fast regarding the allegations made by WWJB that Sheldon’s campaign is a puppet campaign meant to suck votes away from Sager so Rowden can win in November. Sheldon was asked this question by RNRF and he said no. I’m not sure if RNRF asked about any connections between Sheldon’s campaign manager and Rowden or not because that was not mentioned in the story. Note that the relationship between Sheldon’s campaign manager and Rowden is the real bomb-shell that was dropped by Bob Haa on his morning show on WWJB a few weeks ago, and had nothing to do with Sheldon himself.

Personally I’m beginning to think that what if Sheldon is innocent and was talked into running by his campaign manager or people close to him for the purpose of undermining the Republican in this race. I have no facts to back up this claim and this is just a theory of mine. I think this because he has yet to release an official platform, and when he was on WWJB a few months ago he was torn to shreds by Bob Haa and his listeners who only asked him softball questions. In any event I’m sure this is not the last time we have heard from Mr. Sheldon and I’m sure that he will be back on the Hernando County political circuit before we know it. Hopefully next time around he either joins a party or atleast has a clear plan or platform… in politics 101 it states that the foundation of any good political campaign is having a clear plan or platform for the office one is planning to run for. Maybe Sheldon should go take some courses at the local Adult Education Center (PHCC) in political science before he runs for office again.


Hernando Republican Party:

Since the news of Sager’s sex scandal broke a week ago it was rumored that Sager might step down or had been asked to step down by the local Republican Party of Hernando. Today in the Hernando Today the Chair of the local Hernando County Republican Party squashed those rumors and said that its up to the voters and that they (Hernando Republican Party) are staying out of it. The rumor that was floating around was that the Chair of the local Hernando County Republican Party asked Sager to step down and that he had planned on running John Druzbik in Sager’s place if Sager were to step down. According to local Hernando County election laws that rumor was plausible in the sense that if the winner of a primary steps down, for any reason, then the biggest loser of the primary will become the Party’s new nominee for the seat that has been vacated.

So while the rumor appeared to have teeth and was plausible it turns out that it had the legs taken out from under it by the Chair of the local Republican Party today in the Hernando Today, where he says that they are standing behind Sager and will leave it up to the voters.


Now that I have run down every current rumor or story about the 3rd Dist. race I hope that I can move on to the other races and more important issues.


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