Third Party Presidential Debate Winner – Johnson

It was very clear to me tonight that Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential candidate, clearly won the debate and exposed the Green Party for what it is, which is an ultra-liberal Marxist splinter political group of the Democrat Party. Jill Stein, who is the Green Party Presidential candidate sounded more like Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton then something original and new.

Now according to the Hecklers tally that gives Johnson and the Libertarian Party the victory tonight over Stein and the Green Party, and gives him the tie with Virgil Goode and the Constitution Party who won the first debate. Again I’m not sure why Goode did not do everything he could to make it to tonight’s debate, but his native State of Virginia was decimated by Sandy so I can understand.

As a Libertarian myself I’m beginning to change my political opinion of my party, which I now see is very weak on many issues, namely borders, immigration, and drugs. As a Libertarian I have always believed that we need to secure our borders and we need to give the States oversight as to how they enforce drug laws, the Federal Government should not be involved in drug enforcement on a domestic level. The only way the Federal Government should be involved at all with the enforcement of drug laws is on a foreign level just as they would with any other item that is snuck into the United States and past customs.

If a foreign government is allowing criminals within their borders to mass produce drugs that will be snuck into the United States so it can be used by street gangs, drug dealers, and other criminal organizations (i.e. domestic terrorists) then the Federal Government should use the full might of the military to target these drug lords and take them out. We don’t need to be spending 12 million a year on the “War on Drugs” which is a failure by all standards. Instead use our military to locate and target the drug lords and wipe them out and put the fear of God into these degenerates once and for all. Sure we might end up spending $40 million on cruise missiles, training for Navy Seals, and fuel for our warships to maneuver around to wipe these guys out, but once they have been wiped out we won’t have to deal with them anymore. So while there might be a lot of expenses on the front end of my plan, once the targets have been taken out, the expenses will drop to nothing.

So basically instead of rambling on about my philosophy any further, which I’m sure is something y’all could care less about anyway, I’m basically saying that the Libertarian Party of today is way too pro-drug and pro-illegal alien friendly for my taste. In the past the Libertarian Party did not tolerate the pro-drug, pro-illegal alien crowd, and for whatever reason they do now which is very sad.

These third party debates have really opened my eyes about what I believe in, and based upon the platform of the Libertarian Party I’m clearly not one of them anymore. I guess I’m more of a Constitution Party kinda guy now.

Hopefully these debates have also opened up the eyes of some of you “lock-step” Republicans and Democrats out there, and that y’all now see that there is another political option to the two headed monster.


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Proud native Floridian.

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