Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid…

The reason why Mitt Romney lost to Barrack Obama is threefold and his loss has NOTHING to do with the fact that the GOP is anti illegal aliens, butt pirates, angry racist minority groups, lesbos, crack/dope heads, or baby murderers. So when you hear a bunch of RINO’s or closet Marxists within the GOP demand that the Republican Party change its platform to be more friendly to illegal aliens, rump rangers, baby murderers, or drug addicts then don’t drink that Kool-Aid.

The ONLY reason why Romney lost to Obama was due to the Ron Paul supporters… it had nothing to do with anything else.

If you take the votes from Johnson/Goode and apply them to Romney then he would had easily won in the swing States. Also if you look at a map over 90% of the counties in this country voted for Romney, as did a majority of the States. The only area where Romney lost was in the major cities which cost him the big swing states that are infested with major cities.

So if you hear a person bring up how Romney lost due to the harsh GOP platform then don’t believe it. Its a lie that is being perpetrated by the Liberal-Marxist media and by the RINO establishment in the GOP.

The reason why Romney lost was because of the following reasons:

  • Ron Paul Supporters – The Republican Party lost the support of the Ron Paul supporters when it changed the rules out from underneath them and kicked them out of the convention. The votes that the Ron Paul supporters gave to Libertarian Gary Johnson, and Constitutional Virgil Goode, would had otherwise gone to Romney had it embraced Ron Paul by giving him the VP slot.
  • Bad VP Choice – The Republican Party screwed up when they chose Paul Ryan over Ron Paul. Not only did Paul Ryan fail to carry his own state of Wisconsin, but he also failed to bring in the Ron Paul/TEA Party vote which went to Libertarian Gary Johnson and Constitutionalist Virgil Goode. Had the GOP chosen Ron Paul the they would have got virtually every single third party vote which would had been more then enough to win.
  • Romney was a lame duck – The Republican establishment supported Mitt Romney because he fit the mold of the text book Republican establishment crony. Besides being an establishment dolt, Romney was not the best candidate in the GOP candidate pool and was carried past much more stronger candidates by the establishment voters within the party. Had Herman Cain, Ron Paul, or Rick Perry not been attacked and undermined by the GOP leadership then they would had made much better Presidential candidates then Romney, and much better VP candidates then Ryan. For example Mitt failed to carry his home state of Michigan and his professional state of Massachusetts which is the the state where he was governor for a number of years. Meanwhile Paul, Perry, and Cain all carried their states and they were not even in the running.

In closing I believe that this nation is done… dead… and gone… the time for a serious States Rights political party is now. I’m part of the Constitution Party now, but don’t believe that it really addresses the fact that Uh-merica is beyond repair.

We need a new third party that will be State based and focused on the Republic of Florida 110%. Something like a new Confederate or Southern Party that believes in States Rights, States Sovereignty, and Secession.

Currently NONE of the 3rd Parties in the United Socialist States of Uh-merica support secession… well maybe the Southern Party of Georgia, but outside of them there is nobody else.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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