Fiscal Cliff… Get Ready Now

I’m sure that everyone has heard by now about the evil “fiscal cliff” that is looming just over the 2012 horizon and how if Obama and the Republican controlled House can’t come together to make a budget then taxes will soar through the roof, the Federal Government will shut down, and austerity measures would have to be instituted (i.e. suspension of welfare, social security, etc.)

While this is a REAL possibility and the threats of cuts to welfare, tax hikes, and government shutdowns could occur, they likely will not happen. Why? Well because the weak and inept Republican controlled house will cave like a $2 hooker to Obama because the Republicans don’t want Obama and his media attack dogs (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc.) to blame the shut down on them. So while the Republicans in the house will talk a mean game, and play a good game of chicken with the “fiscal cliff” they will cave in the end to Obama and his demands. Trust me its a done deal.

Republican Congressmen/women are the weakest, most yellow bellied chickens in the history of cowards. If they actually had a back bone then they would had stuck to their guns months back when the first game of chicken between the previous “fiscal cliff” and the Republican House was played. If you remember about a year ago this same issue occurred and the Republican controlled House caved in at the last minute vs. standing up and forcing a government shutdown.

Had they stood up and forced a shutdown back in January of 2012 then we would not be facing the cliff that we are facing today. The cliff back in January would had only meant a Federal Government shutdown and no austerity measures would had come into play (i.e. everyone would had still got their social security checks) and the taxes would not have
to be raised in response to the shutdown. The shutdown a year ago would had forced Obama to make cuts and play ball. It would had been great had they done it, but alas Republicans are phony’s that are all talk and no action.

The GOP likes to preach that they are pro-small government but in reality have passed more big government changes to the Federal Government then the Democrats have ever done. After all they are the party of Lincoln and Lincoln murdered 650,000 people so he could destroy States Rights and with it the small government Republic of our founders.

Since the House Republicans failed to make a stand a year ago here were are again with the same budget issue, only this time regardless of what the Republicans in the House or Obama does we the taxpayers are gonna get shafted big time with a huge increase in income taxes. A huge hike in income taxes, corporate taxes, and many other taxes will happen regardless if the Federals fall of the “fiscal cliff” or not.

So what can you do about this? Well you can’t do anything to change what the Republicans and Obama have done, but you can prepare for the collapse of the Federal Empire, which is occurring right now. By preparing you will be able to buffer yourself and your family from the coming food shortages, riots, looting, and increasing cost of living.

RULE #1 – NO DEBT: First thing you need to do is eliminate debt. When (not if) the dollar collapses the value of the money you have in your bank accounts will be next to nothing. As such some creditors will inflate the amount you owe them to make the value of the dollar. If you read your credit contracts then you will notice this provision buried deep within the legalese. So lets say you owe Bank of America $10,000 in credit card or auto loan debt… if the dollar collapses then that $10,000 can easily become $100,000 or more over night. So the first thing should be to get rid of all debt and to not carry any debt.

This includes credit cards, student loans, auto loans, and your mortgage. Life will be hard enough during the midst of the 2nd great depression without having to figure out how to get $100,000 dollars to pay off outstanding debts, it will be hard because of the hyper-inflation and the excess taxes. Basically you need to be mobile and can’t have debt holding you back when you will need the extra wiggle room to just live.

So rule number one is to eliminate debt. You can use a credit card but you have to use it like a charge card and not a credit card. A charge card is a card like American Express which is a card you pay-off at the end of the month. If you can’t pay off an item at the end of the month then don’t buy it.

RULE #2 – SELF SECEDE: Secondly you will need to either move out of the United Socialist States of Uh-merica to a freer nation (yes there are more freer and liberty minded nations then U-merica), or at least move to a State that does not have a State Income Tax and is not a Pro-Labor Union State. If you are going to remain in the USSA then you will want to move to a State like Florida or Texas that does not have a State Income Tax, and to a State that is a “Right to Work” State like Florida or Texas again. Once Obamacare goes into effect it will raise taxes to a point of absurdity and make it next to impossible for those living in a State that has an income tax to survive.

Click here to see the global economic freedom index… the USA is #10 and is projected to drop to #20 (

Furthermore once Obamacare and these taxes go into effect if you live in a Pro-Labor Union State like Michigan, California, or New Jersey then many employers will be blocked by State and Federal laws from laying off employees to save the business from insolvency or bankruptcy. So many companies will raise the prices of goods and services to account for the labor union leaches that these businesses can’t fire… this is a best case scenario… worst case would be that the business does go belly up and massive layoffs happen. Trust me the last place you would want to be is in a pro-labor union State when this entire deck of cards comes crashing down.

Basically you need to self-secede from this tyrannical government, its not your friend, its not your pal, and its not the country that your great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents fought for during World War I, World War II, and Vietnam; that nation is dead. The nation that you salute and pledge allegiance to today is a Socialist State that abuses its powers and overly taxes its people. So take down the Federal Flag which is now just a socialist rag and fly something that represents the true spirit of the America of our great-grandparents like the Betsy Ross 13 Star Colonial Flag, the Gadsden Flag, or if you are a Confederate then fly a flag of your choosing. The point is you need to wrap your head around the FACT that the Federal Government is your enemy, it has been turned into an enemy by corrupt politicians and CAN’T BE SAVED. Maybe you should read that again… you can’t save this nation, its done… the Marxists have won. The only thing that you can save is yourself and your family, so get busy founding the nation of one by self seceding. Trust me once you self-secede and begin to see the Federal Government for the Tyrannical Empire that it truly is then life will become much, much easier.

RULE #3 – OFF THE GRID: You need to get off the grid now. You need to figure a way out to live off the grid and not depend on the trappings of society. If you have cable then you need to consider cutting it out and getting an old fashioned TV antenna instead. By doing that it will save you about $100.00+  a month alone. You should also look into figuring out how to become a master at one valuable skill set or trade. If you are going to be going off the grid then a skill like farming, fishing, canning, or gunsmithing would be a good skill set you could use to trade others for when the dollar crashes. It will also be helpful for your family when things get rough and you need food or ammo to survive. Also if you live in the city and have money then you need to consider buying a few dozen acres in the country. This land will be useful for farming, live stock, and security when this Empire goes to shit.
I will be adding more items to this growing list in future posts but I think I have given most of you numb skulls out there more then enough to digest for now.

I’m taking the weekend off and will get back to business next week. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail. Also remember that you have been warned.


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