We Are Done… Fat Lady is Singing…

Now that Obama has won, this Empire we live in is dead… over the next four years Obama will take what is left of the Empire that Lincoln created in 1860 and will transform it from a Federal Empire and into a Socialist Empire… in doing so this Empire will collapse under the immense weight of debt and the subjects/serfs of the Empire (you, me, Uh-mericans, Confederates, etc.) will suffer as the Empire collapses. As the Empire collapses the tax rate will soar through the roof, the cost of living will increase, unemployment will double, and the standard of living will erode from what little we have today, to the standard of living in the Weimar Republic of Germany following World War I.

Maybe you should read that again… here I will wait for you to do that.

Now that these FACTS have sunk in real good allow me to say that the GOP is done. In 2016 when the GOP runs another Presidential candidate the candidate will be even more of a socialist then Romney was, because the GOP is gonna take the approach they always do, which is the approach that if you can’t beat them, then join them. The next hand picked candidate of the GOP will be a pro-gay, pro-illegal alien, pro-abortion, and pro-welfare ninny. This socialist ninny will be a shot in the bucket in comparison to how bad the GOP in 2016 will look. Within a month or two the GOP will begin to edit their platform to make the Republican Party more of a Democrat-lite party and less of a Reaganesque model of conservatism. Book it… the wheels are already in motion.

If you doubt my prediction about where the GOP is headed after this crushing loss then look no further then Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Shawn Hanity which are collectively the voice of the Republican Party. Last night after it was clear that Romney had lost the election, Fox News began to pound their news desks and demand that the GOP change their platform tomorrow to reflect a more pro-gay, pro-illegal immigration, pro-social justice, and pro-welfare platform that is more in line with what the Democrats have.

Don’t believe me… then look it up on Youtube. I can’t do everything for you people.

Well with the Empire crumbling under the weight of Obama’s Marxist-Socialist ideologies, and the GOP now voluntarily assimilating socialist-liberal platform planks into its own platform then we Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and the few remaining conservative Republicans in the GOP need to recognize that the ship that is the USSA is sinking, it can’t be saved, and that we, the last few remaining Constitutionalists, need to accept that FACT.

Once accepted we need to embrace secession because at this point because you can’t save this Empire, its done, dead, and can NEVER be saved. Our only hope is to unite together and secede from the Empire by hook or by crook.

Now mark my words, if we don’t embrace secession, start over, and purge our new seceded Union of the Marxists and socialists then we will be slaves to the new Marxist State for the rest of our lives, and so will every generation that comes after us.

I also fear that if secession is not utilized and us the few remaining true Americans squabble over if we should secede or not, then eventually things will come to a head and a real Civil War will break out when the Marxist State comes for our weapons. This WILL occur either in the next 4 years under Chairman Obama, or during the regime of the next Socialist or Marxist Caesar that will ascend to the throne.

If you fly a 50 star Federal flag today then you are supporting the Marxist State of Obama… so if you don’t support Obama then take down that rag. Instead fly a Gadsden Flag or a 13 Star Colonial Flag. For us Crackers we need to fly the Bonnie Blue Flag, a Confederate Flag, or a State Flag.

Today the revolution begins and the spirit of what America used to be (under the founders) can only be salvaged with secession or with a bloody Civil War. So take your pick… for me I will pick peaceful and bloodless secession over a bloody war which will pit myself and my brothers/sisters in arms with small weapons against the might of the Federal Army and its many computerized agents of death.

Think I’m crazy? Well Donald Trump has already called for an open and armed revolution to take out Obama, and purge the Marxists from the Empire (Click Here to Read It), and Ron Paul, Chuck Norris, Andrew Napolitano, and the Governor of Texas have all called for secession in the past dozens of times.

Time to nut-up or shut-up.


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Proud native Floridian.

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  1. You are a fucking moron

  2. Scott, the truth hurts… by your tone you are either an Obama-Zombie, a sore-Republican loser that refuses to accept the facts, or just a random brainwashed dumb-ass Uh-merican.

    If you are a Obama-Zombie or an Uh-merican then I can’t help you… can’t fix stupid.

    If you are a sore Republican loser that is in denial then there is still hope for you.

    Thanks for you feedback!

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