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Secession is the only Practical Option Left

If anything the War for Southern Independence proved is that secession is the only practical option. The Federal Empires illegal occupation over the Republic of Florida  must be abolished. We get nothing out of our continued forced membership in the Federal Empire, and their only reason for wanting us to remain in the Empire is so they can over tax us so they can turn around and waste our money.

Many “Uh-Mericans” out there like to proclaim that the United States is a great country, but that is utter nonsense. The United States ceased to exist in 1861 and since then we have been living under the reign of the American Government or Federal Empire. By claiming that the United States is great, you are not promoting change for the better, you are claiming it is already good enough, and that we should be happy with the status quo. But our nation is not good enough. The United States is an overindustrialized, monopolized abomination of a country. The majority of the people are wage slaves who serve massive corporations and governments. In what world is slavery a good thing?

The states must have the ability to secede from the union or they have no power. The counties must have the ability to secede from the state and so forth until only the family remains. The family is the foundation of society and must be free from state oppression. Read the rest of this entry


Re-elected Obama Pushes Anti-2nd Amendment Gun Grab

Second Amendment: Within hours of re-election, the administration fast-tracked a treaty in the United Nations that transcends borders and tramples our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. It was no coincidence.

Less than 24 hours after President Obama’s re-election, the U.S. Mission to the United Nations helped move the U.N.’s Arms Control Treaty a step closer to enactment. America joined 157 other nations in voting Wednesday to finalize the treaty in March. None was opposed and there were 18 abstentions.

U.N. delegates and gun-control activists had complained that talks collapsed in July largely because Obama feared attacks from Republican rival Mitt Romney if his administration was seen as openly supporting the pact. But once the election was over, the Obama administration had more flexibility to pull the trigger on supporting the pact.

The Obama administration, which reversed long-standing U.S. opposition to the treaty in 2009, says the treaty does not threaten our Second Amendment rights and applies only to international arms trade. But its record of opposition to private gun ownership and its deference to international bodies and their authority give us pause.

So does a paper by the U.N.’s Coordinating Action on Small Arms. It notes that arms have been “misused by lawful owners” and demands that the “arms trade therefore be regulated in ways that would … minimize the misuse of legally owned weapons.”

Is an American defending his home against intruders just such a “misuse”?

Even if the treaty applied only to transfers of small arms between nations, would that mean restrictions on our ability to aid allies such as Israel and Taiwan? Would we be forbidden from supporting resistance movements around the world that rise up against the very dictators who support this treaty?

The treaty establishes a bizarre moral equivalence between countries that trade arms to defend freedom and those that do so to suppress and extinguish it.

Interestingly, just as the world’s worst human rights violators sat on and often chaired the U.N. Human Rights Council, Iran, arms supplier extraordinaire to America’s enemies, was elected to a top position at the U.N. Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty that was held in New York in early July. Read the rest of this entry

Spring Hill Chicken Fight

Carol Aquilante of Spring Hill has petitioned the Hernando County Commission to allow her to raise and keep 3-4 chickens in her backyard. Ms. Aquilante’s backyard backs up to a heavily wooded area of Spring Hill (i.e. along the power line access) and has only one neighbor living next to her.

The County can do one of three things in response to Ms. Aquilante’s request… they can (1) revise the zoning rules to allow 3-4 chickens per house in Spring Hill, ban Roosters, and require a tax penalty for having a chicken coop, (2) grant Ms. Aquilante a waiver which would allow her to have chickens on her property for a certain amount of time, (3) refute Ms. Aquilante’s request and order code enforcement to seize her chickens and fine her for having them.

Given the mentality of the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners with their recent county-wide ban on work vehicles in personal driveways, their county-wide ban on home businesses, their county-wide ban on wolf hybrid dogs (yet pitt bulls are some how legal?), and their hundred or so code ordinances that restrict personal liberties and effectively turn Hernando County into one giant gated community we here at the Heckler don’t believe that option 1 or option 2 will be granted to Ms. Aquilante. Read the rest of this entry

2012 Unofficial Hernando Voting Results

Attached are the unofficial Hernando Voting Results for the 2012 general elections: Read the rest of this entry

The Right to Secede… It IS Legal!

This post won’t be long because the right to secede is guaranteed to us by two groups… (A) the Founding Fathers, and (B) God. The right to be free from tyranny and to posses self determination is a God given right that government does not have the authority to infringe upon, lest they incite open revolt.

Secondly the founding fathers of the United States enshrined the right to secede in the Declaration of Independence when the 13 British Colonies seceded from the British Empire. After going back through hundreds of law books from the 1700’s it is very clear that the British Empire had also outlawed secession, and considered any colony or city under the authority of the British crown to attempt such a thing to be criminals.

