Things to Do…

Now that its almost certain that Obama will win tonight, given that they pissed away their shot at winning when they pissed all over Ron Paul, we Crackers need to focus on reality. Things are gonna get really, really, reaaaaaaaaally bad.

The National debt is gonna go through the roof, our dependence upon China will double, the US Supreme Court will become ultra-Marxist, and the unconstitutional Federal authority of the Imperial Government will be quadrupled.

The republicans lost the election when they pissed on Ron Paul and his millions of supporters, so in essence they pissed away their shot at winning.

Deal with it… it happened… so now lets move on and begin to prepare for the collapse of the Federal Empire, and Marxist laws that will be coming down the pipe via fiat executive orders.

Here is a brief list of items that we need to start socking away NOW… not tomorrow, not 2 years from now, but NOW:

  • Guns (all calibers and types)
  • Ammo and especially Ammo re-loaders / re-loading supplies
  • Long term food and water storage (must be able to last at least 10 years)
  • Military combat gear (BDU’s, packs, boots, belts, helmets, caps, vests, etc.)
  • Knifes, Crossbows, and plenty of arrows
  • Military and Survival Books
  • Military Survival Books
  • Bunkers if possible
  • Gold, Silver, Copper, antique currencies, and jewels
  • Survival gear
  • Gun Safes and Safe rooms within your house

If you are a proud Dixon like myself then you will also need to begin socking away these items as well:

  • Southern flags (Confederate and State)
  • Southern books (South Was Right, Confederate in the Attic, etc.)
  • Southern Military Uniforms and Gear (period Confederate uniforms, gear, and supplies)

I will delve into this more over the next few weeks but this should serve as a good starting point. Why should you begin socking away ammo, guns, and military gear? Well Obama will likely push to ban guns since the Democrats have control over the Senate, which approves treaties, and since Clinton signed the UN Global Gun ban a few weeks ago, all the Democrats need to do now is approve this treaty in Congress and Obama will sign it into law. IF this happen then there will be war in uh-merica and if war breaks out then you need to be armed and prepared to protect yourself and your family from either the government or partisan raiders.

So why should Dixon’s sock away Southern stuff? Well Obama will likely push to ban the Confederate flag and many Southern items via executive order. He has already stated that the Confederate flag should be banned, and only flown in museums, so we will take him at his word.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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