Ron Paul vs. Lincoln…

Enough said… while this meeting is fictitious it is based on Ron Paul’s real stance on liberty (secession) and his actual writings/speeches… Lincoln’s talking points are based on what Lincoln actually believed in, and what the “church” of Lincoln proclaims as the truth.

For those of you that are not into history, or have never attended a grade higher then the 12th grade/a real college, the “church of Lincoln” is the group of historians that make up the American Historical Society and are responsible for spewing pro-Federal, pro-Lincoln, anti-secession, and anti-Dixie propaganda to our kids by passing it off as historical facts.

Its these propaganda spin-masters were responsible for stoking the flames of racism in America for the hundred years following the War for Southern Independence. You see Confederate historians were black listed and were not hired by the Federally funded and controlled government school system, which was established shortly after the end of the war.

The violence that occurred during the 1960’s Civil Rights movement was brought about by generations of Southerners who had been brain washed by the “Church of Lincoln” (i.e. the Federal Education System) to believe that black people cost them their freedom from the Federal Empire, and that they as Southerners should hate blacks. The propaganda based education system reinforced the culture of the post reconstruction South, and the culture reinforced the education system.

You see the Yankees made the black people out to be the bad guy to the Southerner so that they would take the brunt of the Southern rage, and that the Yankees could continue their occupation of Dixie without fear of the South ever rising against them. After all how could the South ever rise again if it was divided amongst racial lines of black and white?

This nasty cycle of the Federal education system brainwashing white Southern youth into believing that they should hate blacks still carries on to this day. Hopefully we can break the cycle and start preaching the truth before we the Southern people lose the culture war and are lost to history forever. Lincoln was correct in saying that a house divided cannot stand, and that saying holds true in Dixie. Right now Dixie is divided between white and black. If we are to ever rise we need to unite together to take back our freedom, otherwise we will continue to be used as an internal colony by the Yankees for the duration of their corrupt Empire.


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  1. I don’t ever remember being told/taught in school about the South and Civil Rights Movement.

    If you don’t mind me asking, how do you feel about the Civil Rights Movement? Do you believe it was worth it?

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