We Told You So… Na Na Na Boo Boo

Hate to say it but we called this election back in February when it was clear that Ron Paul had been shunned by the GOP and that the GOP had effectively pissed off the Ron Paul supporters and Ron Paul himself. Now let me clear this up for the GOP’ers out there that will take this post as a happy post that Obama won… trust me its not. I’m pissed that Obama won, and even more pissed at the GOP and those that have blindly followed it straight off a cliff in the GOP’s crusade to insult Ron Paul supporters and use bully tactics to force them into supporting the GOP’s RINO platform over Ron Paul’s constitutional platform which is 100% based on the founding fathers.

Here is what I wrote… (click here to read it) I called it as did other Ron Paul supporters back in February when the Republican Party started their “purge” of all Ron Paul supporters from the GOP. The message from the GOP to Ron Paul supporters was that your candidate is crazy, he will not win, he will never have our support, and you all had better start thinking, walking, talking, and acting like a lock step Republican or get out.

Well… guess what Republicans we got your message and we got out of your party and voted en-mass on principle for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode. We are done with voting for the lesser of two evils so lets tell you GOP’ers what you need to do if you EVER hope to win again… you need to embrace Ron Paul and the Libertarian or Constitution platforms and abandon the crooked GOP platform that is nothing more then socialist-lite.

The GOP media (Fox) and the Liberal media (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc.) are right now lying that Romney lost because he did not reach out to embrace the illegal alien vote, the gay vote, and the vote of the “poor” which is code for welfare addicts. Don’t believe this lie… Romney lost because the GOP pissed off Ron Paul supporters.

For proof of this if you take the combined votes of Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode and add them to Romney’s final votes in Virginia, Florida, Ohio, and Colorado then you will easily see that had these people voted for Romney like they would have, then Romney would had won. Ron Paul supporters that were pissed off and kicked out of the GOP by the Republicans made it well known that they were going to vote for Johnson and Goode instead of Romney if the GOP refused to apologize for what they did.

So if you want someone to blame for Romney losing, then you need to look no further then the GOP leadership nationally and locally. These dumb-asses have gone out of their way to anger and piss off Paul supporters and ensure a certain defeat last night.


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Proud native Floridian.

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