So to all of you “reporters” out there saying that we can’t secede because its not legal, then you obviously have not done one lick of homework on the subject at all. We can secede just like the founders seceded from Britain, and just like when the founders seceded from Britain it was outlawed as well. Did this stop the founding fathers? Heck no and frankly I’m glad that you wet blanket pro-Imperialist hacks were not around back in 1776… if today’s media was around back in 1776 then we would still likely be a colony of Britain. The laws of a tyrannical government don’t matter too much to a group of States when they are ready to leave the tyranny of the government. Since secession is a right given to us by God and the founders, the current Federal regime can’t stop us, and frankly Lincoln broke every rule in the book when he murdered nearly 2/3 of the population to stop the Confederacy from doing it back in the 1800’s. Read the rest of this entry

Florida Surpasses 30,000 Votes!

It’s been confirmed that Florida has the second highest vote tally behind Texas at 32,158 votes! This was accomplished in as little as 4 days time and was done without any marketing budget, political action committees, or millions of roadside campaign signs. Had those marketing tools been deployed then this number would most certainly be much, much, higher!

Since the secessionist movement was reborn earlier this week we here at the Heckler have gotten a bunch of hate mail from the Uh-mericans out there, but for every single hate filled e-mail from some senile old Yankee carpet bagger that moved down here to ruin the lives of Native Floridians, we have gotten 4-5 supportive e-mails from a native Florida Cracker who is in full support of secession and can’t wait for it to occur either here or in Texas.

So again read em and weep! The South and a good portion of the rest of the nation has risen once again. The secession movement is here to stay and we are not going anywhere.


Texas Surpasses 100,000 Votes to Secede in just 5 days!

Read it and weap you sore-Federalists out there! The people of the Republic of Texas has surpassed the 100,000 vote’s in their quest to secede from the sinking ship that is the Federal Empire, and they have done this in just 5 days. We here at the Heckler fully believe that the Texas poll will easily surpass 200,000 votes in another 5 days, and with 25 days left after today it is very possible that this poll could reach 1 million or more which would be a record.

We applaud the people of Texas and look forward to their impending freedom and independence.

IF Texas is successful in seceding in whole or in part this here publication will quickly become the Houston Heckler, Dallas Texan, or the Texas Patriot! It will change names because we here at the Heckler will cut our loses, sell our homes, and pick up our roots to leave this sinking ship.

Like it or not, a free Texas will be much more freer and economically successful then this train wreck you Uh-mericans call America.

Here is a link to the Texas Secession Petition which is live until December 10th


Ron Paul’s Fairwell Address…

Ron Paul the father of Libertarianism and the modern States Rights/Secessionist movements issued his farewell address on the floor of the House of Representatives. During his farewell address Dr. Paul chewed into both the Republicans and Democrats, called them Autocratic/Authoritarian Psychopaths, and has openly declared that the Constitution of our founders has been abandoned by the Federal regime and has failed. Paul went on to add that this Empire is doomed and that it will collapse under the unsustainable weight of its debt, that the current leadership (excluding him and Rand) are all tyrants, and that despite his best efforts to stop this from occurring he has failed at stopping this collapse.

Ron Paul will finish out his current term and will then opt to retire, and not run for re-election.

Here is a video copy of Ron Paul’s farewell address:

Florida gets over 25,000 signatures… Texas is close to 100,000 signatures!!!

The people have spoken and have announced their support of secession once again. The Republic of Florida met its 25,000 votes goal and is now approaching 30,000 votes, whereas Texas has not only met its goal but is very close to 100,000 signatures!!!

Now many Republicans have stated that this is just an attempt by angry conservatives to send Obama a message to back off, and they would be wrong. This is not a message, this is a declaration for secession from the United States and as usual the GOP can’t grasp that fact.

Deal with it, secession is back and is not going anywhere.

Basic Doomsday Prepping…

With the American Secessionist Movement alive again, Marxists in control of the Federal Empire, the economy in shambles, the stock market dropping by the day, the ever increasing rate of unemployment, and the cost of living going up with each passing day it is now time for EVERY one of the Hecklers readers to begin preparing for the inevitable. By inevitable I mean the total collapse of the economy and the dissolution of the Federal Empire.

As I stated before the first step should be eliminating any and all debt. I and many other experts believe that IF (and I want to stress “IF”) the Federal system is going to collapse then it will most likely occur towards the end of Obama’s term in office, or shortly there after. Realistically I believe that regardless of how much damage Obama does between now and 2016, that his bean counters and his media pals will “cook the books” to prevent the total collapse until the Empire is turned over to a liberal RINO GOP candidate in 2016. There is not a change in hell that Biden or Clinton will be able to best Rubio or Jeb Bush in 2016 when both will likely run again.

Also when I say liberal RINO, I mean liberal RINO… the GOP is already meeting RIGHT NOW to vote to remove abortion, anti-gay marriage, pro-gun, anti-welfare, and anti-illegal aliens planks from the GOP platform. Over the next four years the Republican Party will be all but gutted and transformed into democrat-lite so the GOP’e’s can regain power. So if you are a diehard Republican then don’t hold your breath, you have been defeated and the GOP that you knew is now dead. So much for conservative principles and values. Read the rest of this entry