Spring Hill Chicken Fight

Carol Aquilante of Spring Hill has petitioned the Hernando County Commission to allow her to raise and keep 3-4 chickens in her backyard. Ms. Aquilante’s backyard backs up to a heavily wooded area of Spring Hill (i.e. along the power line access) and has only one neighbor living next to her.

The County can do one of three things in response to Ms. Aquilante’s request… they can (1) revise the zoning rules to allow 3-4 chickens per house in Spring Hill, ban Roosters, and require a tax penalty for having a chicken coop, (2) grant Ms. Aquilante a waiver which would allow her to have chickens on her property for a certain amount of time, (3) refute Ms. Aquilante’s request and order code enforcement to seize her chickens and fine her for having them.

Given the mentality of the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners with their recent county-wide ban on work vehicles in personal driveways, their county-wide ban on home businesses, their county-wide ban on wolf hybrid dogs (yet pitt bulls are some how legal?), and their hundred or so code ordinances that restrict personal liberties and effectively turn Hernando County into one giant gated community we here at the Heckler don’t believe that option 1 or option 2 will be granted to Ms. Aquilante.

Speaking of chickens my family eats fried chicken on Thanksgiving instead of turkey… last year we had turkey and the bird was horrible. The meat was tough and despite over marinating the bird, and seasoning it to high hell it tasted awful. The meet was just bad. So last year we swore off Yankee raised turkeys and decided that we would eat a good Southern bird that is raised and prepared here in Florida. but I must digress…

If the County ends up granting Ms. Aquilante a waiver or re-writes the code, which they won’t, but if they do then the Yankees in Spring Hill will complain and throw a fit. You see these carpet baggers want to turn Spring Hill into a gated community like the Villages, and like the Villages they want every house the same color, no fences, no wild lands, no wild animals, no work vehicles, no home businesses, no fire pits, no sheds, no large dogs, and so fourth. These jack asses are like a biblical plaque upon our holy Southern soil and its about time we let em know who is boss,  and the chickens will go a long way towards sending that message to them.

Today its chickens in every yard… tomorrow its sheds in the backyard… next week its Confederate and Southern flags flying from flag poles, and who knows a few years from now its no Yankees left in Spring Hill!

A bit lofty? Sure, but at this point we Southerners in West Hernando only have lofty hopes left at reclaiming this land.



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  1. Intyeresting debate, but its not clear if this pertains to Spring Hill or just the unincorporated parts of Hernando County. Are chickens allowed in The city/town of Spring Hill?

    • No, the Yankees made a rule back in the 1970’s which outlawed live stock in Spring Hill. This rule drove out the farmers, which allowed the Yankees to build up Spring Hill more.

      This new law only applies to Spring Hill since chickens are allowed everywhere else in the County.

  2. Kimberly Nunes

    Thank god some one else sees what has happened to our town. Lived in the “country ” part of Spring Hill for most of my life. Also known as El Pico, and now I have bought a house in the “city” and I am ready for the country life again.

  3. Carol Aquilante

    Although there was plenty of opposition as well as support, it has already been well over a year since the bill passed. The chickens have been doing fantastic. It has been such a great experience even way back to the beginning at the Planning and Zoning Department.

    However, all people from up North are not about destroying the charm of our county. I originally came to Florida from Rhode Island about 20 years ago and have lived the last 9 years in Hernando County. I fell in love with the Spring Hill area because back then you could drive down Spring Hill Drive on a Sunday afternoon and not see a car in front of you or in back. There were lots of areas that reminded me of the rural areas of Rhode Island. Some of the cobblestone streets in Brooksville remind me of the cobblestone streets on the east side of Providence.

    All this aside, it was a wonderful experience going through the process. I appreciated the supporters and the opposition that came to the meeting to tell their side. Isn’t that what this country is about. When you watch the news and see how other countries deal with their citizens and all the suppression, do you ever think how lucky we are.

    Life is so simple just to walk out my back door and gather the eggs, pick whatever vegetables are ready in the garden and watch all the beauty of nature around me as the dogs chase each other in the back yard. Now I just need a hammock.

    • Cracker Commander


      People like yourself are not the problem, the Yankees of today are the problem. You moved here because it was a nice quiet country area, others are moving here because there isn’t any country left and want to destroy what little is left. Thanks for the comment.

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