Last Third Party Debate Tonight!

Tonight is the last third party Presidential debate, and it will be moderated by Tom Hartman which is a best selling author and a nationally syndicated radio host. Tonight’s debate pits Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson against Green Party candidate Jill Stein in a one on one debate. Unfortunately Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson could not make it to tonight’s debate due to Tropical Storm Sandy. Originally tonight’s debate was to be scheduled for Sunday – November 4th, but it had to be rescheduled for tonight due to Sandy as well.

Personally I would had much rather liked to see Goode vs Anderson as well so that voters can get a fair contrast between the Constitution Party and the Justice Party in relation to the Green Party and the Libertarian Party. Also tonight’s debate does not make any sense to me given that the Green Party and the Libertarian Party both support a lot of the same objectives.

In any event I have yet to decide who I’m voting for tomorrow, for President its between Johnson or Goode and that is about as far as I have gone. I won’t be voting for Stein or Anderson because they are essentially just extreme far left liberal Marxists that found the Democrat Party too mild for their taste so they seceded from it and joined an even more liberally Marxist political group.

Here is a link to the final debate video feed:


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