Basic Doomsday Prepping…

With the American Secessionist Movement alive again, Marxists in control of the Federal Empire, the economy in shambles, the stock market dropping by the day, the ever increasing rate of unemployment, and the cost of living going up with each passing day it is now time for EVERY one of the Hecklers readers to begin preparing for the inevitable. By inevitable I mean the total collapse of the economy and the dissolution of the Federal Empire.

As I stated before the first step should be eliminating any and all debt. I and many other experts believe that IF (and I want to stress “IF”) the Federal system is going to collapse then it will most likely occur towards the end of Obama’s term in office, or shortly there after. Realistically I believe that regardless of how much damage Obama does between now and 2016, that his bean counters and his media pals will “cook the books” to prevent the total collapse until the Empire is turned over to a liberal RINO GOP candidate in 2016. There is not a change in hell that Biden or Clinton will be able to best Rubio or Jeb Bush in 2016 when both will likely run again.

Also when I say liberal RINO, I mean liberal RINO… the GOP is already meeting RIGHT NOW to vote to remove abortion, anti-gay marriage, pro-gun, anti-welfare, and anti-illegal aliens planks from the GOP platform. Over the next four years the Republican Party will be all but gutted and transformed into democrat-lite so the GOP’e’s can regain power. So if you are a diehard Republican then don’t hold your breath, you have been defeated and the GOP that you knew is now dead. So much for conservative principles and values.

Back to the debt issue, if you are to be free and able to survive a great depression and collapse of the Federal system then you will need to be mobile and by mobile I mean that you should have no financial strings tethering you into a state of servitude to the elite class which will be created following the collapse. The elite class will be both Democrats and Republicans and will make up the super wealthy, the local lackey bosses of the super wealthy, Union Labor leaders, ranking government employees, community activists buddies of government officials, the media, and intellectuals. So unless you fit into one of the those categories then you will likely be relegated down to the level of the servile or servant class.

You see in a Marxist-Socialist system you only have two classes… the ruling elite and the servants.

So step one get rid of all debt, so get busy doing it now… by my count you have about 4 years roughly to get it done and become 100% debt free. The importance of being debt free is so that you and your family won’t have to struggle during the collapse or in other words you won’t have to have 4 jobs to just keeps the lights on. After all in a total collapse your creditors will be using the courts to sue you to get back as much of their lost money as possible. If you don’t have any money to pay your bills and debts then they will just seize your property so it can be auctioned off, or who knows they might even place you in jail. Following World War I when Germany collapsed the pre-Nazi German government rounded up those that were in debt and put them into forced labor camps so that is what I’m basing my theory on. The other important feature in becoming debt free is so that you and your family can survive the immense taxes and cost of living increases that will be occurring every year to six months over the next four years as the Empire collapses. Remember Rome was not burnt in one day… it actually burned and was destroyed over a period of 4 years which is very ironic given our current situation.

Step two is to use your new found CASH independence to purchase two firearms and at least one ammo crate of ammo for each gun, each year. I want to stress that you must save your CASH and buy these weapons with CASH. If you use a credit card then make damn sure that you have enough CASH to pay off your balance in full at the end of the month. Remember you are now debt free. If you are still in debt then you need to at least purchase one firearm a year and a few boxes of ammo. Also remember to have a gun safe that can be secured to a wall so that you can protect your defense investment from looters and to lower the risk of your kids having an accident with a huge stockpile of weapons.

Step Three is to begin to stock pile non-perishable food, clean drinking water, toiletries, and supplies that you and your family will most likely need when the SHTF. If you starting out debt free remember to buy items with CASH only, and try to get at least 5 gallons of each supply you think you will need stored up before you begin to horde one specific supply over another. Once you get 5 gallons of each supply you believe you will need then start over and get another 5, then another until you have reached your anticipated supply levels. If you are working through your debt then remember to pay with cash as well and to start off small, you have debt to worry about now. If you are working through debt then skip the 5 gallon rule and instead go after canned foods, evaporated milk, and the only time you should be using a 5 gallon bucket is when you need to store sugar, flour, beans, legumes, and nuts… but don’t store them altogether! Each supply will need a separate bucket and the buckets must be food grade quality. Don’t go using old kitty litter pals or old painting buckets. Regardless of how much you clean them the chemicals have long ago soaked into the plastic. The basic rule of thumb is to have at least 3-6 months of food, water, and toiletries on hand for each member of your household, with the goal being 12 months.

Step Four is getting off the grid and living on your own free from any dependency on society or the government. With the tax rates going up you don’t want to be using expenses services that will likely begin to charge you when you call them even if you get taxed to support them. You also don’t want your neighbors or the general community knowing that you are debt free, have cash, and are stocked up on supplies so mums the word. Remember the old World War II saying about lose lips, well in a prepping stance lose lips will lure looters, so keep your lips shut. If anything pretend to be not prepared so people will forget about you when the SHTF. You will also need to develop a natural talent that will give you something to barter with when the SHTF. For example farming will be needed, as well as fishing, brewing home made beer, fixing guns, loading ammo, herding cattle, advanced wilderness survival skills, hunting, auto repair, and carpentry. So get busy  learning one or two skill sets and perfecting them, they will come in handy even if we are wrong and nothing collapses.

The only way you can be off the grid is if you have ZERO debt, have a nice savings of cash and precious metals, nice stockpiles of supplies for 12 months or longer, you have a natural talent (farmer, builder, gun smith, survival, etc.) and last but not least a nice and well stocked arsenal at your disposal. You will also need military combat gear but that is considered advanced doomsday prepping so we will stop here about that.

Read over this guide and use it as a blueprint to become self sufficient now, before its too late.


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