Secession is the only Practical Option Left

If anything the War for Southern Independence proved is that secession is the only practical option. The Federal Empires illegal occupation over the Republic of Florida  must be abolished. We get nothing out of our continued forced membership in the Federal Empire, and their only reason for wanting us to remain in the Empire is so they can over tax us so they can turn around and waste our money.

Many “Uh-Mericans” out there like to proclaim that the United States is a great country, but that is utter nonsense. The United States ceased to exist in 1861 and since then we have been living under the reign of the American Government or Federal Empire. By claiming that the United States is great, you are not promoting change for the better, you are claiming it is already good enough, and that we should be happy with the status quo. But our nation is not good enough. The United States is an overindustrialized, monopolized abomination of a country. The majority of the people are wage slaves who serve massive corporations and governments. In what world is slavery a good thing?

The states must have the ability to secede from the union or they have no power. The counties must have the ability to secede from the state and so forth until only the family remains. The family is the foundation of society and must be free from state oppression.

A system of distributism must supplant the current economic system. Without these changes our freedom will cease to exist.

Lastly for all of you people out there that believe that the GOP will swoop in and save U-merica from the nasty Marxists in 2016, you are delusional. I hate to break it to you but the GOP is nothing more then Socialist-Lite right now, and when they change their platform to be pro-gay marriage, pro-entitlement programs, pro-illegal alien, anti-gun rights, anti-abortion, and pro-Imperialism (Big Government) then they will be nothing more then a lite version of the ultra Marxist Democrat party.

We are not making it up that the GOP will change its platform either. Its well documented in the media and these above mentioned changes have been suggested by all of the major players in the GOP as the only way to win back the White House.  Don’t believe us check Fox News or do a Google search… if you are a loyal Republican then you will be shocked about what your party is in the process of doing.

The GOP is a sinking ship and is not conservative… they won’t save U-merica in 2016 or 2020. So give it up… we are tired of hearing you GOP’ers still banging the 2012 election war drums. You lost and your cause is as dead as the Confederate cause for freedom. Deal with it… America is dead and is very much like a sinking ship… and like a sinking ship we Floridians need to get our life boat off of the ship before it drags us down with it.

So if you are a delusional Republican then you need to leave the GOP, and do it today! One free from those socialist ninnies you need to join the Libertarian or Constitution Party’s. From there you can help us elect true conservatives to local and State offices which will help us take back Florida from the Marxists and RINO’s that are currently in power.

Once we take Florida back we can then begin to impose our 10th Amendment rights and start nullifying the power of every single unconstitutional Federal law and agency. Then if nullification does not fix our problems then secession would be the only resort left.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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