Truth About Lincoln and his current Empire…

I will have to admit it that I’m burnt out from the 2012 elections… I will be glad when it is over with next week. Given that the news has been relatively slow these past few days here in Hernando I have decided to get ahead of the upcoming crap film about Lincoln from Stephen Spielberg that has me more then royally pissed off.

To be fair the “Lincoln” movie that will be coming out in a month or two will accurately portray the Yankees as what they were back in the 1860’s, which was a bunch of white supremacists that were even more racist then their counterparts in Dixie. So while this is a good thing, it still does its best to uphold Lincoln as some saint when he was not. This man hated the black people and made remarks about them that not even Nathan Bedford Forest would ever utter.

During the 1859 election Lincoln campaigned in the North on a platform of exclusion laws for the north, and pro-slavery laws in Dixie. He did state that there should not be anymore slave states in the Union, but quickly added that he wanted to end the spread of slavery in the Union because he did not want the negro spreading any further in the Union. You see while a Senator in Illinois Lincoln crafted a new law called an “exclusion law” which made it illegal for a black person to live in Illinois. You see Lincoln did not have an issue with slavery, after all the White House had a full staff of slaves on hand as did EVERY Union general until the 13th amendment was signed into law in 1865. What Lincoln had an issue with was black race as a whole. He did not want them spreading into the West and wanted to have them exported back to Africa and used exclusion laws as a way to make it illegal for blacks to live within many, if not all, of the Yankee States.

Had Lincoln not been assassinated then it was well known that he was going to begin exporting blacks in the occupied South and in the few Yankee States which allowed them to live within their borders back to Africa. Liberia which was the only Federal colony in Africa was the home location for where these former slaves would be exported back to. You see since the Africans enslaved and sold their own people to European slave traders it was not wise to jump dump a bunch of unwanted returned slaves back on the shores of the African nations to sold them to the Europeans. You could say that these African nations along the “Gold Coast” did not want these people back since they were captured in central Africa by their more advanced coastal counterparts. Thus why the Federals under Lincoln planned on doing massive exports of every black back to Africa. This is well documented in historical documents and was a main debate between Lincoln and Frederick Douglas who opposed Lincolns mass exportation plans.

As you can tell I could easily go on about Lincoln for another 40,000 words. Instead of doing that I will leave you with a video which will do the work for me since I have other items to attend too:


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